ODT Online: ‘Gone, deleted, it never happened, Councillor’

All is safe, RT. We know nothing!

Elizabeth @ What if? Dunedin
Submitted on 2013/02/10 at 12:39 pm | In reply to Hype O’Thermia.

This one sent to http://www.odt.co.nz/opinion/opinion/244913/do-maths-stadium-costs hasn’t aired, thrown into the ghost bucket, I guess:

Public accountability, arithmetic
Submitted by ej kerr on Sat, 09/02/2013 – 6:49pm

There’s reason to be grateful to members of the public quickly leaping on superficialities put out by the councillor, as ‘spokesman’ for the DCC on the loss making stadium.

The city council in its wisdom formed a series of shells to ‘see through’ the stadium project; these have resulted in a lack of transparency in governance, a resounding loss of accountability, and multiple opportunities for potential misrepresentation to citizens and ratepayers.

The cumulative bid to foster acceptance in the community for ‘intergenerational debt’ being loaded on citizen ratepayers – as if ‘sustainable’, as if ‘logical’, for future fortunes to be made and shared – was/is a highly immoral behaviour that council politicians are ultimately responsible for.

At the Milton Hilton rests a flag-waver to a board’s lack of diligence and knowledge of its own accounting systems. We don’t need another flag waver, councillor…. not in apology to the city council’s callous disregard for financial prudence.

UPDATE 11.2.13
No longer at the Milton Hilton, the crim-flagwaver has been moved to a 4-bedroom house in “the grounds” of another HM’s establishment near Christchurch.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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19 responses to “ODT Online: ‘Gone, deleted, it never happened, Councillor’

  1. search engine term (Sunday):

    what country has controll of the missellthe tcan blow the word up

  2. Russell Garbutt

    Why does the ODT site not show thread comments in chronological order?

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    They had to do emergency repairs to the word that was blown up by a missell.

  4. Anonymous

    Elizabeth, I believe the Telecom Yahoo! Xtra breach is massive.

    I’ve been dealing with this since early Sunday and have seen examples sent from every single every account I know is held by family, friends and clients. One or two examples possibly across a potential scope of half million accounts, but not that many and definitely not all of them. It also covers a broad spectrum of customers, some who have been with Telecom for over 10 years through to others who have gone there recently. One of those accounts hadn’t even been converted to Yahoo! Xtra. And several of those passwords are hardened, which would make brute force cracking impossible under the circumstances.

    Also the timeframe and scope makes it unreasonable to have occurred due just to unintentional user intervention (caught by phishing) or wide-scale account cracking since that level of client-side processing would raise alarms and potentially slow-down or break the email service.

    Which means it must have been a server-side breach.

    So apart from its communications department creating spin, lying, being caught out, coming to “understandings” with the media, now Telecom has done something even more stupid and recommended all users change their Xtra password. This is likely to create enormous flow-on effects, stopping access to email, shared accounts and broadband across a wide range of computer competence in its customers. Now a whole heap of end-user issues are going to occur, resulting in long waits with technical support and dealing with its horrid out-sourced support centres.

    It’s going to be an uncomfortable place to work for a while. Not for the CEOs and executive who won’t have to deal with it directly. Which is just like ours who screw up public services in Dunedin and leave the poor buggers on the front-line to bare the consequences. Then out-source a few more of those too once the heat dies down.

    • Anonymous, thanks for comment – and thank god (so far) that I’m with another bunch.

      • Updated post – Mr Swann has relocated.

        • At top of thread it says:

          UPDATE 11.2.13
          No longer at the Milton Hilton, the crim-flagwaver has been moved to a 4-bedroom house in “the grounds” of another HM’s establishment near Christchurch.

          We start to work out why! Although, some contradiction in the write-up [?].

          ### DScene 15.5.13
          Control Alt Delete (page 1)
          Convicted fraudster Michael Swann was moved out of the Milton Correctional Facility after a computer he was likely to have had access to was donated to the prison by a friend. See story by Wilma McCorkindale at page 3.

        • ### ODT Online Tue, 21 May 2013
          Legal threat could harm Swann’s case
          By Hamish McNeilly
          A letter threatening legal action if convicted fraudster Michael Swann was not given a favourable parole outcome is ”outrageous”, and could harm his chance of an early release, a criminologist warns. A parole hearing for Swann has been delayed after one of his supporters wrote a letter threatening legal action if he did not receive a favourable outcome from the New Zealand Parole Board. Swann was sentenced in the High Court at Dunedin in March 2009 to nine and a-half years’ jail with a minimum non-parole period of four years and six months, after being found guilty of defrauding the Otago District Health Board of $16,902,000.
          Read more

  5. Anonymous

    Noticed this morning some excitement about a Pope retiring? The first time in 700 years a man in power actually gave it up? I thought maybe Malcolm Farry had stepped down from something but then on closer inspection realised I was on Stuff and not the ODT, so must be some other guy, somewhere else.

  6. Mike

    yes – ex-benedict for breakfast

  7. Russell Garbutt

    Mike, that is superb. You should supply that forthwith to Garrick Tremain as a line for one of his excellent cartoons.

  8. Mike

    sadly I can’t claim it as original – it was just a spectacularly bad pun that caught my fancy

  9. Mike

    I was very disappointed this morning, I’d hoped to join in with the ODT April 1 spoof with an over the top spiel decrying the waste of ratepayers’ money being spent on this obvious haast eagle rort – sadly, fearing the wrath of cat owners, they’ve declined to open comments on the article

  10. Anonymous

    I would welcome a Judicial review. Double the sentence and force him to reveal the whereabouts of the missing $9M. And the associates who left town in a hurry when he was sent down (which car yard changed its name and which lawyer with a vintage car collection is now on the Gold Coast etc etc).

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