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  1. Peter

    Let’s face it, Dave Cull is backpedalling fast because he now realises the political hole he has dug for himself. His apology is not genuine as the unambigious words he used are there, in print, for all to see. He couldn’t deny he said those words or say he didn’t mean them or they were taken out of context. He knows this whole episode is a bad look for him… not just his rudeness to the DL… but his obsequiousness to his Chinese masters who treated him like a PM/Head of State in Shanghai recently. You could see/smell/taste his delight as he clinked wine glasses with the local politburo.
    The same scenario goes for his posturing with all things Maori in terms of showing respect. It is politic to do so. That is all. This buys votes from that sector… or so he believes.

  2. Dave Cull once again shows his tendency to put his mouth into gear before his brain has started up and oiled its bearings. This results in embarrassing backdowns and public humiliation. The frequency of these “brain fades” (to use a well worn description of another one’s foibles) lends itself to his staff calling him “the Gaffer.” Not a good look for a Mayor. Must be embarrassing for his fellow ‘Greater Dunedin’ members.

    • ### ODT Online Fri, 3 May 2013
      Cull apologises; ‘regrets’ his Dalai Lama comments
      By Chris Morris
      . . . However, Mr Cull yesterday refused to discuss an email exchange he had with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade staff about the Dalai Lama and China. The exchange took place on March 28, when Mfat staff responded to a request from Mr Cull, an Mfat spokesman confirmed yesterday. The exchange was revealed by an Official Information Act request by the Otago Daily Times, but Mfat staff would not release a copy yesterday.
      Read more

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    The Gaffer?
    Have you seen the NZ comedian “The Boy with Tape on his Face”? A big black strip of gaffer tape over his gob.
    Just thought I’d mention it.

  4. Peter

    I haven’t heard of that nickname, Calvin, but it does show lack of respect for him as Mayor. At least he doesn’t fall asleep during council meetings a la Chin.

  5. Mike

    Yeah but he’s completely missing the point, as are others, probably on purpose, ignoring the elephant in the room, the issue is not really about religion at all – it’s China’s occupation of Tibet – a political issue, the Dalai Lama is a representative of the Tibetan govt in exile and Dave’s too scared to stand up to China and recognise that this issue is valid, and being quiet and acquiescing to the China line he is in effect giving his, and the city’s, blessing on the occupation.

    • Quite so, all is conveniently forgotten.

      Dave Cull is a lead-by-the-nose mayor, or was that a cherry picker, when it comes to money and influence. He still can’t solve the close to $700 million consolidated debt across all council activities and borrowings, without luring overseas investment or so he thinks on his treadmill of council spending.

      The sooner we’re shot of Dave Cull as mayor, and Chris Staynes and Syd Brown as councillors, the better.

  6. Peter; Gaffer is an elderly rustic old fellow (Jeez could be me) or the foreman of a work gang. ‘Gaffe’ is a blunder, indiscreet act or remark. That is my reasoning for suggesting he could be called ‘the gaffer’.

    • In ARI’s next great video about Dunedin, financed by Chinese interests, we see Dave Cull’s name writ small in the credits:

      Dave Cull – Gaffer

      But who is his best boy ?

      [Wikipedia] A gaffer in the motion picture industry and on a television crew is an electrician, sometimes head of the electrical department, responsible for the execution (and sometimes the design) of the lighting plan for a production’s grips. The term Gaffer originally related to the moving of overhead equipment to control lighting levels using a gaff. The term has been used for the chief electrician in films since 1936. The gaffer’s assistant is the best boy. […] Gaffers are responsible for managing lighting including associated resources such as labour and electrical under the directions of Director of Photography (the DP or DOP) or, in television, the Lighting Director (LD). […] The gaffer works with the key grip, who is in charge of some of the equipment related to the lighting. The gaffer, or chief electrician, works with assistants who are known as grips. The gripsrep manage cables, position lighting fixtures and install dolly track.
      Gaffer tape [red? we ask] is but one of the many types of tape that a gaffer, key grip, or any other member film crew uses in a variety of situations.

