Peter Dunne, undone

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Fairfax Media journalist Andrea Vance broke the story.

Peter Dunne [Parliament]### June 7 2013, updated 6:25pm
Dunne: I considered leaking, but didn’t
United Future founder resigns as Government Minister after the release of a report into the leaking of a GCSB review.
| Read the leak report | Read the GCSB review | United Future deregistered | Photos | Video

### ODT Online Fri, 7 Jun 2013
Dunne resigns as minister
By Claire Trevett – NZ Herald
United Future leader Peter Dunne has resigned as a Minister after he was found to have withheld information from an inquiry into a leak of a GCSB report.
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Mr Key said he had told Mr Dunne he was “very shocked” by the Henry [GCSB] report.

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36 responses to “Peter Dunne, undone

  1. Russell Garbutt

    I don’t think that this country has yet learned the extent of this sanctimonious righteous prat’s meddling and duplicity. One of these fine days all will out with his involvement in things “pokie” and his role in the lack of accountability in the compliance of this fraud-ridden industry and its paybacks to those running it. Good riddance, and may he have a lifetime of bad hair days.

  2. Peter

    Peter Dunne…undone…and soon to be Done Over.

  3. Peter

    Remember the election, about ten years or so back, when he came into Parliament with about eight new members. I seem to remember it was the first time they used ‘the worm’ for the party leaders’ TV debates. He made great play on the slogan of the United Party being the ‘common sense’ party. Whatever happened to Pete’s common sense?

  4. The ‘damage control’ folk will be clambering all over this in an endeavour to shut it down. Key did the only thing he could do and ask for Dunnes’ resignation. But he won’t want it to spread any further.
    By rights it should open up the whole can of worms and spread like a cancer into the whole DIA structure and following the natural progression it will expose the racing industry, and more importantly for Dunedin, the ‘shadowy’ activities of the ORFU resulting in many $millions being covertly diverted from ‘pokie funds’. This of course would then impact on the DCC and the people who so readily got into bed with the ORFU.
    The bet is that the DIA, the SFO and all involved will be instructed to “put up the mattresses” and go to ground.

  5. Mike

    And Peters has nothing to do with racing?

  6. Russell Garbutt

    And now the Police have been asked to investigate. What an absolute joke. Does Jonkey really want to know or have released the truths behind those that enable him to cling to power? What would it mean to him to find out that all along his dear old mates like Dunne and Banks are over their heads in illegal or corrupt activities. And I don’t imagine that Peters will be all that keen to reveal how he knew exactly what was going on with Dunne and Ms Vance of the Dominion Post fame and their cosy relationship. Politics is a nasty business and I don’t see much evidence of people wanting to do good.

    • ### ODT Online Sat, 8 Jun 2013
      ‘I was unwise, even stupid’ – Dunne
      BY Adam Bennett and Claire Trevett – NZ Herald
      United Future leader Peter Dunne’s 30-year political career is in ruins after he refused to co-operate fully with an inquiry into who leaked a re port on spy agency the GCSB. Mr Dunne yesterday resigned his ministerial portfolios but maintained neither he nor any of his staff leaked the report which revealed potentially illegal spying on New Zealanders by this country’s foreign intelligence agency.

      Opposition parties were last night calling for his resignation from Parliament, with NZ First Leader Winston Peters saying he had filed a complaint with police. Mr Peters said the Kitteridge report was a classified document at the time it was leaked and its premature disclosure was a criminal matter.

      Former top public servant David Henry’s leak report raised serious questions about 86 emails Mr Dunne exchanged with Dominion Post reporter Andrea Vance in the days before before Ms Vance’s April 9 report revealing the findings of the “Kitteridge” report on the GCSB. APNZ
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      ### ODT Online Sat, 8 Jun 2013
      Editorial: Questions, questions, questions
      The leaking of a sensitive report on New Zealand’s spy agency to a news media organisation has obviously had major consequences for those directly involved – and for those on the periphery. United Future founder Peter Dunne yesterday resigned as revenue minister after not meeting all requests for information from the David Henry inquiry into the unauthorised disclosure of Rebecca Kitteridge’s compliance review of the Government Communications Security Bureau ahead of its public release.

      The Prime Minister said Mr Dunne had at a meeting on Wednesday night assured him his relationship with the female journalist in question was ”totally professional”. The fact Mr Dunne has spent 29 years as an MP without a hint of scandal must be considered.

