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Paul Orders: Dunedin or Cardiff ???

Paul Orders### ODT Online Sat, 25 May 2013
Council chief declines 10% pay increase
By Chris Morris
Dunedin City Council chief executive Paul Orders has turned down a $35,000-a-year pay rise, saying the increase cannot be justified when the organisation is in savings mode. The decision came after the council’s performance appraisal committee – headed by Mayor Dave Cull – concluded Mr Orders’ $350,000-a-year salary was 10% below that of others in his role.
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2013/05/25 at 4:35 pm

Paul Orders being suggested as replacement for outgoing CEO of Cardiff City Council:

### walesonline.co.uk 24 May 2013 11:56
Jon House on his new role with PwC, city regions and his relationship with Russell Goodway
By Sion Barry
In his first in-depth interview since announcing his decision to stand down as chief executive of Cardiff council, Jon House talks to Sion Barry on his reasons for joining PwC, his relationship with Russell Goodway and his views on how city regions should evolve.
Jon House looks particularly relaxed in the pleasant private sector surroundings at the headquarters of business advisory firm PwC at the No 1 Kingsway office block in the centre of Cardiff. Last week he confirmed he will quit his role as chief executive of Cardiff council this summer after three years at the helm. The truth is that he would have announced his decision earlier, if it wasn’t for the recent leadership challenges in the administration’s ruling Labour Party – which he described anyway as being a healthy part of democracy.

The search is now on to find a replacement for Mr House.

Former corporate director for Cardiff council, Paul Order [sic], who two years ago was appointed chief executive of Dunedin City Council in New Zealand, is being suggested a potential candidate.
Mr House said: “I think there will be a number of people interested as it is the best job in Wales.”
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