Stadium: DVML, DVL miserable losers! #grandtheftdebt

### June 20, 2013 – 6:18pm
DVML forecasts small profit
The company that runs Forsyth Barr Stadium has forecast a small surplus for the first time in 2015. DVML has been running at a loss, but forecasts that will change to a $10,000 surplus. But the company that owns the stadium, DVL, has forecast its loss will be about $1 million more than expected, at more than $5 million. DCC chief executive Paul Orders said both were just projections, and the DVL loss was due to tax changes. The forecasts will be considered by the council on Monday.
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Reports for the Council meeting to be held on Monday 24 June 2013 at 1pm not yet available at the DCC website.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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9 responses to “Stadium: DVML, DVL miserable losers! #grandtheftdebt

  1. Mike

    I wonder if all this money wasted on stadium losses will start to mean other things in the city will start to miss out ….. oh yeah, silly me, the Winter Carnival will be asking for an entry fee this year

  2. Mike; the solution for these so called free (grant assisted) events such the Winter Carnival, Fashion Shows etc. is to simply tailor their programme to fit in the FB Stadium. Make the booking, publicise the event, carry it out and when the rental bill comes in simply tear it up. Works well for the rugby people so why not others?

  3. ### ODT Online Thu, 4 Jul 2013
    Rugby: ‘Zoo’ party zone being retained
    Despite ”disappointing” crowds in Forsyth Barr Stadium’s Zoo this season, the party zone will return next year. The Zoo, located in the western stand of the stadium, was open for five of the Highlanders’ seven games in Dunedin, attracting 9930 fans. Altogether, 100,884 fans attended Forsyth Barr Stadium for Highlanders games this season, down from about 114,000 last year.
    Read more

  4. ### ODT Online Wed, 14 Aug 2013
    Second 3-year term
    A senior manager at Dunedin Venues Management Ltd has been reappointed to an international stadium association for another term. DVML commercial director Guy Hedderwick has a second three-year term on the International Association of Venue Managers’ stadium programme committee, it was announced yesterday.
    Read more

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    SENIOR manager? Like there’s (an)other manager(s)? With, no doubt, associated underlings. What on earth do they do all day?

  6. Phil

    Wow, I wasn’t sure if Guy was still in town. I haven’t heard anything from him or his equally “foot in mouth” gifted daughter since the glory days of “free match tickets to the person who can write the biggest insult towards Bev Butler” competition. I assumedly (wrongly) that they had both been wisely cut loose.

  7. Peter

    This would only be a big deal for those people involved in the industry. A big deal for Guy though as he would get at least one free trip overseas per year – possibly more – and, no doubt, paid for by us. A bum deal for the ratepayers.
    The ODT obviously thought this was newsworthy, but they would, eh.

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