  7. Mike

    a “gaffer” is also a stage electrician hence “gaffer tape”

  8. Mike

    gaffer tape is traditionally black so that it hides in the lighting rig

  9. Anonymous

    According to the latest edition of FYI Dunedin(TM) Your Spook News the latest adventures of the Gaffer are like a pretty flower, blooming and full of glorious potential. In the opening paragraph of the Mayor’s Desk it’s about Shanghai, followed up by a whole page of how the junket was “A VERY SUCCESSFUL VISIT”. Under the Your Councillors section is a delightful ad “Are you planning a major event or festival in Dunedin? If so, you could be eligible for some DCC funding…” unless you’re hosting a Nobel Peace Prize laureate visiting your city. Not that they were asking for funding, which the council must have been grateful for as it frees up the dosh for the professional rugby bludgers. But the Head Spook doesn’t stop there – under Short and Sweet he compares increased visitors to the DCC’s cemeteries and rates pages as death and taxes. That’s the stuff you expect from a multi-million dollar department.

    Brighten up your day with a visit to the FYI site:

  10. Perhaps Dave Cull sees himself as the ‘best boy’.

  11. Robert Hamlin

    This is not simply a matter of morals. We complacently assume that China will always safely be a long way away. This despite the fact that Beijing is only half as far away as London – and I do believe that that’s a Union jack in the corner of our flag.

    A similar complacency has led our own defensive capabilities to decline to pretty much zero while what forces we do have mind other people’s business around the world. Our home defences have reached a point that even the Royal Navy, pathetically declined as it is with not a single aircraft carrier to its name, could stage a forced landing on our shores and we could put up no effective resistance. The PLN, even as it is today, has at least equivalent capabilities to the RN.

    Our leaders strut on the UN stage on the basis of a presumption that ‘someone else’ will look after us with regard to the low political value activity of national self defence. At the moment it appears that that ‘someone else’ will be the Americans.

    This presumption can only be based upon the assumptions that the Americans will be both willing and able to come to our aid if the bullying escalates from words to guns.

    Just to concentrate on the ‘able’ assumption. The Chinese have this year commissioned their first aircraft carrier the ex-soviet Varyag, now called the Liaoning. At 60,000 tons she is a considerable ship. More will follow. Reports vary, but work may have started on another two of similar size and plans are reported for up to a further eight of increased size with several of these in commission within ten years.

    At the same time furious efforts continue towards building the aircraft to go on the decks, the necessary surface escorts and submarines to form balanced carrier centred task forces together with strategic bases that will be capable of projecting and protecting Chinese interests in the far oceans. They do in fact have little other identifiable purpose. The Americans have used such task forces based around capital units in exactly this way for decades and the British used their big-gun centred predecessors in exactly this way prior to that. Just one of these balanced carrier task forces would be sufficient to impose any settlement their owners felt like upon these islands. All of this hardware in both design and construction will of course be pretty much brand spanking new.

    The American situation is very different, with an aging inventory backed up by a much reduced industrial potential. These comments from Wikipedia concerning the B52 may be an extreme, but what an extreme!

    “The B-52 marked its 50th anniversary of continuous service with its original operator in 2005 and after being upgraded between 2013 and 2015 it will serve into the 2040s.”

    At 85 years this may represent one of the longest periods in front line service enjoyed by any weapons system since the British standard issue brown bess musket in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Had the Sopwith Camel of First World War fame enjoyed as long a spell in the fighting aviation inventory, it would still have been a front-line fighter in the Second Gulf War!

    So, while the Americans may still have a lead, it is a lead that is eroding at a very rapid rate both quantitatively and qualitatively. It may well be some decades before China can claim clear parity, but it is likely that long before their respective abilities are balanced, the increasing risk will make the USA increasingly reluctant to precipitate any military confrontation – especially on behalf of the interests of any other nation that it perceives as neither a close ally or a priority strategic issue.

    Perhaps ironically the USA gives an example of this mindset in action. The flag of Hawaii still carries the British union standard in the corner, as does our own. However it is now a state of the USA – an internal American matter. This flag is a legacy of the influence that the British Empire had on the independent state of Hawaii up to the Eighteen Nineties. However, this independent monarchy was annexed by the USA in an act of naked aggression so blatant that it merited a (very much after the fact) formal apology by President Clinton.

