ELECTION NEWS: Stadium councillors getting the message!

Real job

NOT STANDING —Bill Acklin (link)
Bill Acklin 2

STANDING —Paul Hudson [updated 16.8.13]
Paul Hudson

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

DCC candidates 12.8.13


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71 responses to “ELECTION NEWS: Stadium councillors getting the message!

  1. Russell Garbutt

    What can I do or say to Paul Hudson to assist him to change from “unlikely” to “won’t be standing”? Looking forward to reading the public announcements from these two before the bubbly is opened. But more importantly, looking forward to reading the final names of those that have put their names forward so that it can be determined which of them can be trusted to take a much harder line on accountability than has been able to be taken so far. Granted, before anyone takes it to heart, that some has been achieved, but I want harder lines to be taken on all types that have effectively stolen community money – from Michael Swann, to those sitting smugly round Council tables or working behind the scenes for the ORFU that were either too stupid or too arrogant or too involved to make the right decisions. You know who you are.

  2. Mike

    Hooray! and rats! he was going to be the easiest one to go after – a bit like Guest last time he writes all his own material.

  3. Semper Fidelis

    Well facts are sometime stranger than fiction Eh? Acklin’s pre-election profile three years ago: Recorded on a charge of ‘pissed in charge’, along with being the principal of a business that robbed the children of his victim of food from their table. Where did that profile get him. As I recall he polled higher than any other candidate. Was this a corrupt STV system at work, or is it evidence of the power of the alphabet?

    {Moderated. -Eds}

  4. If Hudson does the decent thing then we can look to see six new faces at least. Something we haven’t seen in a very long time. Dave Cull standing for Mayor only is a “Sydney or the Bush” position for him, not unlike Malcolm Farry in 2004. Didn’t work then, will it work now? Has he done enough to have lost it? I think so, but the public are fickle.

  5. Mike

    Semper: I’m pretty sure he was still flying under the radar at the last election I think he still had name suppression from his first DUI – the court case was still in progress.

  6. Peter

    I remember Bill Acklin wrote an opinion piece to the ODT and referred to Stop The Stadium as ‘a poisonous bug’. Hah!! We know how this city has been poisoned and by whom.
    He was always way out of his depth… despite his height!

    {Link http://www.odt.co.nz/opinion/opinion/50793/why-sts-bug-poisonous (8.4.09) -Eds}

  7. Alesis

    I suggest that Gar-butt, Elizabeth, Mike, Semper Fide-lis, and Peter 1) Get their facts right; and 2) If they are so damn knowledgeable and worthy – Stand in the election…or are you all too gutless? Opps meant useless!

  8. Mike

    umm – hello Bill?

    • “I do not know Malcolm Farry very well, but I take him to be a very community-obliging person, and a visionary that the city should be thankful for.”

      • “The consultation process over the stadium has been extensive, long-lasting, inclusive, and factual – albeit that a lot of reporting has been for the betterment of selling newspapers. The only thing that hasn’t satisfied some people is that the view of council as a whole has not been that of the opponents. And because of that, the opponents have got personal, manipulating and much more.”

        • “The misinformation that has been spread around through the media quoting opinions from stadium non-supporters has made it almost impossible for the majority of residents to make up their minds based on facts.”

        • “There was no opportunity for the professionals working on this project to give their informed views, nor was there any political view in favour of the stadium allowed to be included. This is hardly a balanced presentation.”

        • The previous home truffs were first published in Spurious: A history re-written, by Bill A-Space-Odyssey Acklin (Otago Gaily Times, 2009).

        • One for the road:
          “Opponents of the proposed Awatea St stadium conveniently ignore the origins, history and true purpose of the project.”

  9. Elizabeth; remind us, what were the “origins, history and true purpose of the project”? If it wasn’t a carefully planned operation for the ORFU to surreptitiously transfer all costs of ownership and operations of a rugby venue to the ratepayers of Dunedin, and use the gullibility of Malcolm Farry as the front man to expedite the plan, using the ‘egos’ of Peter Chin and Jim Harland to manipulate the ‘dopey’ councillors into committing the city to the debt involved, then what was it?

