Fairfax NZ News at Dunedin

Following the closure of DScene, Fairfax Media has confirmed the establishment of a Fairfax NZ News bureau position in Dunedin.

Former DScene reporter Wilma McCorkindale has been appointed to the role and has already begun filing Otago stories to the Stuff website and national newspapers.

McCorkindale can be contacted on 027 667 7912
Email: wilma dot mccorkindale at fairfaxmedia dot co dot nz

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “Fairfax NZ News at Dunedin

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    I for one am glad that Wilma McCorkindale will be remaining here, in the “Fairfax NZ News bureau position in Dunedin”. We need another voice, another set of eyes in this small city with its small-town relationships among those who wield most power, overtly or (more often) covertly.

  2. Ala

    Oh no, just when we thought our great city had got rid of a ridiculous piece of cheap junk, the “desperate Scene/ D Pile” and Whining Wilma, she is still around portraying the the bastion of backwardness attitude and instilling fear in those who believe cheap tabloid trash reporting. It’s a shame the daily publication (the Irrelevant Daily Whine) is heading in the same direction.

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