Waterfront hotel investigation II

Received from Hype O’Thermia
Saturday, 18 May 2013 4:41 p.m.

Cannes Red Carpet Fashion Day Three (2013) unknownExternal cladding and glazing treatment (Dunedin study)

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Photos: Red Carpet Fashion (via stuff)


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9 responses to “Waterfront hotel investigation II

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    Not only that, but an splendid example of sustainability. The height-indicator balloon, itself created without extravagant use of once-only materials, lives again – and again – and again. Keep watching, could be a long-lasting game of “spot the morph”. I fear however that as cladding the balloons that made up McGrath’s creation will not be able to lift the whole structure up, up and away.

    Performance art usually leaves me cold, pondering rhymes for banker. Shane McGrath (https://dunedinstadium.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/ballooning-playing-off-betterways/) created something that had a point at the time without his having to write an essay about it and, clearly, his work has life hereafter!

    • Proposed waterfront hotel and apartment building (Dunedin)
      The DCC resource consent decision is due SOON.

      The Shane McGrath: Gelber LuftBallon (Dunedin Research Project) exhibition is open until 25 May 2013 at Blue Oyster Art Project Space | Basement, 24b Moray Place, Dunedin

      At the exhibition you can read all submissions received by Dunedin City Council on the application (LUC-2012-212) Betterways Advisory Ltd, 41 Wharf Street, Dunedin

      Saturday 25 May, 1:00 pm – Artist Talk: Shane McGrath at Blue Oyster Art Project Space
      All welcome.

      See more here:
      22.4.13 ‘Yellow Balloon’ —Blue Oyster invitation to (TOWER) Submitters et al

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      Shane McGrath (yellow blimp) 15-4-13 IMG_3188alr

      • NOTE

        Email today from Jamie Hanton at Blue Oyster Art Project Space, I have replied requesting more information.

        Unfortunately, Shane couldn’t manage to fly in for the Artist Talk on Saturday, 25 May.
        More soon here about the Skype session.


        —– Original Message —–
        From: Jamie Hanton
        To: Elizabeth Kerr
        Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 1:59 PM
        Subject: Shane’s artist talk on Saturday

        Hi Elizabeth,

        Hope this finds you well and warm! I just wanted to get in touch and let you know that Shane is giving an artist talk on Skype from Melbourne this Saturday at 1.00pm. If you think your contacts might be interested I can send you some more info?

        Thanks and best,


        Blue Oyster Art Project Space | http://www.blueoyster.org.nz | Ph 03 479 0197 | Basement, 24b Moray Place | PO Box 5903, Dunedin 9058
        Gallery hours: Tuesday–Friday 11am–5pm, Saturday 12pm–3pm
        The Blue Oyster is supported by Creative New Zealand | Toi Aotearoa and Dunedin City Council | Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

      • Shane McGrath third_Blimp.1164 RNZBlue Oyster Art Project Space

        Saturday 25 May at 1.00pm

        Artist Talk: Shane McGrath: Gelber LuftBallon (Dunedin Research Project)

        This Saturday via Skype from Melbourne Shane will talk about his current exhibition Gelber LuftBallon (Dunedin Research Project). McGrath’s practice uses rockets, planes and zeppelins as metaphors for escapism, exploration, memory and tragedy. For this new body of work McGrath has been investigating the public debates around Dunedin’s proposed wharf hotel development. McGrath sees the issue as one that concerns the city as a whole, which has the potential to impact dramatically on the city’s future.

        Blue Oyster Art Project Space | Basement, 24b Moray Place, Dunedin

        *look for entrance off brick alley, across street from Rialto

  2. Anon

    An interesting non-notified resource consent was listed on the DCC website today:
    “41 Wharf Street Dunedin (LUC-2007-775/A)
    This consent was an application to/for A 3 storied building for commercial office and residential use within an Industrial 1 Zone at 41 Wharf Street Dunedin.
    This was considered by the Council’s Senior Planner (Consents) on 16 May 2013”

    {Typos in the above notice cited are Council’s own. Link http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/services/planning/browse-non-notified-decisions -Eds}

  3. Anonymous

    That application was originally considered in 2008 when the property was under Tim Barnett’s ownership. That was what caused the original conflict with the Harbourside plan. Has that been resurrected in lieu of the hotel? Possibly for the international logistics centre LOL

  4. Anon

    I’d speculate that rather than let the 2008 consent lapse, it might be beneficial to Betterways to maintain the existing consent in the likelihood that the hotel project goes to the Environment Court.

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