Carisbrook: Calder Stewart to demo Dunedin’s historic stadium

Carisbrook Stadium, model by totara ( 2
Carisbrook Stadium by totara ( 1

Carisbrook (3news) 1
Carisbrook seating plan (

### Last updated 05:00 22/05/2013
Carisbrook ground demolition plans under way
By Wilma McCorkindale – D Scene
Plans are afoot to demolish Dunedin’s historic rugby ground, Carisbrook, tender documents show. The company that has signed up to buy Carisbrook – Otago construction company Calder Stewart – has issued tender documents inviting demolition companies to register their interest in clearing the site this year. Calder Stewart co-managing director Peter Stewart declined to confirm the tender or give details. The company was still under a conditional contract for Carisbrook with the Dunedin City Council, therefore he would not comment on the project, Stewart said.
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### ODT Online Thu, 23 May 2013
Plans to demolish Carisbrook
By Chris Morris
Calder Stewart has plans to demolish almost all of Carisbrook. The company bought the old stadium from the Dunedin City Council in a conditional deal in February for $3.3 million. Confirmation of the purchase appears to be due next month. Documents released to the Otago Daily Times yesterday confirmed the company planned to clear almost every structure from the former home of Otago rugby for future development.

The consent documentation also showed the demolition work was expected to cost the company $350,000.

Only the Neville St turnstile building would be spared, at least for now, as the Dunedin City Council and the New Zealand Historic Places Trust continue to discuss a covenant to protect the category one-listed structure. However, the Speight’s, Neville St, Rose and Railway stands would be demolished, as would the terrace hospitality complex, built for $4 million in 1994.
The details were spelled out in two building consents issued by council staff to Calder Stewart last month, and released to the ODT yesterday.
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Carisbrook ( 2Carisbrook ( p-22728-odt (1)

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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Carisbrook Stadium, two models by totara (
Rugby at Carisbrook (
Carisbrook seating plan (
Carisbrook, Neville St turnstile building ( [Jonathan Howard]
Carisbrook ( [file: p-22728-odt]


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29 responses to “Carisbrook: Calder Stewart to demo Dunedin’s historic stadium

  1. Anonymous

    They would have to be hopelessly incompetent for the demolition to COST $350,000 nett.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    It’s like property valuations – “you want a valuer for selling or a valuer for buying?”
    In this case, you want a demolition quote to make the ratepayers feel a teeny bit less rorted?

  3. BillyBob

    Maybe they can leave the footy posts poking up through the new construction so Rob Hamlin can say “I told you so”.

  4. Mike

    So there’s still one maybe two sets of human remains buried there (somewhere) how are they going to manage that issue?

  5. Robert Hamlin

    Now, let’s just look a this a bit more carefully. Calder Stewart are described as having bought this property (with a teensy ‘it’s conditional’) clause mentioned by McPravda – which indicates that the sale is expected to go through – or that’s what they want us to expect. However, quite some time ago McPravda also revealed that the DCC have also issued demolition consents for the buildings.

    Now could somebody please tell me why, when I took photos of this place on Sunday, the place was STILL immaculate, the grass was STILL cut and combed and the full-spec rugby posts (which I am sure have some form of a New Zealand market for them separately of a building that has supposedly been sold for demolition) are STILL in place!!!!? All this of course occurring at ratepayer expense.

    When somebody has done this, could this well informed somebody also please tell me how the DCC can legally issue a demolition consent for a structure to a party which does not yet own the structure in question. Does this mean that the DCC can issue Calder Stewart (or anybody else they feel like giving the right to) with a consent to demolish my house?

    Carisbrook demolished. I’ll believe it when I don’t see it. And even then I won’t rush to the champagne. Don’t forget that you can demolish the buildings around the pitch and build a new and plusher set – perhaps as part of this supposed joint venture with CS and the DCC – we’ll see how ‘joint’ the bills are if that’s what eventuates.

    It’s the pitch that truly matters and that’s a) still rugby ready, and b) not mentioned in these announced plans. With Edgar (OURC President) funded DCC candidates in the pipeline, anything’s possible, including a brand new rather than just refurbished second pro rugby stadium. He only needs three or four to adequately replant the vegetable patch to make things like this happen.