      In a statement yesterday, Mr Dunne denied leaking the report and challenged Fairfax Media to confirm that. But someone leaked the report, and only 35 early copies were distributed. If Mr Dunne did not leak it, who did? That question ostensibly remains unanswered.
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      • ### Last updated 05:00 08/06/2013
        Peter Dunne: Out in the cold
        By Hamish Rutherford and Nicole Pryor
        The career of Parliament’s great survivor Peter Dunne lies in tatters after an ultimatum from Prime Minister John Key forced him to fall on his sword. Key said yesterday he could not accept Dunne’s assurances that he did not leak a highly sensitive report into potentially illegal spying by the Government Communications Security Bureau. […] His move to the back benches means a pay cut of more than $60,000 a year as well as the loss of other perks such as prime office space and access to a Crown limousine. […] An MP since 1984, Dunne is now in his 10th term representing what is now Ohariu, making him New Zealand’s longest continuously serving MP, initially with Labour before defecting to create what is now UnitedFuture. He has been a minister under two Labour and two National governments.
        Read more

        The media continue to trot out platitudes… “Other than his colourful bow ties, and an oft-mocked tsunami-like wave of grey hair, Dunne has been the epitome of conservatism.” -Stuff

        Even Lange got it wrong… “Former Labour prime minister David Lange famously described him as “a man whose life is so boring that if it flashed past he wouldn’t be in it”.” -Stuff

        Peter Dunne – “lovely man” – has been in the business of subterfuge and whitewash for a very long time – in this, he’s been of great use to the leading parties and public service, but also the rugger kings at NZRU and ORFU. Let’s see how ‘light-fingered’ any police complaint becomes for Mr Dunne. More whitewash, unless the cumulative evidence of Mr Dunne’s political past (especially the most recent) is strongly outed.

        The media better get to work and be less self-serving.

        Our friends, the DIA managerial crew, in particular, should be nervous.

        • Tom Scott 2013 – cartoons

          Saturday, June 8: Next
          Friday, June 7: Keeping my head down


          ### Last updated 05:00 09/06/2013
          Is Peter Dunne done and dusted?
          By Adam Dudding
          Political commentators are divided on whether Peter Dunne is likely to quit Parliament. Dunne, UnitedFuture’s only MP, quit as a minister on Friday after refusing to co-operate fully with an inquiry into the leak of a top-secret report into the GCSB spy agency. Dunne has denied supplying the documents to Fairfax reporter Andrea Vance but refused to hand over emails between himself and the reporter. Former Labour Party president Mike Williams said the situation is “end-of-career stuff”, and he expects Dunne to “lick his wounds, then go gracefully”. He pointed out that with a 30-year career in Parliament, Dunne would be on a “gold-plated superannuation”, so would be able to retire on a “very significant income from next week, if he wanted”.
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          ### Last updated 05:00 08/06/2013
          Dunne’s a scalp that may weigh too heavy
          By Tracy Watkins
          OPINION: The Opposition should be careful what it wishes for after it claimed Peter Dunne’s scalp in the long-running spy saga. Mr Dunne fell on his sword after refusing to bow to the prime minister’s ultimatum that he co-operate with an inquiry into how a sensitive report on the GCSB was leaked. Labour leader David Shearer immediately called on police to seize Mr Dunne’s emails and put him under oath to swear his innocence. That moral high ground should last about as long as it takes to extend the logic to Labour MP Phil Goff, who was leaked sensitive Cabinet documents relating to Foreign Affairs. Labour would scream constitutional outrage if his emails were seized and he was made to name the leaker.
          Read more


          ### Last updated 05:00 07/06/2013
          ‘Shabby day for democracy’
          By Hamish Rutherford
          A decision to give UnitedFuture time to get its affairs in order has sparked a walkout by MPs and seen Speaker David Carter accused of protecting an ally. Last week UnitedFuture, whose sole MP is Peter Dunne, asked the Electoral Commission to cancel its party registration because of uncertainties around its members’ addresses and its financial status. Opponents called on the Speaker to immediately cease to recognise UnitedFuture as a party in Parliament. That would see Dunne classed as an independent MP, and he would lose several privileges, including $100,000 a year of parliamentary funding and a front-row seat in the debating chamber.
          Read more

        • Tweet:

          @TheNBR Peter Dunne exchanged ‘personally embarrassing’ emails with Andrea Vance – Peters… << NZF leader says he's seen emails
          Sun 09 Jun 13:19 via Twitter for iPhone

          Note the NBR story carries a video from TV3’s The Nation, ‘Dunne hides embarrassing emails’ hosted by Rachel Smalley; as well as a link to TVNZ’s Q+A video and transcript of an interview with Winston Peters. Q+A repeats at 11:45 pm this evening on ONE.

