2 responses to “shenanigans

  1. madeleine lamont

    If I was wanting to take an image diminishing the size of a large object in the distance, I would include an object appearing large because it is close. If I was a tourist wanting an image to remember the city of Dunedin I would not take the photo with more than a third of the image as brick wall and foreground. It is important to note the hill beyond the stadium in this view is 204m high. The elevation at Unity Park, Mornington where these images are taken is 100m. The proposed hotel is 96.8m high. If it’s built in the position where the stadium stands (37m), its profile’s top elevation would be half way up the hill behind Palmers quarry. In all considerations, the scale of the proposed building must be treated as a real experience by the viewer, not diminished by trickery.

    {The height of the proposed building as stated on the plans is 96.300m from ground level – see the calibrated transverse section provided on page 080 of the Hearings Committee Agenda. -Eds}

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Madeleine – yes, your first sentence in particular reminds me of the effect (specially contrived by the applicant’s expert Truescape…) of the view of the subject site taken from the Exchange Area… we’re led to believe the proposed tower cannot be seen! Luckily, [my former urban design lecturer] Clinton Bird’s urban design brief of evidence for Capri Enterprises Ltd strongly contradicts the site views the applicant has chosen for use in the resource consent application (Truescape said at hearing that the views were briefed by consulting planner Don Anderson).

      I hope others will join me in writing to the chair of the hearings committee (Colin Weatherall) to ask that the DCC/applicant provides in writing to all submitters advance notice of the day/times the applicant will simulate the height of the building at the subject site so we can have our cameras focused from various city view points.

      daseditor from the Dunedin Amenities Society says of the ODT view:
      “Interesting that they took the view from Unity Park (which Park did the Society mention in its submission?). Unfortunately they have not taken that picture from the Byrd Memorial which is the more pertinent viewing point.”

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