Town Hall, Dunedin Centre, Municipal Chambers #linked

Dunedin Town Hall (Municipal Chambers) 3Strengthened and up to code, pity about the debt – and DVML

### ODT Online Thu, 7 Mar 2013
RSA choir to ‘open’ town hall on Anzac Day
By Debbie Porteous
After nearly three years and more than $45 million spent on restorations and improvements, Dunedin’s town hall and neighbouring Dunedin Centre are scheduled to reopen next month. And on April 25, a group with long links to the venue, the Dunedin RSA Choir, will be the first to perform there. Choir member David More said they were looking forward to returning to the town hall with their Anzac Day Revue. ”Norma”, the town hall organ, was protected and had fans removed and replaced, but was not otherwise touched during the project, which included work on the town hall, Glenroy auditorium and municipal chambers.

● Contractors would be busy getting the centre ready for handing over to council-owned venue management company Dunedin Venues Ltd by April 5.
● The centre will be officially reopened at a civic reception on April 24.

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Dunedin Town Hall Burton Bros tepapacollections 4Dunedin Town Hall, Burton Bros (Te Papa Collections)

History and significance?
Read the Heritage New Zealand (HNZ) – Registration Reports:
Municipal Chambers – Category 1 (List No. 2197)
Dunedin Town Hall and Concert Chamber – Category 2 (List No. 2150)

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Dunedin Town Hall (facade to Moray Place) 2

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12 responses to “Town Hall, Dunedin Centre, Municipal Chambers #linked

  1. ### March 7, 2013 – 6:44pm
    Town Hall re-opening date set
    A date has finally been set for the re-opening of the Town Hall, in time for ANZAC Day on 25 April.

  2. Calvin Oaten

    Interesting that the project is being touted as costing $45 million for the Town Hall/Convention Centre upgrade now nearly completed. If one looks at the Capital Expenditure programme during the course of the development we can see some variations, but essentially it is fairly constant.
    In the 2009/10 Plan it showed as $46.547m construction plus $4.698m development borrowing costs, total $51.245m.
    In the 2010/11 Plan it was $45.76m construction plus $4.355m development borrowing costs, total $50.18m.
    In the current 2011/12 Plan it is $51.932m construction costs plus $4.8m borrowing costs, total $56.731m.
    So, what is the true all up cost? My guess is around $56-57 million all up. The borrowing costs cannot be exempt from the total, because if the project hadn’t happened neither would those costs. Just another example of pitching the $45m often enough and they have ‘fudged’ the true position, and in the process fooling both the councillors and the public.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    And by the way, that did not include the $360,000 paid to Paul Hudson’s daughter for the surrender of her lease of the “Hungry Frenchman” restaurant, which only had 1 year to run with no right of renewal.
    Thought I would mention that in case you forgot, or more likely didn’t know. I bet every second eatery in Dunedin would love to receive that sort of deal.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Oh and another point I almost forgot. When the Town Hall project finally got the ‘big tick’ from General Manager Strategy and Development Kate Styles, it was on the basis of a report commissioned from Horwath HTL who detailed the option selected as being predicated on 36 conferences per year from 2015 (as opposed to 16 in 2008 the last year before closure). If this target was met, then in 2015 it’s predicted revenue over expenditure and depreciation was a deficit ($644,878). Net Cashflow after loan repayment, negative ($4.341.163m).
    Just another item for Dave Cull to ignore and brush under the carpet. Between this, the Stadium and the OSM we will need ice axes and crampons to climb the pile under the carpet.

    • The fact that project management shifted to City Property (Robert Clark) has meant significant simplification of the Kate Styles-coordinated vision for the redevelopment, bringing significant cost savings. That was from the believe it or not file.

  5. Phil

    Calvin, nor does it include the pay-out made to the operator of the Metro Theatre. The re-fit of the Civic Centre had to be increased as City Property had to be relocated as a result of the Councillors demanding that they be given additional private office space in the Municipal Chambers, requiring City Property to move out. The cost for the City Property fit-out has not been included. Much of the re-fit costs involving the Municipal Chambers were also picked up by City Property, as well as part of the new roof to the Town Hall, so the total project cost has been split into separate reports.

  6. Peter

    Phil. What do you mean in your first sentence re the ‘pay out’ to the operator of the Metro Cinema?

  7. Calvin Oaten

    Phil, you forgot to mention the business of removing the “contaminated” soil under the Town Hall. So did I. Why? because we don’t know how much extra it was. Rest assured, it will be large. Elizabeth, what in fact were the significant cost savings effected by Robert Clark? I agree with Phil, it would be reallocating costs to different places. As Phil says, ‘separate reports’. Besides, the cap expenditure figures are there in black and white, so I would opt for the believe it or not files, likely the latter.

    • The ‘believe it or not file’, Calvin, refers to misinformation put out by DCC about the project (informally, in recent chats with managers), which we are expected to swallow whole.

      Regardless, I’m happy that the restoration and upgrade project was achieved – a great pity it had to splice with other (major project) blow-outs of all kinds. And yes, we will pay for the ‘excess’ many times over in the years ahead.

      DCC is completely ad hoc in the way it selects, prioritises and attacks major project work in its ‘district’. Regrettably. Expensively. Blindly. Murderously – $,$$$,$$$,$$$.

      • ### March 8, 2013 – 7:11pm
        Plenty to do before opening day
        The redevelopment of the DCC’s historic Town Hall and Dunedin Centre has meant the closure of those Dunedin icons. Now those buildings are about to make a come-back, with an April date announced for their re-opening. The man who has led the project says he is proud of an on-time on-budget achievement, but very aware there is plenty still to do before the big day.

  8. Phil

    DCC must be the only company in the world who can deliver EVERY SINGLE project “on-time” and “on budget”. I guess that’s possible when you simply change the budget whenever you need to in order to meet the current cost and change the time to meet the current completion date

  9. Hype O'Thermia

    It’s like tidying up the house before visitors reach the front door. Pick up everything that’s not supposed to be out there and bundle it under a bed, into the spare room and in a cupboard that by now you have to lean on with all your strength to get the door shut.
    “Oh, doesn’t your home look lovely – as always! You’re so brilliantly organised. How did you train your kids not to leave their stuff all over the house?”

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