  7. Hype O'Thermia

    Peter Dunroamin?

    • ### ODT Online Mon, 10 Jun 2013
      Rivals ramp up pressure on Dunne
      By Claire Trevett – NZ Herald
      United Future leader Peter Dunne could be hauled before the privileges committee over his denial that he leaked a GCSB report to a journalist, and that committee is likely to have the power to compel the handover of emails Mr Dunne has withheld. NZ First leader Winston Peters and Labour are considering laying a privileges complaint against Mr Dunne for alleged contempt to test whether he misled when he told a select committee he was not responsible for the leak of a report into the Government Communications Security Bureau to Fairfax reporter Andrea Vance. APNZ
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      • ### ODT Online Tue, 11 Jun 2013
        Peters denies Dunne documents bluff
        New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says he will not release documents relating to United Future leader Peter Dunne and the leak of a report on the GCSB to a Fairfax reporter until he has everything he needs, but has rejected Prime Minister John Key’s claim that he is simply bluffing. APNZ
        Read more

        • ### ODT Online Wed, 12 Jun 2013
          Peters on attack over Key’s role
          By Audrey Young – NZ Herald
          Prime Minister John Key began the day happily speculating aloud with reporters about whether National might work with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters in a third-term government, with the potential demise of his support parties. But by day’s end Mr Peters was casting him as an incompetent and irresponsible Prime Minister after the pair clashed in question time over whether Mr Key had done enough to get to the truth about Peter Dunne’s alleged leaks. New Zealand First and Labour are attempting to turn the resignation of the United Future leader, without the certainty that he leaked a sensitive document as a minister, into a failure of the Prime Minister. They attacked Mr Key yesterday for being happy not to know the whole truth and for failing to give an inquiry powers to seize Mr Dunne’s records to get to that truth. APNZ
          Read more

        • ### Last updated 14:41 24/06/2013
          Prosecution of Dunne sought
          By Hamish Rutherford
          UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne could soon be facing a private prosecution, alleging fraud and Crimes Act offences. Graham McCready, under the name of the The New Zealand Private Prosecution Service Limited, said he had laid four ”informations” before the Wellington District Court today. Three were allegations of breaches against the Crimes Act, linked to allegations Dunne leaked a copy of a report into the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). The fourth alleged fraud, linked to Dunne being awarded parliamentary funding as the leader of a political party, when UnitedFuture had insufficient numbers to declare that the party had 500 members.
          Read more

  8. Hype O'Thermia

    (a) I don’t like Winston Peters kicking the guy when he’s down, real down.
    (b) He’s making an important point. IF Mr Dunne didn’t personally leak the material then someone did. It’s like the Arthur Allan Thomas case – someone did the deed, it wasn’t AAT but it was someone so inquiry should have resumed pronto. That’s where in criminal trials the verdict of “not proven” would clearly show the difference between “we don’t think anyone else did it” and “we are sure this person didn’t do it”.

  9. Hype O'Thermia

    The guy seems to be a chronic “private prosecutor”. One of the disadvantages of online information is that you can’t see whether he is also a green-ink user.

    • Whoever he is, Graham McCready seems to know exactly what Dunne is from a different ‘limb’ than we do.


      • Ohhh Newsflash…

        ### ODT Online Tue, 25 Jun 2013
        Dunne loses political funding
        By Claire Trevett – NZ Herald
        Speaker David Carter has ruled that Peter Dunne’s United Party will lose more than $180,000 in extra party funding and Mr Dunne is effectively an Independent MP, at least until he can re-register his party. Mr Carter issued his decision today, saying he could no longer recognise United Future as a Parliamentary Party because of its lack of registration with the Electoral Commission, but said he would re-visit that decision if United Future did register again. APNZ
        Read more

  10. JimmyJones

    Radio Live tells me that today (Saturday 27.7.13) at 2:00 pm there will be a protest meeting in the Octagon for us to demonstrate our opposition to the government spying legislation. These meetings are being held today at 2 pm throughout New Zealand. John Key is right when he says that government spying is a question of balance (national security vs personal privacy) but it seems to me that his idea of balance is extremely lop-sided.

