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Architectural Theory Review, 17:2-3, 280-298

LIMITED VISIBILITY – Portraits of Women Architects (PDF, 721 KB)
By Sarah Treadwell & Nicole Allan

Version of record first published: 08 Feb 2013

This paper considers the visibility of women architects across three New Zealand sites: the institutional architecture journal, the national architecture award system and a local website that allows for self-representation. The website, Architecture + Women, was set up in 2011 in anticipation of an exhibition of the work of New Zealand women architects planned for 2013 as an anniversary of an earlier event, ‘‘Constructive Agenda’’, held in 1993. The website accumulates images of women in New Zealand who identify as architects. The paper considers the portrayal of women architects in each of the three sites, juxtaposing a sociological viewpoint with the biographical, seen as distinct yet overlapping modes of representation. Five portraits from the website are selected for detailed discussion as they reflect upon representations of femininity, colonial encounters, nature and the limits of the discipline—issues that are persistent for women architects in New Zealand.

To cite this article:
Sarah Treadwell & Nicole Allan (2012): Limited Visibility: Portraits of Women Architects, Architectural Theory Review, 17:2-3, 280-298

Architectural Theory Review, founded at the University of Sydney in 1996, and now in its eighteenth year, is the pre-eminent journal of architectural theory in the Australasian region. Now published by Taylor and Francis in print and online, the journal is an international forum for generating, exchanging and reflecting on theory in and of architecture. All texts are subject to a rigorous process of blind peer review.

Sarah Treadwell is Associate Professor at the School of Architecture and Planning (National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries), University of Auckland. Sarah’s research investigates the representation of architecture in colonial and contemporary images. Motels, gender and volcanic conditions of ground are also subjects of interest. Sarah has published in various books and journals including Architectural Theory Review, Architectural Design, Space and Culture, and Interstices. Her book Revisiting Rangiatea was the outcome of participation in the Gordon H Brown Lecture Series in 2008. Professional association: NZIA

Nicole Allan is an Architectural Graduate Practicing. Nicole works in the Christchurch Studio of Warren and Mahoney architects.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Meanwhile overseas….
    Link received Sun, 8 Mar 2015 at 1:36 p.m.

    Roca Gallery, Station Court - London [Facebook - Urbanista]Roca London Gallery [Photo via Urbanista at Facebook]

    Exhibition: Urbanistas: Women Innovators in Architecture, Urban and Landscape Design
    Curated by award-winning author and critic Lucy Bullivant Hon FRIBA and designed by Julia Feix of Feix&Merlin Architects, the exhibition explores sustainable, liveable examples of urban design. Through cohesive plans that demonstrate a variety of housing developments, landscape architecture and master planning frameworks, Urbanistas shows the ingenuity and resourcefulness needed to tackle modern city living.

    Reviews and further images will be added here in the next weeks.


    Rendering of AWP’s design for Malmo Quay in Newcastle, England [Facebook - Urbanista]Rendering of AWP’s design for Malmo Quay in Newcastle, England
    [Photo: Urbanista at Facebook]

    ### Fri, 6 Mar 2015
    A Celebration of Work by Some the UK’s Top Female Architects
    By Natalia Rachlin
    Opening today at the Zaha Hadid–designed Roca Gallery in South London—a space operated by the upscale bath-fitting company Roca, which collaborates on designs with the likes of Rafael Moneo and David Chipperfield—is “Urbanistas: Women Innovators in Architecture, Urban and Landscape Design”, an exhibition that celebrates the achievements of some of the most forward-thinking female architects working in the UK.
    Curated by author and critic Lucy Bullivant, who is also the founder of, a webzine about contemporary urban design, the show brings together the work of Irena Bauman (cofounder of Bauman Lyons Architects, Leeds), Alison Brooks (founder of Alison Brooks Architects, London), Alessandra Cianchetta (cofounder of AWP, Paris), Johanna Gibbons (cofounder of J&L Gibbons, London), and Liza Fior and Katherine Clarke (cofounders of Muf Architecture, London).
    Read more

    █ Through June 27 at the Roca Gallery, Station Court, Townmead Road, London –


    ‘Urbanistas’ explores the work of women innovators in architecture and urban design. Curator Lucy Bullivant explains why the exhibition is so timely – and the five exhibitors share their thoughts on the role of women in shaping today’s cities.

