Busted hacks! Media rates Cull and shiny-arsed suit brigade

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Submitted on 2013/08/06 at 2:01 pm

I see Robin Charteris, former ODT editor, has written a letter to today’s ODT concerning the proposal for a regional political party of some description. What a woeful, intellectually light letter it is too. Unbelievable for a man who once was an editor of a city daily.
He would like Ian Taylor to head it and to include Stuart McLauchlan, Dave Cull, Peter McIntyre and Richard Thomson. Talk about a less than subtle plug for the election coming up. Sorry, Robin, you have overplayed this one.

ODT 6.8.13 Opinion page (detail) re-imaged

The stadium, ORFU, Delta, Hillside, lack of core infrastructure investment, St Clair seawall, +$650M council consolidated debt, storm damage, multimillion-dollar cycleways, ratepayer subsidy to DVML/attraction fund, NZ Post, SH88 realignment, Invermay, centralisation of health board jobs, on it goes . . . Cull drops out of the race to take up L(l)ama farming. [Thanks, Critic]

Ineffectuals like Cull lap up the current job-loss situation, grandstanding in the pre-election period wearing nothing but dull leaden boots. Where are Eion Edgar’s ‘men’? —are they really Sir J’s scrubby old team? The club armchairs have lost their stuffing.

### ODT Online Tue, 6 Aug 2013
Call to action goes out
By Rebecca Fox
A “call to action” has been issued to southern business, local government, agricultural and tertiary education leaders from Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull as part of the fight against job losses at AgResearch’s Invermay campus. Mr Cull has organised a “summit” meeting on August 14 to discuss the announcement proposing that 85 jobs are to go from Invermay by 2016. Mr Joyce confirmed in Saturday’s Otago Daily Times he was happy to arrange for the board and executives of AgResearch to meet local representatives and said he was prepared to meet a delegation of civic and business leaders to talk about regional development.
Read more

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5.8.13 Call for South to form own party
3.8.13 Editorial: Time for South to fight

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images: odt.co.nz – Opinion 6.8.13, critic.co.nz – Critic culls Cull 5.5.13


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28 responses to “Busted hacks! Media rates Cull and shiny-arsed suit brigade

    • PS. In his letter to the editor, Robin Charteris reads like a ‘retiring’ misogynist – whether true or not, women don’t get a look in for leadership positions. Difficult, when they’re home peeling potatoes, bearing his bairns, ironing his shirts, and cleaning around the toilet. Patriarchy and sexist baloney is alive and well between the robber barons.

      ODT 6.8.13 Letters to the editor (page 8)ODT 6.8.13 (page 8)

  1. Peter

    Yes, I saw farsighted’s comment… and was impressed! Very well argued.

  2. Peter

    The ODT’s promotional sponsorship of the neurosurgery campaign, with Peter Chin out there leading the march, and subsequently displayed on his glossy election advertising material, didn’t help him, did it?

  3. amanda

    Look at the ‘entertainment’ on show from old Burden at the stadium, ‘girls’ in skimpy outfits. Talk about stuck in a sexist timewarp. Not to mention he seems to be just not even pretending to try to show us the ‘stadium works’. Since so long as Burden keeps on pulling down $250,000 he does not care one jot what he brings to the stadium; he knows the ODT will trumpet it.

    • Today’s ODT editorial is a further boost for Liability Cull and the GOBs. Frankly, at the moment it’s not like we’re seeing any ‘leadership options’ other than the shonky devils we know.

      Editorial: Walking the talk
      Wed, 7 Aug 2013
      The immediate response to this newspaper’s call to Stand up, Otago against further job and service cuts has been heartening.
      Saturday’s initial call has prompted letters to the editor full of support and praise for the push, a proposal to form a new political party with a southern voice, and a summit meeting which is being organised by Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull, who is encouraging business, local government, agricultural and tertiary education leaders to attend.
      Read more

  4. Anonymous

    “Earl Hagaman” “Parry St” “buy-back for a dollar”

  5. Interesting today’s announcement by Bill English (Southland member) that the government will cough up $30m of taxpayers’ money to subsidise Rio Tinto into keeping the Tiwai Point Smelter alive for another couple of years Primarily to protect jobs in Southland. That on top of an obvious power rate concession from Meridian.
    Yet when Hillside, and now Bradken, metal founders are left out in the cold against ‘Asian’ cheap labour sources which won on price for a Kiwi Rail tender, they/we can go whistle in the wind for any support. No doubt but ‘Rio Tinto’ heavied the government on this one and it buckled. Pity our lilylivered Mayor doesn’t have the ‘balls’ of the big boardroom boys. Still Dave is quite good at barking at the moon, even though it does no more than give him an echo in his ‘campaigning ears’.

    {Link: http://www.odt.co.nz/news/business/267938/tiwai-pt-power-deal-done -Eds}

  6. Mike

    Of course it’s way more than $30m – you have to factor in the cheap rate they’re getting the power at – think about how much better off the South would be if they used that $30m to subsidise those 1000 people getting new jobs somewhere else and all that cheap power was suddenly available for industry in the South … but nooo National have some assets they want to sell off and they don’t want them lumbered by having to deal with the real price of power.