    • Calvin. Dyslexia sorted. Wood for trees…
      What Bill’s trying to say is stadium supporters “conveniently ignore the origins, history and true purpose of the project”. Meaning, white collar crime – although that’s pretentious crap, since most of the (interested parties) tartan mafia have dirty necks, and a house in Lakes District. One of the good old boys made a wee fortune selling heroin, very Chicago (sorry, I meant West Coast).

      Gotta love Bill, he’s responsive. Back then he understood what he was voting for, perfectly.

  10. Peter

    Calvin. Malcolm Farry might be many unmentionable things, but ‘gullible’?

  11. Russell Garbutt

    So, what is the actual up-to-date news on Acklin and Hudson? I note the ODT didn’t have anything and that the headline to this thread has changed a wee bit.

    Oh, and Ale-Sis, a person doesn’t have to stand for election to be capable of assessing the performance of those that choose to do so. In exactly the same way that a reporter questioning, for example Key on his idiotic policies round pokie machines, big business, and fraud, doesn’t have to stand for the Prime Ministership of the country.

  12. Mike

    “Alesis” is a brand name for professional music electronics (mixers and the like) … the sort of thing a clueless professional musician might choose for a name…

  13. Hype O'Thermia

    Ale-Sis, I am not a cabinetmaker but I know when my cupboard door sticks. I am not a cobbler but I know when the heel comes off my shoe. According to you I should therefore either shut up about the wonky door and broken shoe, or take up the cabinetmaking and shoe-making trades myself.

    Good thinking, Ale-Sis? Not really. Yours is shallow defensive response to legitimate criticism of gross ineptitude, the kind used by people who have no sensible ideas or are too lazy to think, sometimes also employed by people who prefer to keep corruption under the radar.

    Returning to the cobbler metaphor, does the shoe fit?

  14. Russell Garbutt

    Ah, thanks for that Mike – now I’ve got to do some thinking. Who do I know that might be a clueless professional musician that has a close interest in this thread? Thinking, thinking, thinking…..could it be? Surely not?

    On another subject altogether, I was delighted to be able to re-read the writings of Bill Acklin round the subject of his support of the stadium project. It is hard, even with hindsight, to read his thoughts without wondering exactly what planet he inhabits. Also to re-read the many contributions made by one or two infamous people at the time that were connected with secondary school teaching, rugby refereeing and hospital nursing. They seem to have vanished.

  15. Hey Elizabeth, that cartoon has an uncanny likeness to Dave Cull, even down to the caption. Remarkable!

  16. Bev Butler

    Bill, in your ODT poisonous bug opinion piece you state:
    “The CST has been extremely thorough in the role that council asked it to undertake. The chairman is there in a voluntary capacity (God knows why . . .), and has been nothing but passionate and unrelenting about this project for the betterment and future of our city.”
    I suggest you ask Malcolm Farry how much he actually DID get paid. His position was not voluntary. Where did you get that impression from? Whoever told you that is a liar.
    One thing I do agree with you is your comment “God DOES know why”. Others also know why.

  17. Peter

    In tomorrow’s ODT, according to Channel 39, there is an item on an unnamed councillor who is retiring, ‘giving a parting shot’.

    {Hopefully to his own head. -Eds}

  18. Just got it from an impeccable source that the ‘singing’ giant has pulled the pin and is slinking off to marguerite-ville for a few quiet ones. All that’s now required is for the ‘walking cadaver’ of biscuit fame to shuffle off and the clean out of the demented will be fairly complete.

  19. amanda

    Ahh you forget Noone. He is still sitting on that council. Hoping real hard no one notices or reminds him of his fiscal incompetence resulting in the city’s massive debt. Looking forward to him addressing his incompetence in the run up to the election.

  20. amanda

    Oh and Bezett, another ‘busines genius’ the city could well do better without.

  21. amanda

    Of course the local media will continue on with its ‘forgetfulness’ of Noone and Bezett’s muppetness and their hand in the city’s misfortune. Making it all the more interesting who the media do target with its ire.

  22. Hype O'Thermia

    Question time: “If you are elected [as mayor] who is your first preference for DCC chair of Finance, Strategy and Development? Your second choice, should that person not be elected to council, would be – who?”

