Nostalgia (2001): Mr ‘DCC’ Harland’s blue sky lottery for plebs

Choices 2001-2021, the city’s strategic plan

Dunedin Your Way! (Choices 2001-2021) 1

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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15 responses to “Nostalgia (2001): Mr ‘DCC’ Harland’s blue sky lottery for plebs

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    I hope Cr Acklin doesn’t see this. You know what he’s like with enthusiasms on OPs’ (other people’s) money.
    But he’s not all that good at managing his own finances. So at least he can’t be criticised for “double standards”!!

  2. Peter

    This has got to be an early April Fool’s joke? Right?

    • Thing is, it’s 2013 already! …and what do we see of the visions alluded to ?
      I take it that all the white space between the blue lines represents the hidden > mushrooming < council debt, undisclosed in its totality even to this very day… so, what will we look like in 2021 ?

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Peter, I think it was intended as a – not joke exactly, but a way of saying, what projects beyond potholes and drains do you the people want? The schemes are deliberately fanciful – even the Carisbrook All Weather stadium. Cunning, that, make it look like a medieval castle, a flight of fancy – that’ll throw them off the scent, and it did.
    It’s not a silly idea to make a call for ideas from the public by presenting the topic in this way. If it had been a list of serious probable options there would have been a fight between the fors and againsts about those, without much in the way of new thinking coming through.

    • There were four entry categories: Community, Professional Interest, Divine Inspiration and People’s Choice.

      Each entry had a chance of winning in three categories for the total prize pool of $20,000.

      One would’ve hoped Farry collected something, in his ‘professional interest’.

  4. Anonymous

    Although clearly of the fantastical, there are still inconsistencies with the above drawings. If Harland’s visions had continued to develop unabated, it would not have been a statue of a ruggerhead at the harbour entrance but one of himself. The other is the absence of Otago Daily Times printed anywhere on the stadium. Little emperors have a thing for big statues but rugby and the media in this city go hand in hand to the ratepayers.

  5. Anonymous

    Athol’s gone. Assuming from the comments he’s going into hiding over at Jim’s place. And Syd seems to be talking about himself.

  6. Mike

    um, yeah – “ding dong the ….”

  7. Hype O'Thermia

    Open your window. Doesn’t the air smell fresher today? It’s like when we eventually located the dead rat behind the washing machine.

  8. amanda

    At last, some good news. Now it is just the seven negligent stadium councillors sitting around that council table that have to go too. I wouldn’t mind if a few of the gormless went as well, mind (looking at you Greater Dunedin). Good bye Mr Athol.

  9. Hype O'Thermia

    I nominate Paul Orders for the Domestos Award. Any seconders?

  10. JimmyJones

    Athol Stephens would have been the very first person to be aware of the full extent of the financial stupidity of Peter Chin’s stadium. It would have been his job to explain this foolishness to Chin and the others. Mr Stephens might have been the very first anti-stadium protester. In time it became his job to promote the decision to build it and then more recently to hide the huge ongoing costs of running it. Athol has used various methods to achieve these things, from blatant dishonesty to innovative accounting methods. He has been successful because their stadium was built and the total annual cost remains totally unknown to the average DCC councillor and every newspaper reporter.
    Athol deserves criticism, but not all of it. As a General Manager he was only one member of the DCC Executive Management Team (EMT). Without the Chief Executive and the EMT’s approval, Athol had no mandate to act. My view is that the EMT will continue with the stadium misinformation campaign even if Athol’s position is abolished.
    For me, Athol has been a worthy opponent in his job as protector of the stadium secrets. Without Mr Stephens, the war will continue; not to re-fight a lost battle, but to make sure that dishonesty, corruption, self-interest and incompetence are removed from the decision making processes of the DCC. There is a long way to go (more dead rats to find).

    • That seems about right, JimmyJones.
      Maybe also, a good time to step out or be pushed prior to Annual Plan ‘finalisation’ – I say that ‘inadvertently’ since DCC is a masterclass in how to spend very large sums of money – that it doesn’t have – outside the annual plan/LTCCP process, and other public consultation processes. We can thank Syd Brown and Dave Cull for shepherding, no, massaging these occurrences, as much as we can thank the jolly lads/ladesses of EMT, DCHL, ORFU and DVML for pushing their boats. As John Cleese would say (and the rambunctious Calvin Oaten), “Bastards!”.

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