ODT does a One April (how real news gets out)

“It is frustrating for traditional media doing their best to follow accepted guidelines and rules and laws to find them flagrantly breached, especially web-based and electronic media, without consequence. If action was taken – through the BSA, the Press Council or even the courts – there would be little cause to introduce new regulatory measures.”
ODT editorial on Controlling the media (1.4.13)

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10 responses to “ODT does a One April (how real news gets out)

  1. ODT’s April Fools’ Day is about inconvenient truths, surely.

    From the same editorial:
    ” And, yes, ”nowadays, virtually anyone with a computer and an internet connection can publish and spread news and opinion”, as Ms Collins said. But, crucially, all those who are irresponsible, those who do not care about the commercial risks to their business through loss of reputation, are the very people who will not join the new ”watchdog”.
    The whole mechanism is set up for the responsible, and not for those where most of the concern lies.”

    It’s OK, don’t panic ODT, we’ve got you, your slippages, covered —er, well and truly.
    Have another whisky. Find more cats to love and pet.
    Kick a rugby ball.

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  2. Calvin Oaten

    Elizabeth, I have just revisited some of the ‘related posts and comments’ you so aptly brought forward. The Richard Thomson rebuttal of my claims over the costs of the stadium, brought me up with a resounding thought. Maybe it is Easter and all the ‘resurrection stuff’ but it occurred to me that it might be another Richard back to haunt us. The logic applied to this Richard’s arguments are very similar to what one would have expected from the other departed one. Who ‘rolled that stone away’?

  3. jeff dickie

    There are some unique points of difference we have here in Dunedin which could help in rebranding the city’s image. Our new logo could read: “Dunedin, the conflict of interest, commercially sensitive, no accountability capital of the South Pacific”.

    • Jeff, since DCC is lining up Tourism Dunedin for the primary city marketing role I’m sure they could sell that, being friends of tartan friends, y’know ;)

  4. Anonymous

    I liked the reply from Hamish Saxton regarding Tourism Dunedin: we don’t do local projects, we are a marketing agency.

    ps Can it be said that the Insiders Dunedin project is dead, having been relaunched to the same effect as the first time round i.e none?

    • Anonymous, Mr Saxton believes his own hype, it keeps him in salary…but yikes, all the targets not met, so many our sleeping vole Cr Hudson had to pipe up!

      3.3.13 Tourism Dunedin —city councillors not convinced
      “Cr Paul Hudson pointed out that of 18 targets with known outcomes at that stage, Tourism Dunedin was on track to meet, or had met, only seven. He questioned whether the council, which is about to form a single city marketing agency led by Tourism Dunedin, should be giving the organisation more responsibility.” (ODT Online)

  5. ### stuff.co.nz Last updated 12:54 18/04/2013
    APN sells historic South Island papers
    By Alan Wood
    Christchurch-based Mainland Media has bought the Christchurch Star and Oamaru Mail newspapers from APN New Zealand Media. Seller APN’s major daily publication is the New Zealand Herald newspaper, based in Auckland.
    Late last year the group started a sales process for some of its lower North Island and South Island assets, saying it wanted to quit the south to focus on its North Island businesses.
    The main APN titles included in the sale – The Star in Canterbury established in 1868 and the Oamaru Mail which commenced publication in 1879 – are among the oldest in New Zealand. The Star has a circulation of more than 70,000, and became a free paper published twice a week at the end of the 1980s.

    Mainland Media is an independent publisher of community newspapers and magazines, including the Mainland Press, with a family link to the publishers of the Otago Daily Times newspaper.

    The Mainland group is privately owned by Pier and Charlotte Smulders, and chaired by Nick Smith, director of Allied Press, publisher of the Otago Daily Times and other titles including Hurunui News, Ashburton Courier, and CTV in Canterbury.
    Read more

    • ### ODT Online Fri, 19 Apr 2013
      Family buys ‘Oamaru Mail’ and others
      By David Bruce
      Oamaru’s five-day-a-week newspaper, the Oamaru Mail, has a new owner, ending five months of speculation over whether it would be sold or could close. […] Mr and Mrs Smulders are Mainland’s only two shareholders. Chairman of directors is Nicholas Smith, who is also a director of Allied Press, which owns the Otago Daily Times and other publications throughout the South Island. […] Mr Smith said the purchase of a multinational publisher’s local interests was great for Christchurch and South Island publishing businesses.
      Read more

  6. ### ch9.co.nz May 29, 2013 – 8:21pm
    Allied Press stable of community newspapers hit a vein of gold
    With gongs for best newspaper, best journalist and more, the Allied Press stable of community newspapers hit a vein of award gold on the weekend. The publications’ editor says community papers may not bring tabloid excess or broadsheet scandal, but they are a media model with a place.

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