Debate over new stadium

CHRISTCHURCH —This means to see the All Blacks play at home against the best opposition, we have to build a stadium that is almost double the size of what we really need just for one event per annum.

Proposed stadium, Christchurch (Stuff 10.5.13) screenshotChristchurch Stadium concept by architect Thom Craig of AMO Design

The former chief executive of the council-owned VBase events management operation, now working in the private sector, offers his perspective on the debate about a new stadium for Christchurch.

### Last updated 08:39 10/05/2013
‘Boutique’ stadium a better option
By Bryan Pearson
I follow the various discussions around stadiums and venues with interest, and thought that the following might help inform that debate. The most recent issue to surface in this debate is about co-location versus integration. If we are simply co-locating other facilities like offices, hotels, and so on, adjacent to the stadium (as shown in the design where there are standalone buildings at each end of the stadium itself) then, while it will add life and activity to the stadium precinct, it will have little if any impact on the stadium business case.

If we are talking about integrated facilities and design which reduce the cost of building the stadium and/or deliver non-event regular income streams for the same cost/investment, then it will improve the stadium business case.

The latter sounds attractive until you start to consider the operational challenges of fully integrated facilities where the 24/7 tenants are effectively displaced on event days. Of course, then there is the issue of supply and demand for commercial office space and accommodation. Already we are seeing large city fringe commercial developments (Victoria St, Lincoln Rd). Then there is the central city where some developments are under way but many developers are already struggling to build the business case due to high costs of construction and soft demand once you get beyond about $400 per square metre.
So where will office space adjacent to the stadium fit in a market which is already showing signs of weakness and over-supply? The reality is the only thing that truly impacts on stadium viability is commercial event days.
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20 responses to “Debate over new stadium

  1. Mike

    let’s not forget who’s in charge of the CST equivalent pushing the new competing Christchurch stadium. .. yes the chairman of the board of DVML

    • ex judge “don’t you know who I am?” John Hansen

      [yes, he’s said it on two separate occasions when trying to flaunt stadium security protocol at Dunedin – in a word, Dickhead]

  2. Interesting to note the number of questions addressed concerning the viability of a stadium. Questions which were never asked here. Proof positive that we were the victims of foolhardy nitwits. And they are also the beneficiaries of just having to look about 350km south to understand the futility of it all. My money says they will stick with the Addington “temporary rugby ground” for a long time.

  3. Anonymous

    The council of rugby fanatics is about to roll over our rates to the tune of another 4% (there’s other batshit crazy stuff from Dave Cull in the ODT story) but what many ratepayers still fail to understand is its cumulative – another % when Dave came to power, more % last year and another % this year, with plenty more forecast for the next several generations of mayors regardless of their moral standing.

    I hate what this council has done to the city of Dunedin. The DCC is corrupt and still infested with a nest of dirty rats shitting and pissing on everything they come into contact with.

    The majority care none for the damage they have inflicted.

    This ‘How could I forget?’ (11 May) cartoon by Tom Scott captures much of our state including how this council contributes to the crippling and rising cost of living as a consequence its reckless spending:

    Tom Scott, How could I forget ( 11.5.13) (stuff Link) Last updated 09:02 13/04/2012

    There is nothing funny about 4% anything and both Dave Cull and his media representative should know better.

  4. Peter

    Another stadium. Another pack rape of rate/taxpayers by the rugby fraternity.It just goes on….and on.

  5. I find it rather intriguing. We supply these stadiums where ever they want, and no expense is spared it seems, but to watch the national team play live we have to pay again via sky.

  6. Mike

    professional sport is exactly what it claims to be: a for-profit business who’s main purpose in life is to separate punters and their money – why would you think it would be any different?

  7. Hype O'Thermia

    4% added to (rates plus last increase*
    which was (rates+last increase) plus 2nd last increase
    which was gee whiz, can’t keep track but I can tell cumulative when I smell it, it’s like longdrop, sheepguts and fresh catpoo with decidedly fishy undertones.

    Remember how lucky the lowest paid were to get an extra 25c per hour added to their wage? The greedy blighters would have liked more but we all know the country couldn’t afford more than that, honest John and his mates told us and they wouldn’t lie. Ever.


