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The Big Dry: What’s the status of Dunedin reservoirs?

Email with image received.

Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2013 5:03 PM
Subject: Water levels

Attached is an image of the Brockville reservoir for your interest. The top arrow indicates the level on 27 February and the below, today. I’m not sure if it’s relevant to the topic/posts on Dunedin’s 3 waters, no CCO but the absence of public concern from the Dunedin City Council seems to be topical.

Most people are already concerned based on broader media publishing and asking the obvious questions about water usage – is it okay to water my plants, etc.

Figured you might like to get in before the ODT :)

Brockville reservoirBrockville reservoir going down (February 2013)


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Nostalgia (2001): Mr ‘DCC’ Harland’s blue sky lottery for plebs

Choices 2001-2021, the city’s strategic plan

Dunedin Your Way! (Choices 2001-2021) 1

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