DCC website: Candidate profiles

David Shearer 1 [3news.co.nz]HOT PRESS —.
David Shearer stands down from Labour Party leadership

Mr Shearer stood down as party leader this afternoon, citing discontent amongst his caucus and poor party polling results.


DCC has published all candidate profiles and photographs at its website.

Unfortunately, the web page formatting allows no easy cross-comparison between the candidates since there is no ‘one-glance’ photobank of candidate images (named and dated!) with hover statements and links provided to the full candidate statements.

As usual, the DCC website is from the dark ages.
Happy fishing, everyone.

Why are web designers and graphic designers in the employ of the council? To provide clear information to the council, residents, ratepayers and visitors. No stars for the Nominations Received pages (DCC, ORC and SDHB) and their navigation.

This is not a criticism angled at the highly organised and efficient electoral officer for Dunedin, Pam Jordan.

Visit the DCC website for more electoral information.

Mayoral Candidates 2013 Mayoral candidates 2013Left to right, (top) Hilary Calvert, Dave Cull, Kevin Dwyer, (middle) Pete George, Aaron Hawkins, Olivier Lequeux, (bottom) Steve McGregor, Lee Vandervis, Andrew Whiley

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72 responses to “DCC website: Candidate profiles

    Go to http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/your-council/electoral-information/candidate-events

    Don’t miss this one:

    Date: Tuesday 10 September
    Time: 4.00pm
    Organiser: Otago Chamber of Commerce/ODT Mayoral Forum
    Candidates involved: Mayoral Candidates
    Venue: Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum, 419 Great King Street
    Contact: Linda, events at otagochamber dot co dot nz

    • Mike

      well don’t miss it unless you have one of those job things that mean you can’t just nip down to the Museum in the middle of the afternoon

    • The whole point (did the mayoral candidates miss it in favour of own hobbyhorses???) is that Tourism as such is not a sufficiently big earner for Dunedin, it fails to supply added-value jobs, and is frightfully underwhelming due to the sheer lack of diversity of visitor experiences, not helped by Dunedin being off the Christchurch/Queenstown/Milford loop, the godforsaken ‘international airport’ of little capacity, and the seasonal undermining by on-board cruiseship package deals. Not sure Dunedin can survive on campervans and other independent travellers.

      The mayoral candidates need to up their game. Some intelligence please, people!

      I don’t hold out much hope for city leadership post-October. Although, to be fair, Hilary’s point deserves a stamp on the back of the hand:

      Hilary Calvert began her contribution by saying she wanted to clear the council books and make people accountable for every financial decision.

      ### ODT Online Thu, 29 Aug 2013
      Candidates outline strategies on tourism
      By Debbie Porteous
      Dunedin’s nine mayoral aspirants did their best to court the tourism sector at their first mayoral candidates forum in the city last night. The relatively polite meeting on the theme of what candidates would do, if elected mayor, for the tourism sector, was held at Forsyth Barr stadium and hosted by tourism operator organisation Dunedin Host.
      It is the first of several public mayoral forums, including the Otago Daily Times/Otago Chamber of Commerce Dunedin mayoral debate on September 9.
      Candidates were given a moment to introduce themselves and say what they stood for, before pre-selected questions were taken from the audience of about 40 people, mainly from the tourism industry.
      Read more

  2. Russell Garbutt

    Who read this letter from this woman Rachel Elder in this morning’s ODT? I cannot believe this plonker!! Here is a message for her as I see she doesn’t publish her contact details:

    “In your blind, blinkered and bone-headed support for rugby, how about starting to acknowledge the truth behind the ORFU? Start to appreciate for just a tiny moment the difference between amateur sport – to be applauded and valued – and the rapacious, greedy and fraudulent business that is professional rugby.”

    This woman may get a few votes from those that can’t start to understand just how much debt has been incurred by the ratepayers of Dunedin by the boof-heads, but hopefully she will fade from the scene as soon as possible.

  3. Peter

    Yes, that immediately occurred to me too with Rachel Elder’s letter, Russell. A rather blatant, cack-handed attempt at populism. I guess if you are stupid, it works.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Embarrassing for all the rugby players who have good quantities of grey matter between the ears, don’t you think? Playing up the stereotype of boof-head rugby knuckle-dragger, not attractive, not appealing.

  5. Council candidates for Mosgiel-Taieri ward: Martin Dillon, Mike Lord, Kate Wilson

    ### ODT Online Wed, 11 Sep 2013
    Would-be councillors speak out
    By Debbie Porteous
    Last week it was the mayoral candidates. This week, the three candidates vying for two seats on the Dunedin City Council as councillors for the Mosgiel-Taieri ward in the coming elections tell Taieri Times reporter Debbie Porteous what priority they give a new swimming complex in Mosgiel, what they would do to resolve Mosgiel’s traffic issues, and what other priority issues they think face Mosgiel and the wider Taieri.
    Read what they say

  6. Of the Mosgiel three, to me the least impressive was Kate Wilson. She simply wants to be ‘all things to all people’ with the result being ‘nothing to anybody’. I don’t get to vote in that ward, but it seems clear to me that the choices are simple.

