Friday hit parade

gd 20.9.13 artfink copy copyBoof. Strategy for lack of Posterity/Prosperity strategy.

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5 responses to “Friday hit parade

  1. Ah ha! The image comes from ODT Online!
    GDD or ODT paid for the ‘truthful underpainting’ of the six original ads ?
    There are three more ads with sets of clown heads blinking in the ODT Online masthead. And one of Mr Staynes on his own with GD branding. Could be more. Maybe Sir still loves Daaave. (Sir doesn’t ride a bike to work though. Owns a few collectable cars instead.)

    • They are liars, thieves and ill-disciplined SPENDERS – but note the advertising campaign is issuing again today at ODT Online.

      Daaave Cull and his Flakey Greenie crew (including Minty) have cost City Ratepayers tens of millions of dollars in the current trimester – a lot of this DEBT spend has been obscured from the public gaze, as they try to make things “work”. THey produced an artificially low 4% rates increase for 2013/14 by hiding the fact that DCHL had to borrow $23 million to ‘fund’ disproportionate spending by this council.

      Who pays for this sheen of ‘progress’ in the ‘social and built environment’ at Dunedin???? – we do. Debt per ratepayer is growing, thanks to Dave Cull’s council. It’s grand theft …but add to that the Draft Dunedin City Transport Strategy and it’s Grand Theft (Auto).

      Then the undue haste to build a Mosgiel Pool – it’s the kind of thing you do to prepare the ‘ground’ for more housing sprawl on the rural-zoned Taieri flood plain, which features High Class soils that are mentioned specifically in the Otago Regional Plan for protection. But hey, throw in a Wallis destination hub and a new supermarket (see illegal demolition of the pre-1900 Oddfellows Hall on site), why not.

      They, ‘Greater DEBT Dunedin’ are dangerous and unprincipled, and actually, bloody stupid.

  2. Anonymous

    Another party with plenty of money to spend and little of substance to show for it. Your corrections sum up my thoughts upon seeing that vaporware at ODT. Actually reminds me of that ad with Chin walking in a parade with his peers all diminished in grey. A bit like Cull and that infamous graduation speech recently. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is something about the bland Greater Dunedin campaign that sums up how off the track this whole council business has become.

    Sir hasn’t changed with the times. He still thinks collecting worn out cars and beaten down councillors can somehow grow business. To increase subscriptions, he needs to get back to the core business of writing news that makes people want to buy a newspaper in a time where such things are an unnecessary expense.

    Sir should be doing the exact opposite to the last election and support those who can offer something of substance.

  3. olivier lequeux


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