Internal Affairs is a whole other planet #whitecollarcrime #DIArorts

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Department of Internal Affairs is a despicable excuse for a regulatory authority – corrupt (yes), criminal (question mark) and unethical (100%) DIA management, now with aid of the Buddle Findlay goof. LAUGHABLE.

SST 30.12.12 Kilgallon pA2 (2)

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SOFT SOAP SEEK – DIA wants two new investigators to NOT investigate

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NZ Herald – What Bob Jones said….
19.6.12 Pokies nothing to do with charity

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17 responses to “Internal Affairs is a whole other planet #whitecollarcrime #DIArorts

  1. Martin Legge

    The culture within DIA is a disgrace and it comes at the very time the community want change. Are we expected to believe that Mr Sherriff as “an outsider “on the panel represents wider community interests when he draws a handsome fee from pokie trusts that constantly challenge the department and are we expected to believe Mr Quivooy yet again, when he says the successful candidate has already held discussions with pokie trusts represented by Mr Sherriff and it all went just fine.

  2. Anonymous

    Mr Quivooy’s comments in that story mark him as one of those useless management types who likes to ‘baffle them with bullshit’. Clearly got a lot stink about him when an executive has to speak in that manner.

    • Elizabeth

      Quivooy didn’t learn much from his previous job at Dept of Labour, responsible for Health and Safety at Pike River, and more.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Can’t agree with you there, Elizabeth. He has been honing his skills at staying employed in a time of rising unemployment by deft use of see-no-problems, acknowledge-no-problems, ignore-all-problem-raisers strategy. That and diverting the energy that tackling the job might have used up, into conveying to those who like a brown-noser that here’s a safe pair of hands, a chap who won’t stir up unwelcome attention with sudden blurts of frankness.

    • Elizabeth

      Got me some tissues.

      (read DIA loves, supports and will not shop bigtime multi-million-dollar crims in suits)
      (DIA knows how its bread is buttered)

      “We’re DIA, this is your honest-to-god Government speaking.”

  4. Elizabeth

    Unpublished (as yet) at ODT Online:

    Submitted by ej kerr on Thu, 10/01/2013 – 2:15pm.
    Revenue Minister Peter Dunne might be seen to be useful on this goosechase. Not so hot on cleaning up multimillion-dollar pokie rorts carried out under the nose and looked on passively by Internal Affairs. A little silencing involved for white collar crime and older boychumps. Why?

  5. Hype O'Thermia
    “This blog has been set up to set the record straight and counter the misleading claims being made by pokie trusts and casinos about
    proposed gambling reforms – including Te Ururoa Flavell’s Gambling Harm Reduction Bill.”

  6. Martin Legge

    The following is an extract from an email dated July 2009, received from top gambling lawyer, Alistair Sherriff of Wellington law firm, Buddle Findlay. Sunday Star Times recently reported that Sherriff sat on the DIA panel to select a DIA Compliance Manager. Yes this is what he really wrote:

    “A personage who must remain anonymous recently reported – after secret squirrel discussions within the DIA – that there was some understanding the current legislation was Not working ideally and an entire new Gambling law was needed and was being considered rather than just tinkering with the current farrago”

    Sherriff does not deal with the rank and file within DIA so his comments would have come from someone near the top, likely from DIA’s own internal lawyer.

    In spite of the rorts, whistleblowers and the public outcry that have continued since Mr Sherriff’s supposed contact with his secret informant, we continue to have Maarten Quivooy, Paul James and now DIA CEO Colin MacDonald issuing contradictory, if not false information to the public they are paid to serve without a squeak from NZ’s two biggest political parties on the state of this industry.

  7. Martin Legge

    Spare a thought for all the Pike River victims and their families.

    Maarten Quivooy was the National Safety Manager at Dept of Labour at the time of the Pike River tragedy and during the commission of enquiry that followed which resulted in DOL Management being heavily criticised. As we now know, Quivooy, like a rat off a sinking ship, left the DOL before the Commission made its findings public.

    Quivooy grabbed the top Gambling Compliance job at DIA ahead of an incumbent. In light of this it would be interesting to read his CV, his references from DOL and hear his responses given to the DIA selection panel – “Maarten can you please outline your achievements with the DOL”

    Quivooy is all hat and no cowboy!!!

    • Elizabeth

      Department for Scandal. Shame!

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Wed, 16 Jan 2016
      Bars pushing for pokies profits
      By Adam Bennett – NZ Herald
      Pub and club owners and operators are pushing for a change to gambling laws, to allow them to take a profit on pokie machines and to reduce the amount that gets paid back to the community in grants. The proposed changes have drawn fire from the Green Party which says they will lead to increased problem gambling. In a recent policy document Hospitality New Zealand says it wants gambling law changes to tackle “unfair remuneration of operators and a bureaucratic, cumbersome operating environment with no flexibility or fairness”. Hospitality NZ want the law changed to introduce a commission-based payment system for venues, allowing them to take 16 per cent of pokie machine profits. At present they are permitted to take only enough to cover their expenses. Amongst other changes, Hospitality NZ also wants the removal of the requirement for 37 per cent of profits to be returned to the community replacing that with a “a cap on society expenditure”. It also wants venues that merge to be able to increase the number of machines they operate – a measure that appears to cut across the “sinking lid”policy many local authorities currently have. -APNZ
      Read more

  8. Russell Garbutt

    Let’s not let false rubbish get in the way of a concerted grab. Pokies in pubs have their proceeds split 3 ways of more or less equal proportion. One third to the dear old Government in terms of taxes, one third to the operator and one third to be returned to the community.

    How the rorts work is that sometimes someone like the ORFU get hold of the pubs and then they get 2/3rds of the total take meaning that the local community misses out and they also take the operator’s third. Nice and simple. The DIA is supposed to police this to ensure it doesn’t happen, but as well all know the DIA is full of incompetent and unwilling saps that wouldn’t know up from down even when it was shown to them.

    In the case of a casino – think of Stu McLauchlan and his dear mates at the Dunedin Casino – the return to the community is only a couple of percent. The operator gets more or less two thirds of the take.

    The whole pokie industry is in need of a total clean sweep and repopulating with people that actually understand what widespread community fraud and theft is, and more importantly know how to deal with it. Not much of a hope when you have incompetent and unwilling Ministers and equally incompetent and unwilling DIA staff amongst others…..

  9. Calvin Oaten

    Paul James job description reads like he is the man out front on the supervision of the rules. So far out in front that he probably doesn’t even know what’s going on. Either that or he has serious physical problems, deaf, blind, together with short term memory lapses. In a word, a normal bureaucrat. Easy meat for the ‘wiley mobsters’ attracted to the easy money. The ORFU boys are right there.

    • Elizabeth

      Search engine terms:

      inappropriate pokie funds

      grants meant for amateur rugby used to pay orfu creditors

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