    Lucy Bullivant [the]Lucy Bullivant [Photo:]

    ### Thu, 5 Mar 2015 12.11 GMT
    How are women changing our cities?
    By Lucy Bullivant
    With fast-growing urbanisation inexorably transforming every facet of cities and the wider biosphere, many creative people want to change the status quo. We’re living not only with a lot of outdated legislation, but also a back-catalogue of failed urban models that do not serve contemporary cities as diverse communities well – in terms of cultures, ethnicities, ages and overall needs.
    Urbanistas: Women Innovators in Architecture, Urban and Landscape Design puts the work of five practitioners working in the UK today under the spotlight, illuminating the many commonalities among women architects, urban designers and landscape architects who want things to change for the better.
    The ethical challenges lying at the feet of the specialists working together across neighbourhoods, towns, cities and continents are those which, emphatically, both genders are facing. Women and men in the design professions are actively working alongside each other as never before, given the growing numbers of young women graduates entering the field.
    So why make an exhibition about five women practitioners? Rather than adopting the rose-tinted default that is a retrospective approach to city making, and imagining that low-density, late-19th-century “garden city” models or perpetuating historical fabric will suffice, these five “urbanistas” want to make a public realm of social value. Should that be so hard? In London, where more than 300 different languages are spoken, the population is growing and high-quality public green spaces are one of its chief assets. These women embrace that cultural reality, using tactics that draw on both the arts and natural sciences.
    Read more + Architect Profiles

    █ For more on architect Zaha Hadid at What if?, enter *zaha hadid* and *harold marshall* [mention, listen to Sunday interview] in the search box at right.

  2. Elizabeth

    Received ‎Tue, ‎19‎ ‎May‎ ‎2015 ‎at 9‎:‎00‎ ‎p.m.

    latest from…
    Architecture + Women • New Zealand (A+W•NZ)

    Christina van Bohemen [image Sills van Bohemen website - About] 1

    Congratulations Christina van Bohemen – NZIA President-Elect

    We are very proud that the NZIA will have its second female president in 2016 (the first was Helen Tippett in 1989). Christina van Bohemen is an excellent choice to take the reigns from Pip Cheshire, who is mid-way through his quite ground-breaking leadership. A+W•NZ salutes Pip for his work to date, especially in his inclusive approach to Institute matters. Examples include the initialisation of meaningful dialogue with the Maori architectural community to bring Maori values and protocol ‘into the NZIA fold’, and for his efforts to turn the NZIA president handover into a more democratic process – rather than the ‘shoulder-tapping’ method typically used to date.

    Congratulations, Christina, we know you will take on the role with your usual warm enthusiasm, clarity and professionalism.

    For those who do not know the new President-Elect, Christina is a director of Sills van Bohemen, the Auckland practice she founded in 2001 with her partner Aaron Sills. From the NZIA Bulletin 15 May 2015; ‘Prior to that, Christina worked as an architect, and before that as an architectural graduate, at Jasmax. Christina has been very active in Institute affairs: since 2011 she has served on the NZIA Council; she was chair of the Auckland Branch from 2008-2010; she was a presenter on the Graduate Development Programme from 2008-2012; a member of the National awards jury in 2005; and convenor (2005) and member (2004) of the Northern Region awards jury. Christina is a board member of the NZ Registered Architects Board, a member of the Auckland Council Urban Design Panel, and chair of the Hobsonville Design Review Panel. She is a member of the Urban Design Forum, the NZIA’s Urban Issues Group, Site Safe NZ Inc, and Architecture + Women • NZ.’

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