DVML foists invoices on DCC

Darren Burden, DVML [odt.co.nz]Confirmed.
Dunedin Venues Management Ltd, headed by chief executive Darren Burden, has been spending tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) and presenting the invoices to DCC in the hope of the council paying DVML’s bills.
Looks like Mr Burden has been trying the old Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust (CST) tricks again.
However, this time the council has refused to pay – and rightly so.


Comment at ODT Online:

Expensive advertising
Submitted by Stevesone57 on Tue, 20/08/2013 – 1:38pm.
I assume most [of] you have heard the advertisements promoting DVML’s venues, which include the Porters lounge at the Railway Station. They would be hard to miss as they are on Radio Sport and the ZB network day and night. Those of you who have advertised on the radio would know just how expensive this form of advertising can be. In my case I paid out some $7000 for a limited campaign.
I have no issue with the Radio Nework but one wonders what all this is costing. This is ratepayer money that is being spent so I would like to know the following:
– What is the radio campaign costing?
– What sort of return on investment are DVML getting from this advertising?
– How much revenue is generated from events held at these venues after advertising and staff costs?
I have a feeling that the blanket advertising will be making a huge hole in any projected profits. When you are advertising at the same rate as the big boys like McDonalds, you had better be holding one hell of a lot of events to cover the outlay.

DVML webpage

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images: (top) odt.co.nz – Darren Burden. (bottom) DVML webpage.


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4 responses to “DVML foists invoices on DCC

  1. Peter

    Darren has been Farry’s boy from the beginning. Appointed and nurtured by him. Never been his own man. Never will be.

  2. Nice try, Dar’.
    What happens when you charge stuff up to someone else and they say “no way, I didn’t give permission”?
    Whose door do the guys with baseball bats turn up at?

    • Hope he has his bank accounts, vehicles, family trust, investments, and property secured…

      • Aside (hello Mssrs Avery, Farry, Farry, Coburn, Burden, McLauchlan, Hagaman and assorted friends, including the departed Stephens):

        ### ODT Online Tue, 20 Aug 2013
        Auckland Transport corruption investigated
        By Matthew Dearnaley – New Zealand Herald
        Auckland Transport has called on external investigators to guide its inquiry into serious allegations of corruption over roading contracts. The council organisation has stood down a senior manager on indefinite leave during the inquiry, which it was previously conducting in-house while promising to call in the Serious Fraud Office if it could find evidence of wrongdoing.
        But chief executive David Warburton said today it had now called for “external forensic accounting advice” from consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers into the road maintenance area of its business.
        The accountancy giant is also separately investigating allegations about irregularities over infrastructure contracts at KiwiRail, after being called in by the state-owned company, although no officials have been stood down by that organisation.
        Dr Warburton said Auckland Transport was completing the initial phase of its investigation, and the external advice had been sought in parallel with an internal review of procurement procedures. APNZ
        Read more

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