Free Wi-Fi for Dunedinites

How many cafés in George Street DON’T have free Wi-Fi ?!
How intermittent is 3G coverage in Dunedin’s CBD really ?!

Not many of us bother to connect to high-speed broadband ?!

The Insiders Dunedin campaign was a substantial FLOP !!

Tourism Dunedin was tracking to meet only 7 out of 18 targets
[half-yearly report] !!

NOISE and no substance ?!

### ODT Online Wed, 24 Apr 2013
Free WiFi for tourists ‘ideal’
By Rosie Manins
Free internet access throughout central Dunedin is an ideal next step in the city’s bid to attract more visitors and let them promote it as a destination worldwide, industry professionals say. At present, free WiFi in the Octagon and other isolated pockets of the city contribute to its ”good performance” in the digital arena, but much more could be done, Tourism Dunedin chief executive Hamish Saxton said.

”International travellers expect to be connected to the rest of the world and to their contacts at no cost. Dunedin offers a great introduction to the city with free WiFi in the Octagon, where the default website is, and I think it would be ideal for free WiFi to be more widely available throughout the city.”

Parts of were translated into ”simplified Chinese” and Tourism Dunedin planned to continue its digital investment, Mr Saxton said.

Mr Saxton said the recent roll-out of high-speed broadband and fibre in Dunedin meant residents and visitors were far more connected, and it was important the area’s tourism operators further invested digitally to capitalise on that.

Insiders Dunedin was a good example of sharing positive aspects of the city to an international audience, using authentic content from residents, Mr Saxton said.
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9 responses to “Free Wi-Fi for Dunedinites

  1. Anonymous

    Renewals and/or extensions to the DCC free wireless project in the Octagon have never been tendered. There are plenty of alternatives to ratepayer-funded free wireless; in fact Dunedin is well supplied with respect to other cities.

  2. chirpbird

    I can see many postings here abut the DCC’s Digital Communications Strategy and I’ve read about it in ODT. But I still don’t know who is paying for whatever ‘services’ are being provided. I vaguely remember a trust around on this topic but was that just to give kids computers? I do remember public forum submission to DCC from people with expertise in the IT field that what DCC was proposing was not good. I also wondered whether DCC CCO Aurora got work out of/for this project.
    What is going on? And who is paying for what, for whom and why? Does anyone know? I remember Dave Cull was on some kind of DCC ‘digital strategy’ committee when he was just a councillor.

  3. Anonymous

    I sat on the committee that considered the submissions.
    Some projects are DCC-internal.
    Others are funded from external grants. All of the ones that are current (that I’m aware of) are funded from external agencies, no ratepayer funding.
    The Octagon free wireless is a separate project, predates the Digital Strategy and is funded from operational budgets.
    What Mr Saxton is talking about is something else entirely, which has no funding streams identified. It is in the strategy, but not implemented.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    He was keen, pre-election, could see the opportunities & importance of connectivity, was up to speed on the ideas of what now >> future IT could offer. Not himself an IT man so at the mercy of those (a) with agendas and (b) only comfortable with what they already knew. Not necessarily the best advisers on planning for the future!

  5. Anonymous

    Cull wasn’t a major driver. Staynes was.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    OK. What I said above is what I remember about Cull’s attitude.

  7. Isn’t there a Digital Office being funded by the Council costing about $100,000 per year? The only activity that I’ve noticed for it in Council PR is wifi for homes around a school.

  8. chirpbird

    It looks like the Dunedin Digital Strategy was set up by ‘community’ consultation i.e stakeholder input.
    And the Dunedin Digital Office although a not-for-profit organisation is funded by the DCC. See:
    There appears to have been an Otago-wide public consultation but only to ‘develop’ the strategy already decided on. See:
    Looks like an ‘economic development’ project with the DCC as main driver and I don’t think this is core council business. Nor do I think if there had been real public consultation that the project would have got sufficiently wide ratepayer support. I think it was slipped under the radar as a done deal.

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