Dunedin, ‘small government’ —Calvert

Hilary Calvert with Rodney Hide, ACT [stuff.co.nz] 1Previous exploits, Hilary Calvert with ACT’s Rodney Hide [Photo: Stuff]

### ODT Online Wed, 17 Jul 2013
City where the real world meets the hypothetical
By Hilary Calvert
OPINION We heard through the Otago Daily Times that Dunedin must prepare for life in a changing world through an energy plan. Apparently, according to the Dunedin City Council, we need a plan to boost our ability to adapt to future change and to take advantage of economic opportunities in a changing energy context. We also must save costs and enhance quality of life resulting from energy-efficient improvements and reduce our climate change and environmental effects.
Currently, our debt is unsustainable, and it is likely, with the good job Paul Orders has been doing, we have reduced spending as much as we usefully can without making some hard decisions. We have high debt, rates running at much more than the CPI increase, which funds many households, and little understanding, it would appear, of the economic reality within which we are operating.

The council does not have capital sitting around looking for inspirational or aspirational projects to back.

Throughout New Zealand, a new group has been formed called Affordablecity. The basic idea of Affordablecity is that each candidate, or each local party with these ideas, agrees to support five core principles:

1. Lower rates.
2. Balanced budgets.
3. Making housing affordable.
4. Spending only on the basics.
5. Restoring private property rights.

They are also focused on core activities of councils, as described in section 11A of the Local Government Act; namely infrastructure, public transport, sewage, avoidance or mitigation of natural hazards, and libraries, museums reserves etc.
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● Hilary Calvert is a Dunedin resident with an interest in small government.

[Does she mean ‘local government’? But hey! there’s nothing small about Dunedin, right? We’re “punching above our weight”, say the Old Boys.]

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4 responses to “Dunedin, ‘small government’ —Calvert

  1. Lance

    Could you trust anyone who makes the following comment. “We will have to think hard about how to make our city more enticing to business.” There is only one answer to that, and any enticing will have to be payed for by an already cash strapped ratepayer loaded with city debt by those who have been doing their own enticing to fill their cronies pockets.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    Lance, some enticing could be done by NOT removing parking spaces, NOT charging like a wounded bull for 1000 different permits and compliances and taking forever to get them done even when paid. A lot of enticing could be achieved by letting people get on with their own business when there is reasonable probability it’s not going to have adverse effects – and here openness and transparency instead of “consulting specially selected stakeholders” and “public excluded because of commercial sensitivity” would be a big help. Also, either the District Plan IS the District Plan, end-of, no special treatment for anyone’s mates & campaign donors, or there’s no District Plan at all and it’s a free-for-all.

    • Ms Calvert, in a series of opinion pieces, has […] taken the council to task for perceived financial missteps.

      ### ODT Online Fri, 19 Jul 2013
      Calvert confirms bid for mayoralty
      By Chris Morris
      Hilary Calvert has joined the race for the Dunedin mayoralty, saying she hopes to cash in on disillusionment with Dave Cull’s performance in his first term. The former Act New Zealand MP yesterday confirmed she would compete for the mayoralty and a city council seat in local body elections in October, after first indicating in May she was considering a campaign. Her move came as nominations for local body elections open today, giving candidates one month – until noon on August 16 – to put their names forward for a variety of public bodies. Ms Calvert said she wanted to push for tighter limits on rates increases and a more hands-on approach to guiding council companies, although she could not yet say how.
      Read more

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