Delta, Carisbrook, Fubar Stadium —Councillors “weak”, or worse

ODT Letter to the editor 15.7.13 (page 8) 1ODT Letter to the editor 15.7.13 (page 8)

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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10 responses to “Delta, Carisbrook, Fubar Stadium —Councillors “weak”, or worse

  1. Whippet

    I like the reading beside Russell’s letter. “Let us go to the house of the Lord”. Do they mean that guy who is standing for the Mosgiel ward at the next election. If so it looks like the ODT is pushing him already.

  2. amanda

    Thanks Russell for the letter challenging Thomson and his ‘nothing to see here, move along’ article. I’m glad Thomson has shown his true colours and where his concern lies, with the management at Delta not with workers laid off due to management incompetence.

    • Amanda, I’m still trying to work out if Richard Thomson’s all hot air and simply nothing more at SDHB. If his grasp of accountability for DCC/Delta et al is this problematic (read insane) then I can imagine how he (really) came off dealing against the work of Swann and Harford – Minister Tony Ryall probably had great cause to sack him as hospital board chairman.

  3. amanda

    Cr Jinty Mactavish has refered to Thomson’s article on her facebook site ‘worth looking at’ according to her. Seems she might be in support of his statements, which is mighty interesting.

  4. amanda

    Yes. I had thought that Thomson was smart at least. This article seems to present as rather nasty in its comparing those who seek accountability to bloodthirsty revolutionaries; I am intrigued by its lack of political insight. and agree it may reveal a man who is not up to the job of governance.

  5. amanda

    Yes. Jinty certainly does herself no favours aligning herself with Thomson. But then the bewildered cabal that is Greater Dunedin is no where near as tight as Hudson’s stadium mates. Greater Dunedin have no idea what they agee on, somehow I think they intend it to be that way so they can have a dollar each way.

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