  7. Jock strap

    Martin Dillon is pushing for a pool complex in Mosgiel that could cost the ratepayers $18 million. That equates to a 18% rate increase.
    Martin says that he has been on the community board since 1998 (15 years), and has DEMANDED that the city sort out the heavy traffic problems and to date nothing has changed. Sorry Martin. If they haven’t listened to you for 15 years you haven’t done your job as a community board rep. What makes you think that they will listen to you as a councillor?

  8. Peter

    It’s all a merry-go-round, isn’t it. ‘We have to curb our spending, but we want a new….. …..(pool, in the case of Mosgiel)
    I think I might go crazy if I hear, once more, the phrase. ‘We must roll out the red carpet. Not the red tape.’ This must be this election’s new buzz phrase. Funnily, it doesn’t matter if you are an incumbent or a challenger.

  9. Whippet

    I see Kate wishes to fix Mosgiel’s roading problems. She could start with getting the money back for the Taieri and Mosgiel’s new seal extension program that she so enthusiastically supported in being transferred to the cycleways project in town. Yes that is right, she supported money allocated for her ward being transferred out into minty’s ward. It’s called being loyal to your ward. Yeah Right.

    • Whippet, how did Kate and Minty (plus cyclist Culler) of Greater Debt Dunedin get the transfer of funding past the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board, or did Council leave the board out of the loop (via annual plan prioritisations)? This is daylight robbery!!!

  10. Whippet

    Elizabeth. The answer would appear from Martin Dillon’s statement. “15 Years and nothing has changed”.
    Does Kate know that there is a community board out in Mosgiel?
    Have just checked the Mosgiel Minutes and it appears that she has never attended a board meeting out there.

  11. I was astonished by a comment made by Dave Cull in yesterday’s forum, where he stated he was initiating a ‘living wage’ in council.

    I challenged him on it this morning, where he mixed outlandish claims with vagueness. I started this challenge of him this morning:

    And at the same time on the same Facebook page he posted this:


    • Good on you, Pete, for following up on Cull’s account of unilateral idiocy re the living wage. He made some very surprising blues last night all up. Not quite the seasoned campaigner after all. Looks tired, sounds hollow. Greater Debt Dunedin has risk and liability in its leadership!

    • A month ago I though he would stroll back in, a common comment was ‘he hasn’t done too much wrong” and there was no obvious strong contender.

      I knew he had had a mediocre term at best, but it’s been an eye opener to see how politically inept he is (or has become).

      Greater Dunedin’s #1 priority (as per their website) is “An open Council”. I think they may believe that but it’s so far from reality it’s astounding. The more I look the more hypocritical and flawed they seem.

  12. JimmyJones

    Whippet and Elizabeth: before you head-off with your torches and paint, Kate Wilson isn’t on the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board. She’s on the Strath-Taieri Board. It looks like they have met 4 times this year, and Kate-the-cat-hater was there for them all.

  13. Whippet

    Jimmy Jones. Kate represents the Mosgiel Taieri ward as a councillor, and the Mosgiel Community board is in her ward. Why wouldn’t she make an appearance at the Mosgiel Board meetings if she wanted to keep her finger on the pulse of the area she supposes to represent? Maybe she didn’t want the board to know that she was supporting the allocation of road sealing money for Mosgiel to be transferred over the hill to minty’s cycleway.

    • JimmyJones

      She definitely deserves criticism for doing that. She is very car dependent herself, but hates everyone else using them. Ask her about the new Parking Strategy.

  14. Jock strap

    Don’t worry Martin will fix it all one day. 15 years on the board and nothing has changed. Who needs Community Boards ? The word on the street is that the Mosgiel board is the local business association in drag.

  15. I have just posted on Dave Cull’s Facebook the following;

    Calvin Oaten ; Dave you make the point that you as Mayor have only one vote. True, but the Mayor as chair of the meetings can, and does steer the line of debate and discussions. And that is as it should be. But all that notwithstanding, there is no refuting the fact that you and your supporters on council did in this last triennium create an additional $288 million of debt expenditure. That on top of the previous $128m already in place. That is no mean feat for a single term by one who campaigned for office on transparency, careful administration of the financial matters and consultation.

  16. Mike

    Calvin: I was aghast at Dave’s response to your letter in the ODT today, he claims to have saved $100m by reducing the stadium debt from 40 years to 18 – when it was the same council that put it up to 40 from 20 a few months before.

