Prof Claudio Modena | Open Lecture Wednesday 1 May

New Zealand Historic Places Trust and New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering public talk

Professor Claudio Modena — “Retrofit of stone masonry buildings”
Italian research and practice

The New Zealand Historic Places Trust (NZHPT) and the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE) present a public talk by Italian earthquake engineering academic and consultant, Professor Claudio Modena.

When: Wednesday 1 May 2013 at 5:30 pm

Where: University of Otago, Quad 2 Lecture Theatre
1st floor Geology Building, Dunedin

All welcome


Claudio Modena 2Claudio Modena is a Professor of Structural Engineering at the University of Padova, Italy (1994–). He has presented the course of “Structural Problems of Monumental Historical Heritage” in Architectural and Building Engineering and is Director of the Masters course in ‘Structural Restoration of Historic Monuments and Buildings’.

Author of over 200 papers in international journals and attendances at conferences, Claudio Modena is interested in analysis and design of construction, with particular attention on:
– masonry of historical and monumental structures
– strengthening/retrofitting in seismic areas
– retrofitting of metal and masonry arch bridges, and
– safety evaluations.

The professor has maintained a balance between academic and practical experience, combining with mutual benefit both research work and technical consulting. Most of his consulting activity is in the field of restoration and conservation of historic masonry structures.

Claudio Modena is a member of several technical and scientific committees: Cultural Heritage Ministry, Protection of Cultural Heritage from Seismic Hazard Committee. He is currently a member of the High Risks Committee – Seismic Risk Sector of the national Civil Protection Agency and of the special committee established by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Public Works for re-drafting the national codes system related to structural safety of both new and existing structures.

Visit this website for more information about the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Inc

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4 responses to “Prof Claudio Modena | Open Lecture Wednesday 1 May

  1. ### ODT Online Sat, 4 May 2013
    Warning on demolitions
    By John Gibb
    Prof Claudio Modena, a leading Italian structural engineering specialist, has warned against the danger of too many heritage masonry buildings being demolished in the aftermath of the Christchurch quakes. Prof Modena, who is professor of structural engineering at the University of Padova, said in an interview that an emotional impulse towards extensive heritage-related demolitions had also been felt in Italy in the aftermath of several recent quakes. He hoped any such psychological overreaction could be avoided in this country and noted that reinforced buildings had also been heavily damaged or destroyed in quakes in Christchurch and elsewhere.
    Read more

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    “He hoped any such psychological overreaction could be avoided in this country.” Me too.
    The risk-averse, nanny-state, butt-covering ethos that has taken root in NZ in recent years along with absurd blaming is a worry. See ditzy coroner’s remarks on Iraena Asher’s helpers, since given a good dose of commonsense…/Coroner-censured-for-Iraena-Asher-ruling, for an example. Coroners seem to have taken on the role of Public Shit-Mustn’t-Ever-Happen Reglators. Now insurance companies are putting their logos all over the bandwagon, and politicians are looking for ways they won’t ever be blamed nor the government have to pay for anything, no matter what the longterm cost to NZ as a whole.

    • [Latest from Oamaru – what of Dunedin….]

      ### ODT Online Sat, 4 May 2013
      Promise made on buildings
      By Andrew Ashton
      Oamaru’s “spectacular” Victorian buildings that make the town “unique” will not be left abandoned, empty or in need of demolition by new earthquake-prone building policy proposals, Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson has promised. He gave businesses and politicians in Oamaru yesterday a “watertight” guarantee that the new policy proposals would not make it too expensive to keep the town’s historic buildings open.
      Read more

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Maurice Williamson (re Oamaru) is capable of more complex thought and broader understanding than Chch got when they were given the additional affliction of that destructive human earthquake G Brownlee.
    Wouldn’t you think Christchurch had suffered more than enough from natural causes?

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