    But don’t worry – selling worthless assets like water is just the thing to do in order to better redeploy it into wonderfully profitable rugby stadiums – Jonky says so, and I have no doubt that EE his mates and their funded glove-puppets will be happy to help (again).

  6. BillyBob

    Mr Hamlin, I think you may be clutching at straws. Are you hanging out with Elvis?

  7. Billy Bob’ there is no straw to clutch, except perhaps the men around this debacle. Watch this space and see what happens. Whatever, it won’t be to any advantage of the average citizen.

  8. Anonymous

    Keep an eye on where the corporate box goes. If it is dismantled in pieces and goes to Queenstown, that’s one thing; if it goes to the University Oval, that’s another thing; if it is simply bowled over and cut up for scrap, that’s incompetence or laziness.

  9. Robert Hamlin

    I am indeed BillyBob. Elvis is hanging out at my place in the expectation that, given their recent disappointment, the Stadium’s management will shortly be widening their recruitment net to include not only nearly deceased rock stars, but totally deceased ones…

    He’s a bit smelly it has to be said, but it is a big stadium, and if the band play loud enough he should be able to get by without actually singing – such are the acoustics. As he is not into big screens the lack of on stage movement and general greenish tinge should also be barely perceptible from most of the seats.

    The civic meeting with His Worship should also go down better than the Dalai Lama’s. After all, Dave never was a great listener or observer. I expect that Elvis will get by just fine – he might even get the nod from Wanaka to go onto Council in fact. If he gets sat next to Hudson and just does what he does, then it will be years before anybody notices anything amiss.

    As to Carisbrook, believe me, nobody would be more pleased than me to see it finally flattened. However, such is the degree to which I have been lied to over the years, and such is the lack of plausible explainability of its current state, I will continue to apply the pressure until the very end – Whatever that end turns out to be.

  10. Anonymous

    Keep in mind that the sale/purchase agreement is not yet unconditional. It may never go unconditional, or at least there would have to be major concessions by DCC. One major sticking point is the need for demolition within 6 months; this is why the demolition will actually cost money whereas normally one would expect to do better than break-even via salvage and materials recycling.

  11. Hype O'Thermia

    What’s the point of insistence on demolition within 6 months? If it reduces recycling, salvage and reuse it’s the opposite of DCC’s “sustainability” blah-blah eco howsyerfather.

  12. Rob Hamlin

    Carisbrook. Yes, Brent’s starting to sing its praises via McPravda. Also this week it was reported that discussions for the soccer next year (or rather pro-soccer’s proposed raid on our wallets) were still ongoing. If that happens there will be two venues required. Carisbrook remains immaculate and unsold. Won’t it be just So lucky if it’s still that way the week or so after the election when the FIFA deal finally gets signed off and we get to know what the bill will be by our freshly minted (and suddenly oh so pro pro soccer councillors – I don’t really think Brent’s got too much to worry about.

  13. Hype O'Thermia

    Ohhh – I get it. If it were slowly demolished for optimum salvage, the need for it could come along. Then there would be an outcry about “our beloved Carisbrook no longer usable because of (halfway demolition) which would bring up the other issues about purchase cost (paid by us) and sale price (received by us) and a lot of associated matters that would be seriously unwelcome at this or any time.

  14. Anonymous

    Can you imagine any local demolition firm taking the job and turning up on site to find people lying in front of bulldozers or chained to the turnstiles?

  15. Calvin Oaten

    The only question I would ask of Brent is: where the hell have you been for the last six or seven years. It is people like you, doyens of the sporting codes and media, like your young successors Hayden Meikle and co, who have been totally negligent in diligently investigating the feasibility of the new stadium with the overall costs to sport, the welfare of the citizens and their being turned off from eveything sporting because of the way this ‘monstrosity’ has divided the city.
    It would be the most disruptive thing this city has experienced, both financially and socially. The sad thing is that the people who could have exerted influence didn’t, so Brent, a curse on your lamentations.

  16. Whippet

    Calvin. Brent has the same disease that most fence sitters have. A $ each way. Commonly known as running with the hares and hunting with the hounds.

  17. Hype O'Thermia

    …and on closer examination, barbed-wire marks on their undercarriages, or in today’s terms searchable online records of their wibbly wobbly credibility.

