Hudson, DCC (ex DCHL)


Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Postscript: A selection of ODT articles.–
2.11.11 Council dumps directors
20.9.11 City council’s golden geese [editorial]
17.9.11 Hudson’s head still on block
3.8.11 Opinion: Duplication cost for council companies [Hudson earns total of $116,026 from five boards]
1.8.11 Oh what a tangled web they wove… [Opinion: Russell Garbutt]
31.5.11 Councillor badly hurt stopping runaway shopping trolley
30.4.10 Restaurant lease cost council $360,000


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10 responses to “Hudson, DCC (ex DCHL)

  1. amanda

    Hudson is nice and quiet, hoping we have all forgotten he is there picking up lots of nice Chair of council groups fees. No doubt when it suits him the ODT will inform us of this ‘senior councillor’s’ great insights into how the city can survive his debt creation.

  2. Ever occurred to anyone that what we are led to believe is Hudson sitting at the council table, might just be a life like (almost) effigy? It never moves or blinks, it gives the impression it is asleep and it seldom speaks. Even then that could be a recording. Just enough for the pay roll to be fooled.

  3. Peter

    As a general comment it makes you wonder why some people just want to hang on, for years, as a councillor once you take away the job aspect for an income stream. (Not that the pay is that good uless you are also of retirement age.)
    Maybe it is of some perceived social status? Trouble is most people are not interested in local government politics and wouldn’t be able to name many councillors and, if they can, usually have some critical word/grudge to bear.
    i respect those who come in to do a job and then get out.
    Alex Familton, Mayor of Oamaru, is a case in point. Two terms and then he quits. A lovely, affable, down-to-earth man who has kept a tight ship in terms of the finances of that small place. I wish there were more like him.

  4. Council Watcher

    Calvin. It has been noticed that there are some around around the council table, on their way out, who have spent most of this term dragging their arses along the ground, like dogs with worms, because they have long lost interest in council affairs. Drawing attention to their inattendance has understandably been subdued for fear of forcing better attendance from them.
    In one particular case, their attendance has been deemed to be the greater evil. Understandable.

  5. Speaking of redundant councillors, I see where Fliss Butcher is putting her name up for Mayor/Councillor in Oamaru. Could be an ironic juxtaposition here where our gain becomes their loss.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    What’s your beef with Oamaru, Calvin?

  7. No beef Hype, but I did put it the wrong way. It should have read ‘our gain becomes their loss’. Spot the difference.

    (Corrected below. Given other mayoral candidates pending at Oamaru we doubt Butcher will get any traction. -Eds}

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