Sunday Star Times Business News: Woops DCC

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Auckland councillors reveal interests
By Rob Stock
The shutters of secrecy around the personal commercial interests of elected councillors and local board members are beginning to lift at the country’s largest local council. In May last year Auckland mayor Len Brown pledged to the Sunday Star-Times that Auckland Council would work towards the establishment of a register of pecuniary interests of councillors, something other major councils have long provided to their ratepayers.
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Near the end of the article we love the reference to “the heavily indebted Dunedin City Council” being without a public register of pecuniary interests of councillors… Something “major councils have long provided to their ratepayers” (see Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga, and now Auckland).

It’s the remainder of the sentence about Dunedin that really amuses, but let’s reproduce the paragraphs which implicate DCC.

In fact, the lack of registers at some councils – the heavily indebted Dunedin City Council was another without a public register – seems in direct contravention of the Local Government Act that requires councils to operate “in an open, transparent, and democratically accountable manner”.

Local Government New Zealand told the Government it believes the model set by MPs needed to apply to local councillors, arguing that it would “strengthen public confidence in public bodies like local government”, and it turned out that Auckland City Council was supporting the call.

Best we demand a register of Dunedin City councillors’ interests well before the October 2013 local body elections – make the request via public submissions on the Draft Annual Plan 2013/14, and DCC public forums.

DCC homepage portrait nightmares 6.1.13 (screenshot)

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13 responses to “Sunday Star Times Business News: Woops DCC

  1. It does appear to make DCC look like cocks and crooks again. Oh wait…..

  2. Calvin Oaten

    I am moderately interested in a register of interest for all councillors, but intensely interested in a comparable register of all ‘NGO’ members, and, especially DCC subsidiary operation’s directors. That is where the real problems emanate from.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    Elizabeth, try the CST for starters.

  4. Mike

    At this point the ORFU probably counts too ….

  5. Calvin Oaten

    Hey! I see Malcolm has been ‘upstaged’ (no mean feat that) by Polson Higgs. Page 9 Mondays ODT add promoting workshop to ‘become a great business manager.’ In the fine print it says; The workshop is very interactive, using case studies and real life scenarios to explore issues facing todays managers. I suppose it will detail the riveting performances of the principal Mr Polson’s record as a director of the DCHL group of companies. Or they might even cover in more depth the search for the Higgs boson. I don’t know. But Malcolm’s deal couldn’t match that.

    • Elizabeth

      Malc can offer that first consultation for free, after that a vacuum cleaner is attached to your wallet. Good doing business.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Some day I hope I’ll cease to initially misread that as “Higgs Bosom”.

  7. chirpbird

    Thank you, Elizabeth. I will email the governance officer and get this topic added to my Public Forum submission on 11 th Feb. Good thing I can talk fast – have only five minutes. But they have been accepting written submissions so I can get quite a few more words in.

  8. Mike

    You can’t spell QANGO without NGO …

  9. chirpbird

    Calvin, Ron Anderson was on CST and I think he had connections with the land purchased via Port of Otago (certainly with the Dunedin Harbourside Plan Change that Harland and Chin so much promoted). He was also was a founding director of the stadium [project management] company, Arrow International.

    See which states:
    “Arrow International owners Ron Anderson and Bob Foster are looking at a wave of work in the Christchurch rebuild. The project management of the new Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza in Dunedin provided a fillip for Arrow during the recent global downturn. Mr Anderson was a keen promoter of the controversial $186 million stadium, as an original trustee of the venture.”

    Excerpt from an ODT article about him says:
    “The key was to get buy-in and ownership (for the Dunedin stadium) from the local community, a task he [Anderson] believed had been achieved despite some vocal opposition.
    He described the community’s attitude as “massive support, belief and passion,” which had seen the project clear every obstacle put in front of it.”

    I have no doubt that the disclosures you refer to would show outrageous conflicts of interest.

    {Ron Anderson has been profiled previously at What if? Dunedin, drawing attention to conflicts of interest. He also occupied other roles in connection with the stadium project. -Eds}

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