    How did the British Empire, the incumbent patrons and protectors react to this event? They did nothing – which was the sensible thing to do at that point in time. Britannia did still rule the waves in 1895, but both the British and the Americans knew the economic realities that underlay that situation. Realities that indicated that any protracted war between the two nations would only have one eventual outcome. An outcome that would have probably involved the ending of British maritime hegemony, and the loss of Canada into the bargain. The British Cabinet thus decided that discretion was the better part of valour, as the administration of some future American administration might do with a similar set of Pacific islands at some point in the near future.

    At that point we will be on our own, and the decisions we make now with regard to our defensive capabilities, alliances and the provision of usable ‘cause belli’ to any potential economic and military aggressor may well come back to haunt us.

  12. So, when the mouse gets into bed with the elephant it needs only one strategy. Very carefully.

  13. Russell Garbutt

    As usual, Rob Hamlin has contributed sensibly and rationally to this conversation. There is no doubt whatsoever that New Zealand has now reached the point where we are both powerless and incapable of protecting our sovereignty let alone an ethical and moral sticking point. The sight of elected representatives bowing to overt and covert blackmail is both sad and reprehensible.

    • There is nothing so immoral and impoverished as an unthinking defenseless island nation at bottom of Pacific that trades as benign or matey – demonstrating ridiculous levels of self harm through parasitic dependence on what may prove to be vile all-powerful hosts.

      • Some fair points here:

        ODT Opinion – Fri, 3 May 2013
        ‘Power under’ approach – a test of character
        Adam Dodds reflects on power, character and leadership.

        • ### May 3, 2013 – 7:01pm
          Representative says it’s time to move on
          Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull hit the headlines this week when his comments about the Dalai Lama upset the Buddhist community. However a representative of the Dalai Lama says it was all a misunderstanding, and now it’s time to move on with preparations for his visit.

        • This is getting more insane by the minute:

          ”It is important the city’s welcome recognises the affection and respect with which the Dalai Lama as a spiritual leader is regarded in our community.” –Mayor Dave Cull

          Mr Cull denied being influenced by concerns about perceptions of the visit in China, but his description of the Dalai Lama as ”a representative of a minority religious faith” triggered complaints and protests this week.

          ### ODT Online Sat, 4 May 2013
          Dalai Lama to be officially welcomed after all
          By Chris Morris
          The Dalai Lama will receive an official welcome from the Dunedin City Council after all, Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has confirmed. After days of criticism, complaints and an apology, Mr Cull yesterday confirmed Cr Jinty MacTavish will welcome the Dalai Lama to Dunedin on behalf of the city next month. The welcome will take place when Cr MacTavish introduces the Dalai Lama at the beginning of his public talk in the Dunedin Town Hall on June 11. The move was confirmed in a joint announcement released by Mr Cull and Dalai Lama Visit Trust New Zealand chairman Thuten Kesang.
          Read more




          DCC Media Release (3 May 2013):

        • Received from Maurice Prendergast, his short email exchange with the ‘stiff arm’ tackler at ODT. [to read the Mayor’s letter go to top of thread, see Dave’s closing sentence]

          Maurice says: Surprised that nobody has raised the issue of the spelling mistake in the nauseating apology from the leader of the Greater Deception Party who masquerades as a civic leader. He used the word ‘an’ where he may have intended to write ‘any’ – but who knows, it was one of the poorest examples of sentence construction one could ever expect to witness.

          From: Maurice Prendergast []
          Sent: Friday, 3 May 2013 2:23 p.m.
          To: ‘’
          Subject: To the Point Contribution

          Editor ODT.

          To the Point Contribution:

          I have seen an original copy of Mayor Cull’s nauseous apology to the Dalai Lama which includes a careless spelling/language error. ODT 03/05/2013 reports this clumsy literary nonsense in direct speech, but with the error corrected. Where would Mayor Cull be without the ODT to sanitise his literary blunders.


          Maurice Prendergast

          Is it not curious that the ODT rejection memo closes with the courtly expression “Kind Regards” when she clearly does not ‘regard me kindly’. If she did regard me kindly would you not think that she would have been more helpful? How do we account for such contradictory behaviour?