  18. ### ODT Online Sun, 23 Jun 2013
    Carisbrook decision soon
    By Chris Morris
    A decision that will seal the fate of Carisbrook is approaching. The Otago Daily Times understands the board of construction company Calder Stewart will meet early next month to make a final decision on the purchase of the old ground. The company has a conditional deal with the Dunedin City Council to buy the stadium for $3.3 million, but is yet to confirm the purchase.
    Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull could offer no update yesterday, and neither could council staff. Calder Stewart development director Alan Stewart could not be contacted. However, the ODT was told the decision would be made in early July and the company still planned to all but clear the site for an industrial development.
    Read more

  19. When you look at that picture you have to believe that is a major demolition job. Question: will Calder Stewart have factored in that cost as part of their purchase offer, or has the DCC offered a clear site? Either way it looks like a huge “bath” for the ratepayers.
    Will we ever know?

    • Calvin, short of stringing up the mayor, EMT and the city property manager in the trees at Octagon we won’t know – unless someone from a/the prospective demo crew starts squeaking. Don’t know if full demolition inside 6 months is still a condition. All I know is Calder Stewart produces hideous buildings, whether industrial, commercial or bulk retail.

      The only thing by CS I ever liked was our covered in yards!

  20. Monument to gross misdeeds and rorting by ORFU, CWP, CST, Delta and DCC. And other friends. Most welcome. DCC please get the facts straight for the plaques and interpretation boards. Make sure all the crooks’ mugshots are true to life.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 5 Feb 2014
    Carisbrook history to be remembered at site
    The House of Pain is almost reduced to rubble, but its past will be remembered, the Dunedin City Council has confirmed. A park including the category-one listed Neville St turnstile building will feature information about Carisbrook’s sporting heyday, council group manager economic development and property Robert Clark said, when contacted yesterday.
    Read more

  21. Anonymous

    What a pack of corporate fatnecks. They’re knocking down a perfectly good office block and could have saved themselves a small fortune by simply taking off the external seating and integrated the core building. This whole sad mess has just been one tragedy after another. Even at the eleventh hour when they’ve scored a massive chunk of Dunedin culture at half its real value and a fraction of its historical value, they’ve still approached it like selfish unthinking morons. Damn this corrupt council and damn its corrupt stakeholders. Damn its stupid rugby soldiers. The whole thing has been criminal fraud from the very start.

  22. Elizabeth

    ‘All quiet on Carisbrook future’, ripple ripple ripple on the surface of the council mill pond as it enjoys the company of NZRU/ORFU at DVML…. and sees Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust still in business quietly handling sponsorship and product for the rugger boys, no doubt costing ratepayers and residents all over again (!!!) as the former rugby ground lies idle in the hands of Calder Stewart who haven’t yet paid over the full purchase price. WTF

    (This is just one more of your momentous Achilles Heels/Hells, Sir)

  23. Peter.

    I think we should be positive on this one. It is a creative metaphor for what Otago rugby has done for the city.

  24. Rob Hamlin

    I am personally happier now that it is now a hole in the ground rather than a perfect Eva Peron style mummy of its former self. Mummified people are merely distasteful/scary. Mummified pro-rugby facilities are a menace with which one can experience the horror movie in reality as they draw off the community’s vital bodily fluids in their quest for eternal life.

  25. Elizabeth

    At Facebook:


    Tue, 18 Jul 2017
    ODT: Heritage listing remains but smaller
    By Kay Sinclair
    Carisbrook as Otago’s premier sporting venue may be a distant memory, but the old turnstile building in Neville St remains solid and protected. And if a proposed “Pocket Park” goes ahead, the Dunedin City Council-owned old brick structure and its immediate area will become a place for people to learn about the old ground’s historical and cultural significance and its important role in the sporting history of Otago and New Zealand. When Carisbrook was registered by the Historic Places Trust in 2008, it was given a Category 1 listing, the highest possible status. But the listing was limited to the pitch and the Turnstile Building because the future redevelopment of the ground was anticipated at that time. Since then, Dunedin’s famous ground has been replaced by the Forsyth Barr Stadium and Carisbrook itself has been sold for redevelopment, dismantled, its grandstands and buildings demolished and its hallowed turf removed. This led Heritage New Zealand to reconsider Carisbrook’s heritage listing and its extent. Cont/


    Jan 2003 []
    DCC Webmap – Carisbrook JanFeb2013

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