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    • ###stuff.co.nz Last updated 17:15 16/07/2013
      Auckland’s Maritime Museum appoints director
      By Wilma McCorkindale
      Auckland’s Maritime Museum, Voyager, has appointed a new director to oversee a proposed $25 million redevelopment of the facility.
      Linda Wigley, who has just resigned as head of Toitu Otago Settlers Museum in Dunedin, has been given the Auckland role. Wigley will take charge of the museum on September 27, and oversee a proposed $25m refurbishment of Voyager.
      A specialist in museum project fundraising and management, she has just finished a $40m state-of-the-art transformation of Toitu. Voyager’s acting director, David Hebblethwaite, confirmed the appointment and the proposed redevelopment of the entire museum site.
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  1. Hype O'Thermia

    Wouldn’t it be nice if she’d take the “gift” of the name Toitu with her as a souvenir of her achievements!

    • Always the positives, Hype.

      • ### ODT Online Wed, 17 Jul 2013
        Toitu director heading north
        By Shawn McAvinue
        Toitu Otago Settlers Museum director Linda Wigley is leaving Dunedin to become director of Voyager New Zealand National Maritime Museum in Auckland. Voyager, like Toitu, is planning a refurbishment.
        Ms Wigley has been Toitu director since March 2009. The four-stage $37.5 million redevelopment of Toitu started in 2008 and the museum reopened in December last year. More than 200,000 people have visited the museum since then.
        Dunedin City Council city strategy and development general manager Sue Bidrose said Ms Wigley could depart with her ”head held high” after leaving the city with a world-class social history museum. Dr Bidrose said an acting director would be appointed next month while the council considered a permanent replacement.
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        • ### ch9.co.nz July 18, 2013 – 6:54pm
          Toitu head excited about prospects
          The head of Toitu was headhunted for her new role in Auckland. Director Linda Wigley found out just last week she had the role of Director at Auckland’s Voyager Museum. And she’s both proud of Toitu’s redevelopment – and excited about the prospects in her new home.

  2. Dr Bidrose said that “Linda Wigley could depart with her head held high”. I guess it is better than having it on a ‘pikestaff’ when the attendance figures really start to shrink and budgets start to blow. This of course would signal that the ‘honeymoon’ is over and the running for cover starts. After all, around $35 to $37 million takes a lot of digesting when the project has no revenue.

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