  23. Russell Garbutt

    A revealing interview with Acklin. Clearly he still cannot, or will not, see or acknowledge the lack of responsibility he has had in the time that he has been on Council in supporting and encouraging wasteful spending on massive projects such as the stadium which have primarily benefitted the interests of the few. Of course he was elected to Council, and surely it is now sinking in to those that did vote for him, just what those votes have cost. It is now up to those that have something positive to contribute and skills to match to put their names forward so that Dunedin can finally have a Council that governs the City wisely. Yes, there are those there on Council that have these attributes, but not enough of them. Hopefully before Friday we will see some come forward.

  24. Peter

    Russell. Aside from skills, candidates need to reflect on whether they are temperamentally suited to be politicians. There are people out there who would have great skills to contribute, but not the temparament to put up with the false bullshit that inevitably goes with politics or the inner steel to deal with/to the self-servers in our commmunity.

    • May I say at this point, if voters have been stupid enough to keep voting Stevenson back on then I have little faith that they have the ability to bring together a strong council. I expect more flim flam arriving round the table, if the nominations are any indication.

  25. Hype O'Thermia

    Acklin was good value as a councillor only if calculated by the centimetre not the nous.

  26. amanda

    Yay. That is one coward and bully off the council. No more can Acklin hide behind the other councillors on ‘council’. Amazingly, for once, the ODT told voters that Acklin voted for the stadium debt. Interesting they remember his connection to the staidum debacle now that he is leaving. Let’s see if the ‘media’ can remember the other councillors who also voted for the debt. Hint, dear ODT. HUDSON, BEZETT, NOONE.

  27. amanda

    You three must declare your hand in the stadium debacle. You are putting the other non-stadium-supporting in an awkward position, you see. They have to say things like the present council is not responsible for the present debt the city has, which is incorrect, since there are seven sitting around the council table now who are. That is a majority. You three make liars of the other councillors’ Bad form.

    • To that, Amanda, I would say – look no further than Liability Cull and the members of Greater Dunedin who keep spending on the stadium whether by support of DVML/DVL, attraction funds, surreptitious other means eg budgets at Dunedin Tourism, EDU, Events, Marketing and Communication et al. ALL GUILTY. ALL TO GO.

  28. amanda

    I call them cowards because they hide behind some councillors such as Cr MacTavish who on her facebook page tells us the ‘present council’ is not responsible for the city’s debt. Which is a half truth she is forced to say since to say the names of the seven who are still sitting on council who did support the debt puts her in a politically vulnerable position. Hudson, Noone and Bezett, declare to voters your stadium stance. Don’t hide now.

  29. amanda

    Divide and conquer. The gormless and the corrupt want to keep nice and tight and not create waves for each other so they can get the most important thing of all… ‘Re elected’. Greater Dunedin need to know that they too cannot hide behind the corrupt, either. ‘The Council’ is something they all think they can hide behind.

  30. amanda

    Is it legal for the ODT to so blatantly support Cull in his mayoral re-election attempt? The sudden media concern for the city so near the election is predictable. Any who wonder why the city is in such dire straights may look to our unashamedly biased media for answers.

  31. I’ve got news for Jinty about the present council not being responsible for the city’s debt, and it ain’t good. She really should know better, but then when one is in ‘denial’ one tends to overlook little things like the truth. The ‘hallmark’ of a politician.

    How galling was the report ‘Cost may blow out to $260million, ‘unclear’ lines of accountability blamed’, as published in the Otago Daily Times 2/08/13 ?
    Heads will not roll over the Forsyth Barr Stadium budget blow out. Why, one would have to ask? First, we were promised at the outset by Malcolm Farry that it would cost “not a penny over $188m”. Then the PwC report says the true cost was $224.4m, now the latest and most comprehensive analysis says it is likely to be north of $260m. A staggering increase of $72m. Mayor Dave Cull acknowledged that the conclusion left “some loose ends” but the arrangements
    had made it “impossible” to identify individuals responsible “for anything that went wrong”.

    Well how about this? In the early stages of the project a consultant firm Davis Langdon Ltd was commissioned by the CST to prepare a feasibility report to the Council to reassure the viability of the project. Out of this report came a “risk analysis” which was distilled by CEO Jim Harland and presented to the Finance & Strategy committee on 17 March 2008. In this there were several serious concerns expressed by the consultants.