          —–Original Message—–
          From: Imogen Stockwell []
          Sent: Monday, 6 May 2013 2:20 p.m.
          To: Maurice Prendergast
          Subject: Letter to the editor

          Dear Maurice,

          Thank you for your letter to the editor received May 3. The contents have been noted. However, it was not selected for publication.

          Kind regards,
          Imogen Stockwell

        • ### May 8, 2013 – 7:28pm
          Your word on the Dalai Lama’s upcoming visit
          The Dalai Lama’s upcoming visit to the city has been preceeded by controversy. Mayor Dave Cull declined an invitation to officially welcome the religious leader at a public talk, citing a prior engagement. He then appeared to change his mind and announced Councillor Jinty MacTavish would do the introduction.

        • ### June 10, 2013 – 6:54pm
          Dalai Lama arrives in Dunedin
          The Dalai Lama has arrived. The spiritual leader and Nobel Prize winner was welcomed by the Buddhist community as he made his fourth visit to Dunedin. And the visit will see him visiting ‘old friends’.

        • Earlier this year, Liability Cull described the Tibetan spiritual leader as ”a representative of a minority religious faith”…

          ### ODT Online Tue, 11 Jun 2013
          Dalai Lama emails won’t be released
          By Chris Morris
          The Dalai Lama is here to talk, but exactly what Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has to say about the visit remains a secret. The council is sitting on emails between Mr Cull and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade discussing the Tibetan spiritual leader’s visit to Dunedin. The existence of the emails emerged last month, days after Mr Cull denied receiving outside advice on the visit of His Holiness. Mfat staff would not release the correspondence at the time, citing the threat to New Zealand’s international relations.
          Read more

  14. Hype O'Thermia

    Rob, there is no earthly reason for NZ to waste money on a defence force. Why would anyone go to the trouble of a military invasion when they could buy it for half the price and infinitely less hassle? Only countries that have national pride in their independence, their identity as an independent country of independent people, need prepare for defending themselves.
    What we have elected is government after government eager to sell off whatever they can for quick cash.

  15. Rob Hamlin

    You are correct Hype. Hitler et al tried to win WWII without fighting it, and got a long way down the track via ‘peace in our time’ before they came unstuck. This lot are a lot more patient and methodical than Hitler and his mates – and will certainly try to keep things peaceful while things quietly move along in their direction. I can also see no Churchills or Roosevelts near the levers of what’s left of Western power, but regrettably a number of Vidkun Quislings do seem to be in evidence.

    Bismark rather than Hitler is a better analogy. Bismark was a man who knew how to position his enemies and fight them one at a time with a clear objective in mind, and to then consolidate his position before moving on to the next victim/objective over a period of around forty years. For this reason his creation and legacy, Germany, has survived and prospered despite the appalling adversities that it has suffered from time to time. If the Bismarckian approach is truly what we are witnessing, then targets are likely to be isolated and picked off one by one over the coming years, while the others do nothing for fear of causing offence – until it’s their turn.

    Very few appear to have appreciated the significance of the Chinese achievement since Mao’s death of establishing and running a totalitarian state that nevertheless incorporates a regularly timed and orderly transition of leadership and power. As far as I know it’s a World first.

    The current system in China is a combination of a highly nationalistic, centralised totalitarian state with a free market economy. It is far more reminiscent of the Third Reich than it is of either Stalinist/Maoist communism or any western democracy, but with continuity of strategy and doctrine that is an improvement (of sorts) on all three of these predecessors. When this system of ‘super national socialism’ and its capacity for generating and directing monstrous economic power over the long term is combined with China’s geographic and human capacity, this makes for a nation to be reckoned with.

  16. Hype O'Thermia

    The NZ name for flip-flops is jandals.

  17. Phil Cole

    Not that Dunedin is exactly ‘up there’ on the same scale as the UK but interesting anyhow. If Dunedin had a rift with China it might cost us an hotel…

  18. Anonymous

    “David Cameron has effectively been barred from visiting China because Beijing is so angry at the Prime Minister for meeting the Dalai Lama last year.”

