New SimCity or DCC strategy and development team

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Submitted on 2013/03/09 at 12:00 pm

I think he should give them a computerized virtual environment where they can be kept busy designing and implementing their perfect virtual world without causing any actual cost or damage to our city. – JimmyJones

Timing! For around a hundred Dunedin City Ratepayer Dollars those council ‘urban designers’ could implement JimmyJones’ suggestion with the latest version of SimCity:

### Stuff Online Last updated 05:00 09/03/2013
World’s greatest urban planner
SimCity: The Best Urban-Planning Simulation Ever
By Farhad Manjoo


Like in real life, your city’s resources are now finite. –Farhad Manjoo

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One response to “New SimCity or DCC strategy and development team

  1. ### ODT Online Wed, 24 Apr 2013
    Council concerns for road funding
    By Chris Morris
    There are fears Dunedin could lose out to Auckland as a result of proposed changes to the way the New Zealand Transport Agency allocates funding for roading projects. The concern was raised as Dunedin city councillors discussed a proposed change to NZTA’s financial assistance rate (FAR) at the Dunedin City Council infrastructure services committee meeting yesterday. The FAR was used to determine how much money was allocated from the national land transport fund to help pay for roading projects around the country.
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