    ### ODT Online Wed, 22 May 2013
    PM backs Christchurch city asset sales
    By Kurt Bayer
    A world-class covered sports stadium in Christchurch would be funded by a partial sale of the city’s assets if Prime Minister John Key had his way.
    The Government has pledged $15 billion to rebuilding the earthquake-ravaged Canterbury region, which now has an estimated cost of $30-$40 billion. […] “I actually personally hold the view that for Canterbury, where you love sport, happen to be pretty darn good at it, and have climatic conditions that argue that a covered stadium might make sense, then actually it could be a really sensible thing to do. And if it was up to me I would make that choice in a heartbeat if it meant changing the mix of assets…”
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  9. Amusingly, Syd Brown, in a Ch39 interview this week, said Dunedin would likely have New Zealand’s only covered stadium. What was that about? Stuff tells us different, as was foretold. The government giveth.

    New stadium major coup for Canterbury

  10. Who was it said: “To he who has much, much shall be given”? So much for the Forsyth Barr stadium. Seats 31,000 on a fine day with a following wind and it just makes fourth place in the pecking order. Thank you so much Malcolm, for your wonderful foresight in seeking to secure Dunedin as a leader. In debt accumulation I mean.

  11. Mike

    Don’t forget there’s a new “CST” the Canterbury Stadium Trust … run by ummm ….. let me think ….. who could that be ….. .let me pull up the trusts site …. oh ….good thing there’s no conflict of interest there …..

    {Ex judge John (Don’t you know who I am!!!!) Hansen, pillock, Farry-pal, mafia GOB. -Eds}

  12. Anonymous

    Why let a successful rort get in the way of social conscience? Thousand dollar payouts and claims for printing charges for everybody(*)! Really sweet at the local level but why stop there – take that rort national and then who’s going to notice a few million in questionable consultancy fees slipping out of the billion dollar deals… no wonder the likes of Gerry are hooting about entertainment centres ahead of repairing homes and infrastructure.

    * Really just a select few.

  13. Phil

    It was always a short term lottery trying to win on borrowed time. A novelty only so long as no one else had one. As soon as anyone north of Dunedin built a covered stadium, our’s would instantly become worthless (if it were not already). Did they really believe that no one else would do that ? A stupid gamble when you’re not holding all the cards.

  14. Mike

    it’s election year finding an other to demonise is SOP

  15. What Syd said about our (flash in the pan, piss in the bucket) covered stadium at Dunedin:

  16. ### Last updated 05:00 07/08/2013
    Stadium, city pool not built till 2017
    By Georgina Stylianou and Olivia Carville
    The latest detailed schedule for Christchurch’s anchor projects suggests the city’s new stadium may not be ready in time for the 2017 British and Irish Lions rugby tour. The information, delivered by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) to the city’s households, indicates the multimillion-dollar stadium will be started in early 2015 but will not be completed until late 2017, which means the city may lose out on hosting one of the biggest events in world rugby.
    Read more


    ### Last updated 05:00 29/06/2013
    Roofed stadium to cost $506m
    By Marc Greenhill
    The total cost of Christchurch’s proposed stadium – $506 million – has been revealed in documents leaked to The Press. The commercially-sensitive figure was part of a confidential report delivered to Christchurch city councillors this month. It pointed to a possible $216m funding shortfall to build the 35,000-seat covered facility, and floated the idea that the stadium may not have a roof. The papers show officials budgeted $470m for design and construction and $36m for land and put the estimated completion date at mid-2017. The stadium is part of the anchor project cost-sharing agreement between the council and the Government, and its costs have been kept under wraps.
    Read more

  17. The new stadium at Christchurch will be open in FOUR years.

    ONE News 6:47PM Thursday August 29, 2013
    Big decisions made over Christchurch rebuild (1:39)
    The completion dates of big projects for the Christchurch rebuild were released today.

  18. News via The Star Canterbury…

    A Christchurch city councillor is trying to torpedo the proposed $253 million sports stadium. Glenn Livingstone said the 35,000-seat stadium earmarked by the Government to be built in the central city by 2017 “has to go” after an interim financial review of the city council. […] But Crusaders chairman Murray Ellis said without the stadium it would be difficult to keep the franchise in the city.
    Link to follow.

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