Darren Burden’s ratepayer subsidy bubble and other Fubar myths

The Elton John concert at Fubar is lauded by ‘prostadia’ as having generated a $14-15 million spend in Dunedin.

Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) commissioned Howard Research to ascertain the economic benefit of the sold-out November 2011 concert.

“Of the $14.9 million, $4.6 million was spent on retail shopping, $4 million on food and beverage and $3.4 million on accommodation.” (ODT 11.2.12)

Nobody seriously believes that, except ‘prostadia’.

With each ratepayer-subsidised act or event to appear at the stadium we’re reminded (no, told) of the great windfall that was ‘Elton John’.

Dunedin Venues’ books say differently. With more events being diaried, what happens when the ratepayer subsidy and events fund runs out? What will the city council dream up next to borrow against, or sell?

[Can we hock off Darren and his team of DVML ‘managers’ and their EPAs?]

Aerosmith, Tampa Florida 11.12.12 The Global Warming TourAerosmith at Tampa, Florida (11 December 2012). The Global Warming Tour. B.Moore | Visuals

ODT 25.2.13 Walk this way – Aerosmith to play stadium

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10 responses to “Darren Burden’s ratepayer subsidy bubble and other Fubar myths

  1. Anonymous

    Woohoo, the pro-stadium are coming out en masse. Man, the local and nationwide advertising campaign today was massive. Full page colour ads and radio pitches everywhere. DVML must have been chomping at the bit for weeks before letting it all loose. The Stakeholders and Spooks must have been busy preparing their soldiers for front-line duty.

    • We’re paying for the MARKETING, and yarp it’s election year – see the Stadium Councillors and Lesser Dunedin jump on this one and the rest of Darren’s golden oldie list as proof that robbing ratepayers was all SO worth it.

  2. Anonymous

    To be fair I quite like how Steven Tyler related his daughter’s views of the South in his decision to perform here. The ODT could have swung the other way and said it was all about the fund, DVML or itself but let up a little. His is the sort of view that reminds me of home, instead of the overwhelming cowshit, tourism blowhard, bureaucracy, politics and corruption which works hard at undoing all that good.

    Tyler, calling from his home in Maui, Hawaii, told the Otago Daily Times his interest in performing in New Zealand- and, in particular, the South – was piqued by descriptions provided by his eldest daughter, Liv, one of the stars of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

  3. Yes it’s going to be painful.

  4. ### ch9.co.nz March 5, 2013 – 7:00pm
    Nightly interview: Darren Burden
    Forsyth Barr Stadium has had a stellar beginning to the year, with rugby, league and O-week. And the last week of events was topped off with the news Aerosmith would be playing their only New Zealand concert at the stadium in April. Stadium chief executive Darren Burden is here to give us an update on the venue’s progress.

  5. ### ODT Online Tue, 19 Mar 2013
    Groups able to use part of stadium free of charge
    By Debbie Porteous
    The managers of the Forsyth Barr Stadium have opened up one end of the venue for use by the community free of charge as part of a $750,000 annual service level agreement with the Dunedin City Council.

    Schools, sports teams and community groups have been invited to use the Otago Daily Times stand at eastern end of the stadium free of charge.

    Dunedin Venues Ltd chief executive Darren Burden said there would be no charge for the use of the covered, concrete sealed pad, which he imagined would be ”perfect” for sports training and practice as well as physical education or school fairs. Nearby toilets and bus parking in the stadium car park were available and their use, as well as any associated cleaning and lighting, would all be free of charge.
    Read more

  6. Phil

    Interesting how O Week was held at the stadium again this year. Last year there was outcry about how the stadium was going to be drawing revenue away from the existing student association venue. The excuse given at the time was that it was a “one-off” event due to building work being carried out at the existing student venue. Year Two and we’re back at the stadium as though it was the most natural thing in the world to do. Not a peep out of anyone this time. Conclusion is that we were fed a complete load of crap (again) last year, simply to get rid of any complaints. Sounds about right. There is very little happening at the stadium which could not be housed at an existing Dunedin venue. Same money, just being taken away from one venue and given to the stadium.

    Same tactics being employed with regard to the new hotel. 160 student apartments means 160 empty apartments in the Halls of Residence. With the make up of the Hearings Panel, the continued public endorsement by the Mayor of the project prior to a hearings decision, and the free advertising being supplied by the ODT, approval of this project is already guaranteed. Dave is desperate for something. He needs this to go through. There’s an election looming and he needs a “jobs for everyone” angle. The plan is that, like the stadium, most people won’t figure out the truth until after the election.

  7. Calvin Oaten

    Excellent!!! Free use for all and sundry. Funny, I could have sworn that the $750,000 pa grant from our magnanimous council was to ensure that DVML would be able to pay DVL the annual rental of $4m pa. The fact that it is well shy of revenue to enable that is reason enough to have second thoughts on freebies. DVL needs all that and then some to cover interest costs on the mortgage. Oh well, what’s not to like about giving sheltered facilities for all and sundry even though they have gotten by up to now without it?

  8. Anonymous

    I suspect the 160 new apartment dwellers will be ex-Shenzen, Shanghai and so on, all newly-minted student visas supplied by local “immigration consultants”, all international students for the University of Otago, on accelerated degree programmes, prebooked at the Tower via local agents. One stop shop for your Otago Uni degree, all fully controlled, no need to be involved in that difficult stuff like cultural integration. The wealth and influence coming out of Asia is staggering. I recently sighted an Asian student bank balance of >$250K. Not to mention the Saudi students who are on a different level again.

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