  7. You have got to hand it to Bill English and John Key. They have it all sussed out. If Rio Tinto pulled the plug, Manapouri’s power (around 13-14% of the nation’s total) would upset the electricity balance over the whole country. Surplus supplies would bring about strong competition among the generators and overall the people would get cheaper power. This would upset the government’s take including the GST content. Worse, it would depreciate the capitalised value of the companies. Result, a lower value (price) achieved for the Meridian float and less money for Key’s ambitions to financially pander to the electorate. Answer? Simply give in to Rio Tinto’s demands, reduce their power costs enough to keep them on side, add in a $30m bonus on the side and job done. Result, 3,000 jobs (that’s what they say) saved, the Invercargill electorate over the moon, Bill English’s re-election assured. The mug ‘Mums and Dads’ will pay a higher price for the Meridian shares at listing. The total public will pay higher power charges with the surplus disappeared. Cost? $30m in bribe money recovered in a flash through the higher listing value plus the higher power prices with GST. A bargain basement purchase if ever there was one. Nice trick, and the media have been sucked in as well into believing that the government has saved the day.
    Who says that they are not smart?

    • Mmmm, local list MP that we didn’t vote for!

      ### ch9.co.nz August 8, 2013 – 7:09pm
      Local economic issues take on national focus
      Dunedin’s economic woes hit Parliament today, as the local issue took on a national focus. The planned loss of Invermay took centre stage in the house, but the National Government and its local list MP say there are two sides to the story.

  8. The Invermay issue is no big deal to this government. Neither is Dunedin for that matter. First, there are no votes at stake really, Dunedin being a traditional Labour city. The National list gives it the opportunity to put in place a ‘lap dog’ like Michael Woodhouse, to give the locals the belief their interests are looked after. We could see that with the Hillside sellout and now the Bradken double cross. The toes of his shoes are worn out by rubbing up to the party line. It has paid off as well, he is now a minister of something or other. There is nothing at stake like the smelter issue, so don’t expect any great change of heart with Dave Cull and his ‘Ra Ra’ boys talking up large about going to Wellington and demanding discussions. ‘Bovver Boy’ Joyce will pour them back into their bottles ‘toot sweet’ and send them packing. Cull is only trying to gain some credo for the election coming up. Notice how it seems as if he has just woken up.

  9. Hype O'Thermia

    If Dave Cull plays his cards right he might score a photographed, staged, platitudinous exchange of small-talk over a cup of tea with the Minister for Nonentities’ Ego Massage, a portfolio so low-ranked it’s flicked from one MP to another according to the weekly paper-scissors-rock challenge held in a lift around lunchtime.

    • Dunedin businessman Ray Macleod lambasts the city council over its track record on growth and success in the city.

      ### ODT Online Fri, 9 Aug 2013
      Debate deflects scrutiny of DCC
      By Ray Macleod
      OPINION I read with interest the front page story last Saturday ”Joyce urged to save jobs”. I note the Dunedin City Council’s own track record and contribution to Dunedin’s current misfortune is not raised. As a ratepayer and businessman in this city, the thought of Mayor Dave Cull and his council representing my interests to Minister Steven Joyce is disconcerting. Unfortunately, the public debate currently taking place is focused on central government solely and deflects attention away from our council’s own track record. How convenient weeks out from a local body election. Our council’s recent record on development matters is appalling. This is a council that is, in my view, riddled which incompetence at the council table and beyond.
      Read more

  10. ODT 13.8.13 Stand Up Otago page 8ODT 13.8.13 Stand Up Otago page 8

  11. Hype O'Thermia

    Same day same section, a few letters back, is an outstanding letter from R J Simmers of Dunedin about why Invermay is not only economically important but has special value for this region. Any chance you could scan it too? It’s too good to vanish even before the dead-tree medium meets the budgie cage.

    • ODT 13.8.13 Stand Up Otago page 8 RJ SimmersODT 13.8.13 Stand Up Otago page 8

      • Do Cull, McInTRYer and Friends resemble people you would trust with your future???
        Would they even know which letter of the alpahbet follows A.
        LAUGHABLE. LAMMENTABLE. These people are not leaders. Pipeplayers, yes.
        McInTRYer backs the stadium as well as the $100m tower hotel/apartment complex for 41 Wharf St.

        ”Having Dunedin declared a tertiary education economic zone would help attract 20,000 extra residents to the city.”

        Like the 10,000 jobs projected. Tui.

        ### ODT Online Wed, 14 Aug 2013
        Summit looks for positives
        By Dene Mackenzie
        Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull and Otago Chamber of Commerce president Peter McIntyre are fired up before this morning’s summit to look at opportunities to grow the regional economies of Otago and Southland. Both men told the Otago Daily Times, which launched the ”Stand Up Otago” call to arms 10 days ago, they were expecting positive results from this morning’s AgResearch/Invermay summit in Dunedin, which will be attended by representatives from throughout the region.
        Read more


  12. amanda

    Watch out Vandervis and other mayoral hopefuls, you are being outplayed here.

  13. Peter

    The summit which started at 11am this morning is closed to the public.
    Can anyone explain why the ODT are on the guest list?

  14. amanda

    And in the background? Eion? Businessman genius superstar of the world?

  15. Anonymous

    Saw Dene’s name and looked no further. I’ll put my faith in people who don’t put their name to stakeholder copy.

  16. amanda

    Dene actually wrote Cull and MacIntyre are ‘fired up’. Ridiculous. Hilarious. Thank you dear old ODT, at least you entertain.

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