    I could save millions on interest too by arranging to borrow a whole bunch of money and then deciding not to, maybe if we do it enough we can pay off the stadium ….. sadly that only works in Cull’s world.

  17. {Ed – Deleted. Calvin take your crazy to some other place that won’t land me in the freaking courts.

    No one on this site should advocate the DEATH – implied, literal or other of ANYONE on this site.

    I know what you said is a term, but it’s a bloody disgusting one and won’t be tolerated here.}

    Paul Le Comte

  18. Mike

    Actually I’m not so against that, I tend to think that taking your lumps now to avoid added expense in the future is a prudent thing – mind you that sort of thinking leads to raising money to build your rugby stadium before you build it, and we can’t have that can we ….

    More though I think that Cull’s letter really shows, not fuzzy economic thinking, but intellectual dishonesty.

    • On the basis of watching D.Cull for a long time, and again in the current mayoral race… Mike, it’s not a case of either or, it is Both. Always has been, that’s why I never vote for him and friends at Greater Debt Dunedin (thanks for the label, Lee – it has good fit with my ‘Liability Cull’) – I’ve no idea why people are surprised by Cull’s present form, it’s bones are brittle.

  19. Mike, I take your point, but “taking your lumps now” is fine for those whose ‘lumps’ are of no great moment. What of the poor folk out there with more ‘lumps’ than you can poke a stick at already? Wouldn’t they prefer to have the lower rates today, and leave it for the so called ‘protectors’ to do the right thing and find other ways to achieve the same ends? Like for instance, reducing the debt by ‘lump’ sums through selling down the city’s non strategic property portfolio. What joy for the rate payer in the knowledge that they are Bunnings landlord in Porirua or a bunch of buildings in Auckland and Christchurch, not to mention the Wall St Mall here in Dunedin? No Mike, I don’t buy Cull’s protestations of financial probity and working in the best interests of the rate payers by taking the easy way out. That’s on top of his record of creating $288 million of new, largely non-performing debt in his first three year term as Mayor. I repeat, {deleted on (how many counts do you want) offensive, obscene idiocy . – Paul}

  20. Calvin your comments have either been deleted or edited for the sake of keeping me out of the courts & my kids in shoes. Clean up your bloody act.

    Who the bloody hell do you think you are coming here saying shit that will land me in front of the courts?

    and before you all descend into tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory as to who is trying to close down debate, the buck stops with me. I’m bloody closing it down, not anyone else. If you don’t like it, you go to WordPress.com find a name that you like and start making threats and bullshit comments about people till the cows come home. BUT YOU DO NOT DO IT ON MY FREAKING SITE – get it? Capisce?

  21. Paul: Fair enough. It is just that I get slightly incensed at times. Sorry.

    • and i’m the one left cleaning up your mess.

      • Paul, Calvin, could we please talk to each other offline. I’m sick of all threats and complete lack of civilised discussion between parties if when things descend to hell. I nearly recommended anger management and stress management last week – now this. If I was yelled at in the bar or on the street in the way that has occurred here then I would call police. Nothing like some forceful counselling from people in uniform. Thank god I’m not trigger happy or capable of flaring in the face of adversity, particularly when it’s domestic related. Calm as mustard is me in the face of provocation.

  22. BlueBottle

    Remember to go to the next DCC Councillor and Mayoral Candidates forum this Sunday at 7.00 pm. See here >> http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/your-council/electoral-information/candidate-events

    Think up some good questions to ask.

  23. Anonymous

    Looks like it is back to the past with Chris Morris in that page 30 trash today. Why is a reporter of a daily newspaper lowering himself to bottom of the barrel politics with personality bashing masquerading as an opinion piece? Why Sir continues to believe this type of news will increase subscriptions is beyond me.

    • Just reading the assinine clubbings now after an early morning email alert about them. How does one give Walrus Thomson and bloody Minty an 8, ffs.

      • ODT continues the myth of ‘nothing too wrong at DCC’. The newspaper’s management and owner should be vastly ashamed. Meanwhile all the bullswool artists are busy writing pro-Spokes letters to the editor in the new-found age of transformative ‘climate change’. Dunedin as a navigable place is quite alright without any mega spend on cycleways and a forced carless centre. Sitting back for the long-term view and working on debt reduction is more creative than Daaave and sad sack Minty will ever know.

  24. Anonymous

    Surely it is crossing the line of impartiality? This is a senior reporter on the council round and should not have been placed in the position to present his personal opinions on the people he is expected to report on. This makes me very uncomfortable.