    It is time China respected our culture of freedom and democratic right to meet with whomever we please. Our men and women have given their lives for this freedom. To hell with Chinese dictatorship. We don’t want it!

  19. Hype O'Thermia

    No wonder we have to have Maori performances by way of “NZ culture”. We now have no pride in other aspects of our culture e.g. to quote Anonymous (above) “our culture of freedom and democratic right to meet with whomever we please”.

  20. Tomo

    Is that why people refer to it as the odity.

  21. It is not rocket science that Dave Cull has received some comment from Foreign Affairs regarding NZ/China relations. Probably innocuous, but Dave would leap to ‘get in behind’, consequently he sacrificed the Dalai Lama on the alter of convenience. The Wellington visit was just an excuse.

  22. Anonymous

    I don’t care where as long as I’m not here…

    • Yes Anonymous, simple brilliance on Mr Tremain’s part, yet again.


      ### June 11, 2013 – 6:36pm
      Dalai Lama message is of unity for all
      The Dalai Lama arrived to a standing ovation of more than 2000 people at the Town Hall this afternoon. And the message the Tibetan spiritual leader had for the crowd was one of unity for all.

      That would be unity for all, except Dave ?

      • ”The gap between rich and poor is untenable and our present lifestyle is impossible. It is almost like suicide. So, we have to take it very seriously.”

        ### ODT Online Wed, 12 Jun 2013
        Advice from a ‘long time friend’
        By Nigel Benson
        The Dalai Lama charmed and chuckled his way into the heart of Dunedin yesterday. The spiritual leader was officially welcomed by a delegation of about 50 people from the Dunedin Interfaith Council on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral yesterday morning. After the welcome, the Dalai Lama held a question and answer session for 550 University of Otago staff and students at the St David lecture theatre, before his lunchtime public talk at the town hall. The venue was packed to the gods, with all 2100 tickets selling before the event.
        Read more


        Live stream: Dalai Lama speaks in Dunedin

        • ODT on a hunting mission…

          ### ODT Online Fri, 14 Jun 2013
          Cull emails kept secret to protect ‘public interest’
          By Chris Morris
          The Office of the Ombudsman is to investigate the Dunedin City Council’s refusal to reveal the contents of Mayor Dave Cull’s email exchange discussing the Dalai Lama. It emerged last month Mr Cull obtained advice on the Tibetan spiritual leader’s visit to Dunedin from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, after initially denying receiving outside advice on the trip.
          Read more

  23. Hype O'Thermia

    Oops – who’s been a naughty boy, who’s out of favour now?
    Whose photo will we see accompanying every DCC story from now till the election?

  24. amanda

    Talking about the gap between the white collar top earners and the lowly earners, looks like that applies to justice too. Swann stole nearly $17 million, and is set to be released soon. If he was a low wage earner or unemployed or in a gang, he would be in that prison for a tad longer, one suspects.

  25. Peter

    Swann’s legal team would like us to believe the poor guy has turned over a new leaf after his measly four year stint in the cooler. Look, they say, he’s done some good work for the other prisoners in the engineering shop. For goodness sake, the guy had to fill in his jail bird time somehow and this does not prove his contrition.Paying back the money he stole would show this.
    Also he had to curry favour among the hardened gang criminals in there to keep them off his back.
    Love the bit about his demeanour in court. Once again, playing the game of false humility in order to win favour from the vacuous judge.

    • In actual fact Swann did not stop doing ‘business’ during his prison stint at Milburn (a more manipulative individual it would be hard to find).
      And who are his support people really (with what ethics and connections…) if they want him out of prison… that he deserves to be out of prison… after he committed the crime he did.
      Defraud the Dunedin/Otago/Southland health system, and now aiming to live on the pig’s back in the pretence of cycling to work at Christchurch. Lovely.
      We still wonder what his friends and family are hiding and where.

      • Received from Anonymous
        Friday, 14 June 2013 2:54 p.m.

        Palatine No 1 Limited and Palatine No 2 Limited have Eion Edgar listed as a director at the same time as Michael Swann and other Forsyth Barr employees.

        I guess Eion and Co. wouldn’t like to advertise their connections with Michael Swann.

        SWANN, Michael Andrew as director
        The search returned 5 results. Page 1 of 1.

