Pinnacle Steel: Local company eyes Christchurch rebuild

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### ODT Online Tue, 17 Sep 2013
Steel firm wants to use Burnside site
By Debbie Porteous
A Dunedin steel fabricator seeking to expand its business and employ more people has applied for resource consent to build on a part of the old Burnside freezing works site in Kaikorai Valley. Pinnacle Steel wants to build a 1500sq m building, accommodating 30 employees, on the corner of Kaikorai Valley and Townleys Rds.
Company shareholder Paul Hickey said it operated from an industrial site in Sturdee St in the city, but that was cramped and the company sought a more suitable site to expand and take on new staff, in response to increased demand for fabricated steel. About 26 staff were employed by the company, but it wanted to start a production line in the new building, and would ”definitely” require more staff.

The demand for steel was coming from Christchurch, and it was expected to continue for years.

A report on the consent application from Dunedin City Council planner Darryl Sycamore to the council’s hearings committee said, according to the company, the site was used by the Burnside freezing works to hold stock and as a reservoir for the meat works’ cooling system.
[The planner] recommends the committee grant consent with conditions, including requirements to plant around the building.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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4 responses to “Pinnacle Steel: Local company eyes Christchurch rebuild

  1. Semper Fidelis

    Yes – consent to re-zone Burnside land from Rural to Industrial makes total sense. It also exposes the chicanery that was afoot when (some 10 years ago) a certain powerful cabal ‘ramrodded’ through the rezoning of prime productive rural land (from Rural to Industrial zone) in Dukes Road North Taieri on the pretext that there was no room in urban Dunedin for industrial expansion. The real reason for this irrational behaviour to sacrifice high class soils to industrial use, had nothing to do with availability of Industrially zoned land in Dunedin (as evidenced by today’s events in Burnside), nor did it have anything to do with any evidence of the supposed burgeoning demand for industrial expansion. Instead it had much to do with a private developer who had a massive plan to engage in residential development in the Janefield (Wingatui) district, but was constrained by there being insufficient water infrastructure/supply to sustain such an added residential demand. So a plan was hatched (a smokescreen) to generate an elaborate propaganda exercise to seduce the people into a belief that: such was this burgeoning demand for industrial land that High class soils would have to be sacrificed in nearby Dukes Road to meet this demand. And “oh – of course this newfound industrial site would have to have a new water infrastructure and supply to get it up and running”. What has happened in the 10 years that has elapsed? No industry has moved to this newly created industrial Mecca, but something else has happened. A significant block of former ‘rural zoned’ land has been re-zoned to ‘Residential One’ land which provides for subdivision down to as little as 500sqm per residential allotment – which will create an enormous demand for water usage. And ‘surprise surprise’ – that demand can easily be met because there was recently a major water supply upgrade brought to nearby Dukes Road to meet the demands of a (projected) major re-zoned Industrial park in North Taieri. The industrial park lies dormant, but a nearby residential development (with bags of water to serve it) now flourishes. As Her Majesty the Queen would say: “How very interesting!!”

    • Private developer in those parts… We wonder who ? (rhetorical)

      This is why we need a rigorous independent community board out there from October onwards – the subdivision processes are far from over. But also, ask Mr Wallis what he plans, and with whom. And the many others lining up.
      Wonder what Mr Alan Worthington is thinking about. And the likes of Mr Cubitt and Mr Anderson. Ready to line their own pockets some more?

  2. Jock strap

    An Independent community board in Mosgiel ???? Dear me Elizabeth. It is a bit late for that to happen, as the damage has already been done over the last 15 years. It would appear that the community board maybe being run by the business association, which in turn has been receiving financial assistance from board’s discretionary fund.
    As has been said somewhere else on this site. It appears that the community board could be the business association in drag. There appears to be familiar names on both groups.

    • It may be late, er, Jock strap, but there’s more to be going on with and guarding against in that unfair municipality!

      I note the REAL conflicts of interest (ie more than ‘perceived’) you mention.

      How did DCC and Paul Orders ever allow that FLOW OF FUNDS, OUT ???!!!
      That’s like paying the Chamber of Commerce. Oh wait, John Christie’s wife is on the current Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board, but is not standing again – unless…. she is well ensconced on the Business Association now ???

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