    1. Interest rate risks if there was any escalation.

    2. Construction cost risks with increases in raw materials etc and that any would leave the funders with insufficient capacity to make up the shortfall. Concern was also expressed over the CST’s lack of identification of those risks.

    3. Concern over the delivery of the public sector funders’ commitments, particularly the Private Funding. (which has since been shown in the PwC report to be almost non existent nor directed to the construction budget)

    4. The uncertainties of the forecast break-even position and the opinion that the original projections were “unreasonable or unachievable.” It noted CST’s projections over 16 years of an average net cash flow before expense of $300,000 per annum. The consultants had noted that this projection excludes depreciation, interest, capital expenditure and initial funding of the Stadium.

    5. Central to the debt servicing arrangements is the continuing profitability of the DCHL group of companies. Their ability to service $92m (now in excess of $150m) of debt is predicated on their ability to produce $25m per annum. Failure to do this would jeopardise the council’s other activities.

    This report was received by the committee, debated and approved. The CEO then encapsulated in a press release a much reduced and sanitised version removing most emphasis on any reservations. This was received in good faith and published in this paper on Saturday, 29 March 2008.

    Now, with the exception of Cr Vandervis, former mayor Peter Chin and the late Richard Walls, all those present who endorsed the findings in that report are still in the council today. The CEO and Chief Financial Officer are both no longer in their posts. And now Mayor Dave Cull says “no-one can be held responsible for anything that went wrong.”
    Yeah Right!

  32. amanda

    Yes. A tad disingenius. However, she dare not name the ones responsible, that will draw their ire. So Hudson, Bezett and Noone need to show some backbone and not hide behind her. Tell the voters your hand in the stadium boys! I dare you! Since the ODT won’t do it is up to you.

  33. amanda

    After all if the stadium was so very popular, you will gain votes if you remind voters of your hand in the stadium joy. Since the stadium is so outstanding I am surprised these three are not shouting their stadium support from the roof tops.

  34. Hype O'Thermia

    Dolly did it.
    It was the bad pixies, they made her do it.
    The brave councillors tried to stop her but she locked them in the coal cellar. Flick the little fire engine let them out and they all said “Thank you Flick” and had cakes and lemonade. (From the Cull Collection of Convenient Explanations)

  35. After some consideration I think Its Me at ODT Online is Alesis.
    Same consistently vacant thought. But then I got confused, thinking gotta-comment is Bill Acklin.

    You can never have too many councillors standing down on a Wednesday.

    The time to be positive is now stadium supporter or not
    Its Me confirmed as Bill Acklin by this comment.

    Then this:

  36. Bev Butler

    Calvin, further to the stadium risks presented to Council on 17 March 2008, it was Jim Harland who approved the watering down of these risks before publishing them in the ODT as an advertisement. Before going to print the Carisbrook Stadium Trust also approved the watering down of these risks. This is significant deception since very few people have the time nor the inclination to read Council reports and therefore rely on the media to be informed. This is just one of the many deceptions which occurred from start to finish with the stadium project.

  37. Right on Bev, Harland is right in the middle of the whole deception which resulted in the Stadium. The mayor and councillors were really just ‘pawns’ (or should that be prawns?) to be manipulated and played like a ‘Jewish harp’.

  38. Hey! Just got an Aaron Hawkins (mayoral, councillor aspirant) circular in my letter box. Guess what? He is going all out for ‘warm healthy’ homes. Jeez, that’s got to be the vote catcher of the campaign. The fact that it has nothing to do with council other than an administrator of central government policy doesn’t seem to register with him. Oh well, “Dumbo for Mayor” has a certain ring to it.

    • Must mean Aaron supports govt demo of our lovely old cold housing stock in Maori Hill. Oh dear. Not sure what DCC would say to that —or members of COC who live there.

  39. Hype O'Thermia

    This’ll be a clip-on to the demand for student flats to be better quality (warm, tidily presented, insulated etc) which so far has not been accompanied by any indication that students are willing and eager to pay more.

  40. Well, thirtyfour candidates for Dunedin Central Ward certainly muddies the water.

  41. Peter

    Certainly does, Calvin. Quite a number I have never heard of. There will be some surprises, especially with a tight race between some candidates and who knows where their preferences will go.

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