  25. A page of trash! Not an issue mentioned. Mr Morris ought to go back to the school of journalism and bone up on the chapter on investigative journalism. Assuming of course that it is taught. The audacity of him in marking the outgoing councillors out of ten. I wonder he didn’t herd them through the chutes and mark their backsides with different coloured raddle. Then the public could just look at their ‘backside’ to see who to vote for or not.

  26. GD DEBT [ODT Online 20.9.13 masthead] copy
    Nobody obscured was physically harmed in photoshop.

    [cheaper than attacking the hoardings]

  27. Elizabeth, do you take that aesthetic with water or something stronger?

  28. Anonymous

    Further to the Stadium Councillors list that has appeared on this site, I recall the only Otago Regional Council councillors to vote against the debt-funded stadium were Crs Michael Deaker, Gerry Eckhoff, Bryan Scott? On the election form Crs Michael Deaker and Bryan Scott are running again. I believe Cr Deaker deserves to be reinstated based on his consistent position to challenge those who are pushed by the GOBs.

  29. Anonymous

    Can’t help noticing that for all the so-called randomisation of the voting papers this time around a certain councillor who strikes fear into the bulging pockets of the GOBs and has the audacity to question the seat warmers in council has once again found himself at the end of the Mayoralty list. I wonder how they achieved that. Interesting too the only the woman Mayoralty candidate is listed first. Somehow I doubt this list is very “random”.

  30. amanda

    Can’t help but notice in Chris Morris’ attempt at doing the councillors report card, he manages to mention how Brown is connected with the stadium debacle but forgets to mention the connection of Hudson, Bezett and Noone in their report cards. They are the councillors who still want to return to council, so guess he dare not tell the voters too much……Since clearly these three Must Return to Council as far as the ODT is concerned.

  31. amanda

    But is an entertaining read nonetheless as far as gauging just where the local media focus their love. Boy they really really don’t like Stevenson. But Hudson? He is a peach http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/274133/report-card-paul-hudson

  32. amanda

    So you three know who to thank when you return to council and please don’t call it ‘democracy’ as Acklin thought, when the media don’t tell voters your dire decisions that is the voters not getting the whole picture. That is concerning, because, Hudson, Noone and Bezett, that’s not democracy. Bow down to your masters. You sad sad men.

  33. amanda

    And the odt even admitted the stadium has suffered ‘big loses’ yet forgets to report their three men as the instigators in the stadium. Outrageous. Pathetic and hilarious. But also so very predictable, Cheers ODT for once again so clearly showing us why this city is in the pickle it is. With local media so biased, who can be surprised?

  34. amanda

    Also noticing around town how Liability Cull’s board is paired with Jinty’s. Interesting huh? Is Cull hoping to bring in the green vote by attaching himself to her? May work. Some of them may not see that as soon as weak Cull gets in he will do what the stakeholders say. Sell assets. Privatised water. Hello but lordy, isn’t he ashamed to be so blatant?

    • amanda, I have the Daave/Minty combination three doors away at Pitt St – on the retaining wall of (UoO greenie) Dr Janet Stephenson’s property – hits all those heading to Royal Terrace and further to Maori Hill. Have had to restrain myself with paint pots. Torture it is.

      Keep you eyes on the road. Do not look up.

  35. ### ODT Online Tue, 24 Sep 2013
    Waterfront hotel biggest talking point
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Cheers, jeers and even a yellow card were dealt to mayoral and council hopefuls at the often entertaining end to a two-night election forum in Opoho last night.
    Issues such as oil and gas exploration, the proposed waterfront hotel development, fluoridation and public transport were discussed in front of more than 100 voters at the Opoho Presbyterian Church.
    The hotel drew the biggest reaction, with many of the 17 council hopefuls welcoming the investment but not at its current height or proposed location.
    Read more


    ### ODT Online Mon, 23 Sep 2013
    Council candidates face their electors
    By Chris Morris
    There was heckling and applause as Dunedin City Council candidates were divided over oil and gas exploration at the first of a two-night election forum in Opoho last night.
    The reactions came as 13 of the city’s Central Ward council candidates set out their election stalls in front of about 120 people at the Opoho Presbyterian Church.
    The two-hour forum was a largely restrained affair, as candidates – including mayoral candidates also running for council seats – were given 90 seconds each to pitch to the audience before answering a series of curly questions.
    Read more


    Comment from Peter at another thread:

  36. No disrespect to Opoho (I lived there three times) but it is well sprinkled with Academia and has a distinct ‘greenish’ tinge.

  37. ### dunedintv.co.nz September 24, 2013 – 3:32pm

    Starts Monday 23 September
    7.30pm weeknights
    Monday – Central Ward
    Tuesday – Central Ward
    Wednesday – Central Ward
    Thursday – Mosgiel/Taieri + Waikouaiti/Chalmers
    Friday – Mayor Special
    Repeats from 10am Saturday

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