DCC meetings —for the record

### ODT Online Tue, 26 Feb 2013
DCC meetings opened to full recording
By Debbie Porteous
The Dunedin public will be able to see local body politicians in action ”warts and all” after city councillors agreed to allow full sound recordings of their meetings. The public, including media, were previously only allowed take photos, notes and video, but not record sound at council meetings. But several resolutions passed by councillors yesterday will allow any person who notifies the chairman at the start of a meeting to record, including video with sound, the public parts of full council, public forum and standing committee meetings.

Council governance manager Sandy Graham told councillors the proposal from staff came after requests from members of the public and media and was something the council’s communications team was also keen on. Councillors had mixed reactions to the proposal.

The council will also record the meetings and make a full, unedited copy of recordings of meetings publicly available. This opens the door to possible live webcasting of meetings in the future.
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DCC homepage portrait nightmares 6.1.13 (screenshot)

Last updated 27 Feb 2013
What non public records resemble, for the Council’s mammoth debt spending and support to Rugby/ORFU, DVML, Rosebud’s Team at Strategy and Development et al —from the DCC home page today:

DCC homepage image 26-2-13 (1)

Mr Orders, Sir, step out from the shadow – bring with you the (undisclosed) PricewaterhouseCoopers report (file no 2).

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13 responses to “DCC meetings —for the record

  1. This should in fact be a legal requirement for all council meetings throughout the country.

  2. Peter

    This is a definite step in the right direction by the council.

  3. Dunedin City Council
    Data for everyone (01 Mar 2013)

    In mid-2013, the latest round of aerial photography will become available on the DCC website, and will have a creative commons copyright, so the images can be reused by anyone. Previous aerial photography, used currently in the DCC’s online street and web maps, had restrictions placed on its use by third parties.


  4. I find this “Previous aerial photography, used currently in the DCC’s online street and web maps, had restrictions placed on its use by third parties.” very strange indeed.
    I assume these photos were commissioned by DCC? In which case they own them and are able to do whatever they please with them.

  5. Mike

    More likely the previous work was purchased by the DCC from a 3rd party, or co-commisioned along with someone else who hoped to sell them for money

    Now they’ve done this and CC released them they should poke google to pick them up to improve google maps

    • DCC Webmap: http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/council-online/webmaps

      It says at FAQ (click on ‘Webmap for Dunedin City’, go to Help on the left-hand menu and scroll down in the new window), specific to the photography:

      Aerial Photography – Aerial photographs are sourced from Terralink International Limited, and held in joint copyright with Dunedin City Council. The data is freely available in this form. Those who wish to obtain higher quality prints can do so visiting the Dunedin City Council Customer Service Centre in the Civic Centre, The Octagon. Those who wish to purchase significant portions of the data in digital form or in hardcopy sets should contact Terralink IL at http://www.terralinkltd.com/.

  6. This is why ALL meetings (public and non public) of the Dunedin City Council should be recorded as an independent check on the passage of business, resolutions and voting.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 10 Dec 2013
    Pair in spat over minutes
    By Chris Morris
    Dunedin city councillor Lee Vandervis was accused of trying to ”massage” the official minutes of a Dunedin City Council meeting during testy exchanges with Cr David Benson-Pope yesterday. The spat came after Cr Benson-Pope took exception to an attempt by Cr Vandervis to have the minutes of an earlier council meeting, held on November 21, amended during yesterday’s full council meeting.
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    Liability Cull’s council lack transparency and accountability… always bound for ‘off the record’ it seems!

    ### ODT Online Tue, 10 Dec 2013
    Fee debate in private
    By Chris Morris
    Debate over the amount of money allocated for Dunedin City Council company directors’ fees was deemed non-public at the last minute yesterday. A proposal to allocate $785,879 for directors’ fees – spread across the council’s group of companies – was expected to be debated in the public part of yesterday’s full council meeting. However, that changed when Cr Kate Wilson warned holding the debate in public would prevent her from raising related issues that had first been discussed in previous non-public council sessions.
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    Report – Council – 09/12/2013 (PDF, 278.9 KB)
    Directors Fees – DCHL Group for the Year Ending 30 September 2014

  7. The fact that when a councillor reasonably requests the the minutes of a meeting, whether – in public or private – be a true and correct report of said meeting is overruled and they are left unaltered says a lot about the ethics of some around the council table. After all, these minutes become part of the historic record of the city, and that they should knowingly be incorrect is a travesty and a blot on the Mayor’s record. That Cr David Benson-Pope should take exception to the record being put straight would leave one pondering on just what it was that incurred his ire. Is it because he didn’t want something affecting him disclosed? Thanks to the autocratic fiefdom existing we’ll never know.

  8. Jock strap

    Calvin. Did it have anything to do with activities at the Carisbrook hotel a few years back. BP wouldn’t want that included in the minutes.

  9. Anonymous

    Great. Now we have someone in power who not just avoids accountability but attacks those who seek it. Are the Dave and David duo filling their prescribed roles perfectly?

  10. Some people do good, some do bad, some just shouldn’t. It ill behoves the citizens who vote for the latter. Particularly if he/she comes with a record of being flexible both with the truth and morals.

  11. Domineering type, sometimes willing to be dominated, one of the ‘trix’ of the trade

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