    • GCSB bill protests kick off


      ### Thu, 25 Jul 2013 1:10p.m.
      GCSB opponents meet in Auckland
      Opponents of the GCSB bill are predicting a huge turn out at a public meeting in Auckland tonight, where internet tycoon Kim Dotcom and Dame Anne Salmond will speak out against the controversial spying legislation. New Zealander of the Year, Dame Anne Salmond, is calling on MPs to show some backbone over the Government’s controversial GCSB spy bill. QC Dr Rodney Harrison will also appear at the meeting ahead of rallies around the country on Saturday.
      Dame Anne says she wants MPs from all parties to remember their duties. “In a democratic society they’re sent to parliament to represent their constituents,” she says. “If those rights of those constituents are being undermined or attacked, then they have a duty as our representatives to stand up and defend those rights.”
      Dame Anne says the SIS and the police can already spy on Kiwis, and in a country of only four million people, she doesn’t understand the need for GCSB to have those powers too. The bill will have its second reading in parliament next week.
      3 News/ RadioLIVE

      ### Thu, 25 Jul 2013
      Campbell Live
      Speaking out against the GCSB bill
      A group of prominent New Zealanders is making a last-ditch effort to stop the Government spy bill tonight.

      • ### ODT Online Sat, 27 Jul 2013
        Crowd turns out for GCSB protest
        By John Lewis
        Hundreds of people turned out in the Octagon today to protest extensions to the powers of the Government’s spy agency.
        The Dunedin protest was one of 11 around the country today.
        Among the speakers expressing concerns about the Government Communications Security Bureau and Related Legislation Bill were Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull and Dunedin South Labour MP Clare Curran.
        The bill is expected to be passed in Parliament with a single vote majority.
        Read more

        • ”Before any Bill is passed, we need to have a comprehensive review of state intrusion on our lives.” –Cull

          ### ODT Online Mon, 29 Jul 2013
          Mayor says throw out GCSB Bill
          By John Lewis
          Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has called for the Government’s controversial Government Communications Security Bureau and Related Legislation Bill to be thrown out. Hundreds gathered in the Octagon on Saturday to mourn the loss of New Zealand’s privacy and human rights. There were similar protests in 10 others centres across the country on Saturday. With a large black coffin, flowers and former property investor Kieran Trass dressed as a member of the clergy, the gathering looked more like a funeral. The Bill is expected to be passed in Parliament with a single-vote majority.
          Read more

  11. Mike

    Hmm … Anonymous has taken down Michael Woodhouse’s website

  12. JimmyJones

    And also Bill English and Gerry Brownlee and These were still unreachable at 0830 thismorning. There is a whole bunch of others. Anonymous NZ say that John Key hasn’t been listening and that the GCSB Bill should be stopped.
    We were reminded on Saturday that the Telecommunications Interception Capability and Security Bill is just as evil as the GCSB Bill.
    See Anonymous NZ’s message with the full list of dead websites here >>

  13. Hype O'Thermia

    Should have been running Linux Tanalised.

  14. Does anyone get the feeling that New Zealand is moving into an era of “Big Brotherhood?” John Key and his sycophants are acting like fascists in as much as they are running rough shod over the people, the law, the fourth estate, and anyone else who gets in their way. Key is an obvious ‘lackey’ to the USA money moguls, not to mention its security services. Strange that this can happen while they still stay on top of the polls. The apathetic proletariat. Ayn Rand would have something to say, as she did in the classic “When Atlas Shrugged”, a novel so prophetic as to be frightening. In my lifetime I would never have suspected that New Zealand would go down the same track. The disturbing thing is that the other political parties seem to be of the same ilk.

  15. Peter Dunne (latest)

    RNZ News 8.11.13 Dunne enthusiastic for politics again

    RNZ National – Morning Report 8.11.13 [Audio]

    RNZ National – Checkpoint 8.11.13 [Audio] Focus on Politics
    This week the Focus Team takes a look at the future of United Future and starts with a look at the past year.

