Ballooning! —playing off Betterways

While the DCC ‘red carpet’ gets gazumped by Christchurch mayor Bob Parker’s trip to Sister Cities exploring joint ventures with Chinese investors to build HOTELS (and more!) . . .

. . . independent artist sculptor Shane McGrath has a crack at ‘height indications’ down at the Dunedin waterfront on ● MONDAY

Gelber LuftBallon- McGrath (14 April 2013)

Originally from Melbourne, McGrath completed his Master’s in Fine Arts at Massey University in 2009 and is establishing a trans-Tasman practice. In March 2012 he completed a major new public art work for a park in central Wellington, was an artist in residence at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery in Melbourne and had work included in the Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney.

29.11.10 3News — The focal point of Shane McGrath’s Fight or Flight exhibition is a phallic-shaped zeppelin. Video

Shane McGrath

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10 responses to “Ballooning! —playing off Betterways

  1. Shane McGrath and friends had perfect weather this morning for the independent art project, getting the friendly yellow zeppelin to full height twice. The main line was marked off for distance (give or take curvature of the lines due to wind pressure at certain times).

    Launched off grass beside the Customhouse restaurant, the helium-filled balloon attracted media cameras for closeups and wider views around the city.

    Watch the main tv news channels tonight.
    ODT’s Gerard O’Brien got superb shots using his long lenses from the City Rise.

    The proposed hotel and apartment tower for 41 Wharf Street will have a maximum height of 96.3 metres, according to the drawings.

    The height is MORE than monumental. It is scarcely believable.

    • Phil Page, counsel for Betterways Advisory Ltd, and Don Anderson, planning consultant for Betterways, turned up this morning at the wharf to view proceedings. No sign of Steve Rodgers, although he knew about the attempt beforehand – maybe he watched it from up the hill.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you to Shane McGrath for taking the initiative while grabbing some well deserved attention to his talents. It is no surprise in this city of corrupt stakeholders and corrupted politicians that an individual must tackle the problem head-on, instead of the millionaires, lawyers and consultants who turned their backs to responsibilities and fair play.

    • ### RNZ National News Updated at 1:24 pm today
      Yellow blimp shows height of Dunedin hotel
      An artist launched a yellow blimp in Dunedin on Monday to show the height of a controversial hotel planned for the city’s waterfront.
      A decision on resource consents for the luxury 28-storey hotel and apartment complex is expected in June.
      The five metre blimp hung above Steamer Basin just across the road from the hotel site.
      Artist Shane McGrath of Melbourne and half a dozen helpers spent the morning filling the balloon with helium and slowly letting it rise to the height of the proposed glass tower. Mr McGrath said the work was not a protest, but a way of provoking more debate and discussion about the project.
      During hearings the resource consent panel asked for a visual demonstration of the building’s height of 96 metres, but the developers refused.
      RNZ Link

      Shane McGrath third_Blimp.1164 RNZImage: RNZ

  3. Peter

    Funny how a young man, who is an artist, can do what the commissioners asked Betterways/Sing Song to do until they told them to get stuffed…. and they obliged.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    It was too difficult and/or too expensive, and it wouldn’t have shown anything, any better than the “photo impressions” alias pre-photo photoshopping that they had so diligently made available for our edification.
    The balloon of an artist – clearly an eccentric character – can’t possibly be a true indicator. It’s probably an impressionistic indicator, or dadaist, or expressionist – certainly not photorealism like the informative height indicators courtesy of Betcherwegetourownways.

  5. Anon

    WHARF STREET PROPERTY LIMITED (4384686) registered 5 April 2013; director Stephen John Rodgers

  6. Peter

    Do we take this new ownership of Wharf St as the fait accompli for the commissioners to sign off on? Surely SR wouldn’t take ownership if he wasn’t confident of getting what he wanted for Sing Song. Tacky process, isn’t it????? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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