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Stupid bid for two-way highway ditched for now #DCC

The way Dunedin City Council has conducted itself through the spatial plan exercise, including the (rigorously un-critiqued) central city framework, plans for (curiously gentrifying) amenity improvements in the warehouse district, the (nasty, cheap-looking) South Dunedin mainstreet programme and the proposed (hyper expensive $71+ million) South Dunedin cycling network to name but a few ‘vanity’ schemes, you would think the local authority has money to burn, or some virulent disease of the skull chamber. Probably, both.

The mayor, councillors and council staff might be thick as planks but that’s only the beginning of it. There is no money, no council surplus, for ‘own-legacy’ presents of the Cull years (hopefully, to end in October).

There is, now, a well-exceeded $660 million council debt and not far over 50,000 rate accounts to meet that debt at the same time Council continues spending on ill-conceived luxuries, questionable amenities, fripperies and non-necessities. Imperative infrastructure works that we shall refer to as “core council business”, are languishing for want of budget.

Things, thanks to DCC, are terrifically ‘hit or miss’ in the Dunedin district – rural and metropolitan.

All this “imbalance” occurs on a city council platform that refuses to be transparent and fully accountable to the Dunedin community. Council processes and financial (mis)management are a longstanding impenetrable ‘blind’.

Give us strength…
The contentions are not historic heritage and its redemption. Rather, the proponents of the council spend in the warehouse district have subordinated a 40-50 year community (spatial) plan to an accelerated 3-5 year rats nest of conflicted interests chiming in on microcosmic private property speculation – a blip on the radar, despite all manner of talking up by the suits, jean-wearers and council domeheads, and a mayor after another term of office.

Proposed two-way Crawford St, Dunedin 1Proposed two-way Crawford St, Dunedin

Proposed Warehouse Precinct, Dunedin 1Proposed Warehouse Precinct

### ODT Online Fri, 8 Mar 2013
Council parks two-way roading plan for city
By Debbie Porteous
A key component of Dunedin’s Warehouse Precinct Revitalisation Plan – making Crawford and Cumberland Sts two-way – has been shelved because of its controversial nature and a lack of funding. But city council staff say it is not vital anyway, as momentum behind the reuse of buildings in the city’s historic warehouse precinct continues to grow without the roads being altered.
Road Transport Association lower South Island representative Alan Cooper was pleased to hear the proposal was off the table, even if only temporarily.

”It was a stupid idea anyway. They’d be better putting that money into doing up the buildings.”

The council will reword its plan to instead look at ”options” for reducing the negative impacts of Crawford and Cumberland Sts, which are one-way arterial routes on either side of the warehouse district.
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