    RNZ News 9.11.13 United Future faithful urged to keep the flame alive

    ODT 9.11.13 Opinion: Crucial election battle looms in Dunne country

  16. National has thin pickings… Mr Key is a (desperate) fool —but hey, he can depend on Donne to do his bidding on Coverups.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 21 Jan 2014
    Dunne to return as minister
    United Future leader Peter Dunne is set to be reinstated as a minister. Prime Minister John Key is due to make the announcement at his first post-cabinet press conference of the year this afternoon.
    Read more


    Confirmed: Mr Dunne has been given the Internal Affairs, Associate Health and Associate Conservation portfolios. He will remain a minister outside Cabinet.
    The toadie Michael Woodhouse will fill the vacancy within Cabinet created by Internal Affairs and Local Government Minister Chris Tremain, who will resign at this year’s election.

  17. Usual skank role for Peter Dunne – here he is rounding up the wagons for the SkyCity casino development, and more. I mean, look at that panel.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 22 Mar 2014
    Gambling foundation ‘gutted’ by contract loss
    By Hamish McNeilly
    The Problem Gambling Foundation is vowing ”we won’t go silent”, following a decision to award the majority of services to the Salvation Army. Yesterday, the foundation confirmed the loss of of Ministry of Health funding. The majority of services will be provided by the Salvation Army’s Oasis service from June 30. […] Labour’s Trevor Mallard and the Green Party’s Denise Roche claimed the foundation was silenced for speaking out about the SkyCity convention centre deal. […] The evaluation panel deciding on the tender included staff from the Ministries of Health and Internal Affairs.
    Read more

  18. ### 10:04 am, March 25, 2014
    The struggle over gambling corruption
    By Karol
    The concern and debate over the loss of funding to the Problem Gambling Foundation has focused a lot on the PGF’s opposition to the SkyCity deal and the government’s, especially Peter Dunne’s, possible role in the de-funding decision.

    Powerful pokie trusts & non-transparent manipulations
    However, there are indications that the most significant of PGF’s opponents are not within government itself, but powerful commercial networks involved within the gambling industries – not just at SkyCity, but those involved in managing pokie trusts. Such trusts lack full transparency. It is highly likely that key people involved in the trusts are buddies with, and/or move within the same networks as influential, wealthy and powerfully connected people. This would make it very hard to locate the ways in which anti-PGF interests influenced the outcome of the decision to limit funding to the PGF.
    The NZ Herald editorial yesterday hinted at this. The government, especially Peter Dunne as Minister of Health, the ministry responsible for the decision has bent over backwards to ensure that he is not linked to the decision making. However, the editorial also suggests ways that public servants can act in ways to provide the outcome that the government wants, without being directly instructed to do so.

    As that minister, Peter Dunne, said in reply to criticism from the Greens, Labour and the Public Service Association, the ministry “went beyond the requirements of best practice”. Which could well confirm the critics in their cynicism. They know and the electorate knows public servants can pick up on political winds, anticipate their masters’ prejudices and move to consider them. Not always to meet them, but to find a way for the political within the strict machinery of the state.

    [Edit: The NZ Herald is confusing on ministerial responsibilities. Peter Dunne is Associate Minister of Health – responsible for problem gambling-; and Minister of Internal Affairs – responsible for gambling legislation and licenses, etc]
    Read more



    See TTCF and ORFU mentions at Comments:

    25 March 2014 at 10:32 am
    You need to look more closely at the Maori Party document. The money should be returned to the community that the pokies took the money from – not be spread throughout all communities in the country.
    And the aim should be to return 80% of the funding to the local community. But Pokie managers tend to aim for the lower 37% minimum as the standard.
    Then you also need to look at the amount being returned to the trusts – 27% – the trusts are meant to be covering their costs, not profiteering out of it. The Maori Party document gives these examples.

    Shane Alvin Cosgrave – a former pokie boss and was a trustee of the South Auckland Community Trust. Admitted giving himself personal loans from the trust, and used $139,000 of trust money to pay for expenses and renovations to his pub.

    The Trusts Charitable Foundation (TTCF) – Murray Acklin was paid $425,254 over three years as an “executive trustee with special responsibilities. DIA considered the expenditure to be excessive and not reasonable or necessary to the gambling operation.

    Otago Rugby Union – Investigated for use of pokie money. Grants being used to pay creditors instead of for authorised purposes.

    Plenty of other examples including money being given to clubs etc in wealthier areas and not the low income areas where the pokie machines extracted revenue.


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