Carisbrook: Shifting explanations for DCC $7m spend

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### DScene 20 Mar 2013
Rant or rave: your say
Missing million (pages 8-9)
By Terry Wilson – Parkside
We see in D Scene that the Dunedin City Council paid $7 million for Carisbrook while their confidential valuation was for only $2.5m.
Mayor Dave Cull said that the purchase was to shore up the finances of the Otago Rugby Football Union.
If the real purpose of the sale was to donate an overpayment of $4.5m to the ORFU, then the DCC has misled the public during the public consultation on the matter. It might be inappropriate for me to suggest that the $7m non-confidential valuation of Carisbrook was procured by the DCC for the purpose of justifying the undisclosed $4.5m overpayment to the ORFU.
The validity of this valuation seems very questionable to me. Following this $7m payment, the ORFU required a further DCC bailout. One factor in this is that they only received $6m, not $7m.
The DCC has been questioned many times about what happened to the missing $1m, but they won’t say.
I think the public wants to see more honesty from the DCC.

Mayor Dave Cull replies: ‘‘$7 million was paid to the ORFU by way of $5m in cash and a $2m offset of a loan of $2m previously lent from the council to the ORFU.’’ #bookmark

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12 responses to “Carisbrook: Shifting explanations for DCC $7m spend

  1. chirpbird

    I made an official information request about the purchase of Carisbrook and all subsequent information that might have been in public excluded meetings which the DCC can now release. Have been told it will all be on the DCC website soon, probably Thursday.

  2. A month ago, I requested the Carisbrook valuations. I have just been informed by Sandy Graham that they are currently being loaded on the Council website.

  3. From Sandy Graham yesterday:
    “The valuations, along with a large amount of previously non-public material related top Carisbrook is currently being loaded onto the website
    The information you have requested will be available on the webpage once the data load is completed.
    As I said previously, I will forward the link when this is completed.”
    I did not realise that it took so long to load documents onto a web-site.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    It’s not the loading, it’s copying them out on foolscap with a quill pen first. Hadn’t you heard of the drastic quill shortage, Alistair?

  5. Peter

    I’m kind of surprised that the $5m naming rights for the stadium by Forsyth Barr – instead of the expected $10m quoted to the councillors by Brian Meridith of the Marketing Bureau (who was employed by the CST) – seems to have passed with virtually no comment anywhere.
    It must be the sign of the times that dodgy figures are pronounced to fool councillors and the populace at large and no accountability is required. It goes without saying that the same process of lying to the commissioners for this hotel proposal will be par for the course. Why not? They know there will be no comeback because as Dave Cull says we don’t want ‘to relitigate the past’.
    I may add, even Dave Cull thought the naming rights were worth $10m.

    • Peter, the scabbies out there are so immersed in shady tens and hundreds of million-dollar transactions what’s a $5m difference in the stadium naming rights between friends ? dimes….

  6. Calvin Oaten

    Easy Peter, don’t forget the poor sods who invested in the “Sails” fiasco are only likely to get 85c in the dollar, after fighting through the courts to get that. Naming rights? $10m, $5m, just chump change for you know who.

  7. ORFU general manager Richard Kinley believed the goal posts should be shifted to a council-owned sports field for club rugby use.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 15 Apr 2013
    Carisbrook legacy relies on covenant
    By Chris Morris
    At least one significant piece of Carisbrook’s history could yet be saved, but mystery surrounds the likely fate of other features when the old ground passes into private hands.
    Talks are continuing between the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and the Dunedin City Council on a covenant that, if agreed, would protect the old ground’s category one-listed turnstile building below the Neville St Stand.
    However, other features – including the ground’s playing surface and oldest grandstands – would not be saved by the NZHPT, Otago-Southland area manager Owen Graham said.
    Read more

  8. Robert Hamlin

    DCC man quote from McPravda:

    ”Obviously, they’re big goal posts – it takes a bit to get them out.”

    Two things here. One they have been out quite recently – unless my memory is playing me very false and if they were out – for however short a time – Why did they go back in again?

    Also it is not so very long ago that these posts used to come in and out regularly to be replaced by cricket stumps when the two codes shared Carisbrook back in the days before the ORFU got Dog-in-the-Mangerish, and it was still a multi-use facility – So it can’t really take too much to get them out. I don’t think Paul Simon’s lights were hanging from the Foobar’s version for example!

    But I suppose that we are talking the DCC here – An organisation that spends $1,344,134,345,145.56 to (eventually) open an existing padlocked gate on an already metalled road that runs behind St Clair Beach – Figgers dunnit?

  9. Mike

    I seem to remember back during the ’81 Springbok tour they were easily taken down by a couple of guys with a chainsaw and a set of bolt cutters – so it can’t be that hard – especially if you never plan on putting them up again

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