New DCHL Chair announced: Graham Crombie

Graham Crombie, DCHL### ODT Online Fri, 23 Aug 2013
New DCHL chairman named
Graham Crombie has been appointed as the new Chair of Dunedin City Holdings Limited. Mr Crombie, of Dunedin, is a professional director and chartered accountant. He was appointed as a director to the DCHL Board in July last year. Mr Crombie replaces retiring Chair Denham Shale, who will remain on the Board until later this year. DCHL is the parent company for Council-owned companies. In announcing the appointment, Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull thanked Mr Shale for his considerable contribution during a period of review and change for DCHL. Mr Cull welcomed Mr Crombie to the role, saying, “Mr Crombie will bring his expertise and experience to bear, building on the work of Mr Shale in refocusing Council-owned companies for the future.”
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DCC Media Release

More to come . . .

Warren Larsen Report (PDF, 3.9 MB)
Governance review of all companies in which Dunedin City Council and/or Dunedin City Holdings Limited has an equity interest of 50% or more.

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9 responses to “New DCHL Chair announced: Graham Crombie

  1. Graham Crombie is appointed to the chair of DCHL. That does not fill me with confidence when you look at his handling of the Museum Board over recent times. Strikes me as another of those “professional directors” who gather appointments by the bucketful. Members of a cosy club. I want people who are sharp on their feet and quick of brain, not some resting on their laurels of past accomplishments, but if directors look after the welfare of the companies they direct in the same manner as they look after their own bodies then it is not a good omen.

  2. I may be wrong, but isn’t this appointee a member of the cast of “Groundhog Day In Dunedin”? Great movie, it’s been playing in cinemas around the region for years.

  3. An original perhaps? Or the one on which the ‘groundhogs’ were modeled? Whatever, he had weathered well.

  4. ### ODT Online Fri, 1 Nov 2013
    DCHL announces four new directors
    By Chris Morris
    The Dunedin City Council’s group of companies has unveiled fresh changes after the recruitment of four new directors, including two heavy-hitters, and the departure of four familiar faces. DCHL chairman Graham Crombie announced the changes yesterday.
    Linda Robertson, of Meridian Energy and Statistics New Zealand, and Brian Wood, formerly MWH’s Asia Pacific region managing director, would join the DCHL board as directors, following a recruitment drive that attracted more than 50 candidates, Mr Crombie said.
    Ms Robertson, the group manager of treasury and procurement at Meridian Energy, is also the chairwoman of Statistics New Zealand’s audit and risk committee.
    Mr Wood, the former managing director of MWH’s Asia-Pacific region, was involved in an earlier restructure of the council’s companies, which led to the formation of DCHL, in 1993.

    Their recruitment came as Mr Crombie confirmed the departure of four long-serving directors of DCHL subsidiary companies – Ray Polson, Ross Liddell, John Farry and Mike Coburn. The holding company had recruited two new directors for subsidiary companies, with two more to follow, Mr Crombie said.
    Geoff Thomas, who was already a director of Dunedin International Airport Ltd, would replace Mr Farry as chairman of Taieri Gorge Railway Ltd.
    Trevor Kempton, a Dunedin businessman and Otago regional councillor, would join the Aurora and Delta boards.
    Read more


    Dunedin City Council – Media Release
    DCHL Names New Directors

    This item was published on 31 Oct 2013.

    Dunedin City Holdings Limited (DCHL) has announced the appointment of two new directors to the parent company board and another two to its subsidiary company boards.
    More than 50 applications were received for the DCHL Board. The two successful candidates are Linda Robertson, Group Manager Treasury and Procurement at Meridian Energy and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee at Statistics New Zealand, and Brian Wood, the former Managing Director of MWH in the Asia Pacific region. Brian was involved in the restructuring of the Council’s trading companies that formed the DCHL group in 1993. The successful candidates for the subsidiary company boards are Geoff Thomas, a current director of Dunedin International Airport Ltd, who has been appointed as Chair of the Taieri Gorge Railway; and Trevor Kempton, Dunedin businessman and Otago Regional Councillor, who has been appointed to both the Aurora and Delta Boards.
    DCHL Chair Graham Crombie says the new directors bring strengths that will add valuable skill sets to the boards they have been appointed to.

    “We needed people that could make informed business decisions, but at the same time complement the skill set of the directors already around the Board table. Following on from last year’s result we needed people comfortable working in a highly visible public arena to help us build on the excellent work done by the previous directors and maintain the forward momentum.”

    Mr Crombie also paid tribute to the Board members who have stepped down. Several directors who have given significant service to the group have announced their resignations.
    Ray Polson has stepped down from Aurora Energy Ltd after 19 years. Under his Chairmanship Aurora purchased the Central Otago electricity network which forms a major part of Aurora’s business. Mr Polson became the Chair of Dunedin Electricity Ltd (later Aurora) in 1994. During that time Aurora, and its sister company Delta, contributed $219m in dividends to the parent company. Mr Polson was also a member of the establishment boards that formed the Dunedin City companies and became chairman of the Waipori Power Generation Limited from 1994 through to 1998 when it was sold.
    Ross Liddell has been the Chair of City Forests since 2000. Under his leadership the company bought Opio Forest Farms, which is getting favourable export prices now. He has been on the Board of Dunedin City Treasury since the company started in 1993 and has been its Chair since 2000. He has chaired the Waipori Fund over most of the period of its existence and contributed to the Fund growing from $56m to $76m. He was a member of the DCHL board from 1999 through to 2011 and was a member of the Aurora and Delta Boards from 1998 through to 2011. For more than 20 years he has been a strong contributor to the DCHL group.
    John Farry has been the Chairman of Taieri Gorge Railway Ltd since its inception. He was instrumental in the initial public fundraising that allowed the railway to get off the ground. He has watched over the growth of the company from its beginning through to where it is now. Taieri Gorge carries more than 80,000 people a year and is a key attraction for cruise ship visitors in Dunedin.
    Mike Coburn has been a director of DCHL, Delta and Aurora from 2003 to 2011. He has been a director of City Forests from 2003 until now.

    DCHL is currently in a process to appoint two further directors to City Forests.
    Contact DCHL Chair on 03 477 4000.

    DCC Link


    ### ODT Online Fri, 1 Nov 2013
    End of the line for chairman
    By Chris Morris
    John Farry is sure he is alighting at the right stop. Mr Farry, the chairman of Taieri Gorge Railway Ltd since its inception, yesterday stepped down from the role after more than 20 years at the controls. It was confirmed yesterday Mr Farry would be replaced by incoming chairman Geoff Thomas, a director of Dunedin International Airport Ltd.
    Read more

  5. Anonymous

    Good to see Coburn go eventually, he has milked it for long enough.
    But same old same old appointing Geoff Thomas. Same links to the McLauchlans et al.

    • While there are still ratepayer/community-owned strategic assets to pluck off the council books, the cartel will still be a presence. Money laundering is a simple art if you have friends you can keep in line.

  6. Who was it said: “My body is my Temple”? Not Mr Crombie, was it?

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