        SWANN, Michael Andrew

        BLUESKIN BAY TRANSPORT LIMITED (Struck Off) – Appointed as a director on December 15, 1994.

        COMPUTER CONCEPTS LIMITED (Registered) – Appointed as a director on June 11, 1993 and resigned on July 30, 1994.

        PALATINE NO 2 LIMITED (Registered) – Appointed as a director on July 29, 1994 and resigned on April 10, 1995.

        PALATINE NO 1 LIMITED (Registered) – Appointed as a director on July 28, 1994 and resigned on April 10, 1995.

        OPTIMUS CONSULTING LIMITED (Struck Off) – Appointed as a director on December 22, 1994 and resigned on May 25, 1995.

        • ### ODT Online Sat, 15 Jun 2013
          Fraudster Swann still faces $6m pecuniary order
          By Hamish McNeilly
          Convicted fraudster Michael Swann will continue to face a multimillion-dollar penalty order on his release from prison, police confirmed yesterday.

          The Crown to date had recovered just under $2.5 million from the sale of 50 assets, including property, motor vehicles and boats. Recovered funds have gone into the Government’s consolidated fund, rather than be returned to the cash-strapped Southern District Health Board (formerly ODHB).

          The 51-year-old, who was found guilty of defrauding the Otago District Health Board of $16,902,000, appeared before the New Zealand Parole Board at a Christchurch prison this week, and could be released on parole within a month. A police spokeswoman confirmed a pecuniary order of $6 million would still stand, meaning any property recovered up to that amount could be used to satisfy the order made under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Police had previously told the Otago Daily Times the order was issued because they believed there were still assets outstanding.
          Read more

          (our emphasis)

  26. Peter

    Oh, to know of the others who wined and dined with Swann and went for a spin in his fleet of flash cars or a sail in his ‘yacht’. ‘My, Michael, haven’t you done well.’ No questions asked. No need to ask questions. People, like Swann, need to brag about their conquests. They can’t help themselves.

  27. amanda

    So Swann is mates with our resident ‘Business Geniuses’. That explains much. Perhaps he has some information that these geniuses don’t want shared with the general population and so it suits them to be supportive of him.

  28. amanda

    This is a town where the ferally incompetent get re-elected to council. Again and again. And the media turns its back on local politicians who create massive debt and whose plan to get the city is to sell the city’s assets to pay for their incomptence. So Swan getting released is business as usual I guess.

  29. Hype O'Thermia

    Doesn’t stolen stuff normally get returned to the person (organisation) it was nicked from? Why not this time? Is this the punishment for other staff (higher up) sleepwalking on the job?

    • Unless the government already considers it has paid for the after-theft shortfall ??? Why isn’t ODT asking the relevant questions in the public interest ???

  30. Anonymous

    Maybe there were a few yachts moored in the same wharf? There was a LOT of high-society partying paid for with public money (this type of deception might ring a recent bell or two). Those who embraced the lifestyle then did so on the cruelty of so many who have gone without. Some health spin doctor even went so far as to say in the media it would have had no affect on health but we all know that was absolute shite. I imagine there are a few still around today not wanting any of those affairs to slop out in the media after his recent stay in public-funded accommodation. Anyone want to bet on the news reporting shortly “he’s paid his dues to society” or some such rubbish? It’s what the rich boys seem to get if they actually get time in jail.

    • The MV Tiakina which graces our Fryatt St wharf and offers harbour cruises (having been nicely refitted by the current owners), is of course ex Swann ‘winnings’.

  31. Hype O'Thermia

    You know, if I had a mate who needed some wealth looked after for a period, like he was going overseas and, being kind of eccentric, he didn’t trust the banks, I’d look after it for him. Then he comes back but he’s offended some really heavy people who demand a big repayment for, say, damaging the gang boss’s vintage Rolls Royce, so he’d be in big trouble if I gave him his bag of golden doubloons, and so would I for having kept it safe for him when I knew the heavy mob wanted it.
    I reckon what I might do is give him a job as my chauffeur/gardener and pay him a really huge salary, except it would really be mostly his own money because I wouldn’t actually expect him to mow all my lawns.

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