Port Otago tidies up! —Tourism Dunedin #FAIL

Industry group Cruise New Zealand says it had complaints from 11 cruise lines about harrassment of passengers on the wharf and the security of open port access, which it says does not happen anywhere else in the world. (RNZ)

Tourism Dunedin chief executive Hamish Saxton said it was an ”overstatement” Dunedin had a bad reputation as a cruise destination and the ”excellent” efforts last year to deal with increased passenger and crew numbers should not be undermined by some ”minor incidents”. (ODT)

Port Chalmers [otago.ac.nz]

### RNZ News Mon, 1 Jul 2013 Updated 15 minutes ago
Tourist operators kicked off Dunedin wharf
Dunedin’s port company has banned tourism operators from the wharf after widespread complaints from cruise ship operators about cowboy activities. The problems have continued despite an accreditation system launched last year to vet operators. Port Otago commercial manager Peter Brown said very small number of operators abused the privilege of being on the wharf and the accreditation programme was unable to deal with that. Mr Brown says the port company has decided from October all tourist operators will wait outside the port’s gates and the city council’s information centre will handle booking and direct passengers.
RNZ Link


Dunedin’s reputation with cruise lines is among the world’s worst, and behind the soured image are badly behaved tour operators. –Cruise New Zealand (ODT)

### ODT Online Mon, 1 Jul 2013
Dunedin cruise image soured
By Rosie Manins
Complaints have been made about tour operators fighting among themselves, sleeping in vehicles to secure prime wharf positions and being abusive to cruise passengers at Port Chalmers. Accordingly, Port Otago has banned operators from the wharf for the next summer cruise season.
Up to 47 tour providers accessed the wharf each cruise day during the 2012-13 season. Port Otago received complaints directly from passengers, cruise lines and other tour operators, as well as an expression of concern from Cruise New Zealand.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: Port Chalmers [otago.ac.nz]


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8 responses to “Port Otago tidies up! —Tourism Dunedin #FAIL

  1. alanbec

    As was mentioned on commercial radio news, visiting cruise line operators get nervous about big vans close to vessels on the waterfront. We know locals are no threat, but we really have to get with the International Security programme.

    • The Port of Otago is an international gateway. As the port company well knows strictest security must apply at the wharves at all times. Cowboy tour operators are the least of it.

      ### ODT Online Tue, 2 Jul 2013
      New cruise rules worry operators
      By Olivia Caldwell
      Tourism operators at Port Chalmers wharf are apprehensive over Port Otago changes set to begin this summer cruise ship season. After reports of unruly behaviour from a small minority of tourism operators competing with one another, Port Otago said it had little option but to put a blanket ban on all operators, barring them from operating from the wharf.
      However, some operators, who received the news only yesterday, felt uneasy about the move and believed the new format could mean lost business.
      Bookings will now be placed in the hands of the Dunedin City Council’s i-site, which will take a 12.5% commission before passing bookings on to the 40-plus operators who work at peak season.
      Read more

      OPINION http://www.odt.co.nz/opinion/your-say/263129/dunedin-cruise-image

      • ### ch9.co.nz July 3, 2013 – 6:54pm
        Nightly interview: Andrew Whiley
        A Dunedin tourism industry organisation has backed a recent decision to ban operators from the wharf. It emerged earlier this week Port Otago made the decision after complaints about the behaviour of some operators at Port Chalmers during cruise ship season. Dunedin Host says it sees positives in the move, and its cruise representative joins us to explain why.

  2. ### ch9.co.nz September 23, 2013 – 8:14pm
    Dunedin tourism industry faced difficult conditions
    The DCC has heard the Dunedin tourism industry has faced a “perfect storm” of difficult conditions. The result was a Tourism Dunedin annual report with not all its boxes ticked. Despite the best laid plans to get more tourists in the city to meet and greet, the result was a list of key performance targets – not met.


    ### ch9.co.nz September 23, 2013 – 8:09pm
    Contractors working hard to get city in ship shape
    Contractors are working hard to get the city in ship shape before the first cruise ship visit next month.

  3. Good news. Dunedin Tourism is being killed off but is DCC the best place to be determining visitor business for the district… Do we need a new council company? Looks like DCC is never going to retrench to core business. Imagine how many new council junkets and sister city dalliances – for no business growth – we’ll be paying for in the next 18 months.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 30 Jan 2014
    Agency replacing Tourism Dunedin
    By Debbie Porteous
    Tourism Dunedin is to be disestablished and its work absorbed by a new Dunedin City Council in-house marketing agency that will promote the city’s business, education and tourism. Announcing the move last night, Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said the city marketing agency would provide an opportunity for the city to do more to promote all of its investment opportunities.
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    • ### dunedintv.co.nz February 18, 2014 – 6:52pm
      Tourism Dunedin thanked but disestablished
      Tourism Dunedin presented its final half-yearly report to councillors yesterday, as the DCC continues the process of disestablishing the organisation. Chief executive Hamish Saxton, was thanked by councillors for his, and his team’s, contributions. And he says he wants to see the city moving forward and taking advantage of one of its strongest attributes – its intellect.

      Mr Saxton will get a hand into another job? Probably has one already.

  4. ### ODT Online Sun, 13 Apr 2014
    Wharf ban hurts: operators
    By Jonathan Chilton-Towle – The Star
    Several Dunedin tourism operators say they are missing out on thousands of dollars from cruise-ship passengers after being banned from the wharf at Port Chalmers but experts say an online presence is the key to attracting the tourists’ cash, as only 3% decide to book tours on the day.
    Read more

  5. Elizabeth

    Four murals are being painted inside A Shed at Port Chalmers to “brighten up the town for cruise ship passengers”.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 24 Sep 2014
    Shed picture perfect for cruise ship passengers
    By Shawn McAvinue
    Port Otago commercial manager Peter Brown said cruise ship passengers disembarking this season would pass through the shed where the four murals were being painted on a once-grey concrete wall. Each mural, 3m by nearly 5m, featured a tourism operator – Larnach Castle, Monarch Wildlife Cruises, Natures Wonders and Taieri Gorge Railway.
    Read more

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