Proposed hotel, 41 Wharf Street – indicative landscape effects

The following images (scans of scans…) were supplied by Madeleine Lamont in submission on application LUC-2012-212. The text of Madeleine’s submission has been lightly edited for posting. Her submission as lodged (No. 422) can be viewed here: Submissions 401 to 509 (PDF, 6.9 MB).

1. View from Mornington Park, off Eglinton Rd between Stafford and High Sts

2. (zoom) View from Mornington Park, off Eglinton Rd

3. View from Bellevue St, Belleknowes, just below Highgate

4. View from Adam St, near Russell St, City Rise

Submission to Dunedin City Council
Re: Public Notice of application for Resource Consent Section 95A Resource Management Act 1991
Resource Consent Application No: LUC-2012-212
Name of Applicant: Betterways Advisory Limited
Location of Site: 41 Wharf Street, Dunedin, being the land legally described as
Lot 3 Deposited Plan 25158, held in Computer Freehold
Register OT17A/1107.

I submit in the strongest terms, that resource consent for the building of the proposed hotel structure on the above site, NOT BE GRANTED because of the structure’s significant, detrimental effects on the city landscape.

If the applicant had had the courtesy to supply comprehensive spatial design drawings of this structure in the context of the whole city, it would be obvious to all how inappropriate in SCALE this structure is. At 96m in elevation, the structure overbears the entire city and harbour basin, obstructing the entire city centre’s experience of the harbour, the peninsula and Dunedin’s nestling hills, offering an absurd conflict with the human scale and nature of both the historic and current character of city structures and city activities.

Of greatest concern are the western and eastern elevations of the structure. I submit Photo 1 taken from the lookout in Mornington Park, a view celebrated by Dunedin artists numerous times over the years, by visitors to the city and of course, by the hundreds of Dunedin households. The approximate silhouette of the proposed structure is drawn in to show the obstructive nature and ‘selfish’ size and position of the hotel. The scale of the building is completely inappropriate. Photo 2 is from the same position, zoomed in and marked with the Wharf St railway lighting tower measured at 35m used to indicate the dominance of the proposed 96.3m hotel structure. The eastern elevation from the peninsula suburbs too, will experience the overscale of the building against the city and hill suburbs.

Photo 3 taken, on zoom from Bellevue Street, Belleknowes, again includes the structure’s silhouette scaled off the marked rail light tower. If the cladding of the proposed tower is mainly glass, with it being so high above the city, the western sun will create issues of sun strike on roads leading down from the suburbs, and obviously, serious effects and obstruction to the views enjoyed by thousands of households.

Photo 4 is from lower down the Belleknowes spur, from Adam Street, with an estimated, but conservative profile (photo lacks a known structure to measure off) drawn. Again the aesthetic values and scale of the harbour basin are entirely offended by an ill considered structure.

What concerns me most about this application for resource consent to build an inappropriate structure (by position and scale), is the inadequacy of the supplied application documents to present the structure in the context of the city. Widely published images are fantasy, such as an elevated, high angle view from well above the harbour, attempting to diminish the perceived size of the structure. The only humans to view the structure from this angle, position and elevation may be those wealthy enough to, by helicopter. These images are notable for their lack of contextual structures that make, in fact, the character of Dunedin. Buildings of 2, 3 or more storeys set the scale appropriate for development and are absent from the application documents precisely to obscure the real affect this structure will have on the city’s landscape and its aesthetic values. Design consultancy information only focuses on the very immediate surroundings and contains no spatial plan for this giant structure in the context of the city. I have attempted to show how 120 degrees of the city centre and its hill suburbs will have their harbour and peninsula views and joy of place seriously obstructed. The peninsula suburbs will view a structure absurdly contradicting the city structures and rounded hill suburbs. All incoming transport links, as a special feature of this city, enjoy delightful revelation of the ‘great little city’, its harbour and the waters of the Pacific. These heartening views enjoyed by all, citizen and visitor, will be irretrievable spoiled and dominated by a tower designed (and possibly built) for a city the scale of Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

Lastly, the attempt at this sort of inappropriate development is an affront to the careful planning [of] the city’s forefathers to create an egalitarian community enjoying the delightful natural environment Dunedin offers. The proposed structure stands at 96m. This is only a matter of metres below the elevation of much of the Green Belt. Jubilee Park is at a 100m elevation. The Green Belt designed and implemented so long ago and maintained for the benefit of all, is carefully placed so that wherever a person stands in the city centre they can look up the hills to the skyline and see only green, the suburbs beyond obscured by the angle of view. This creates a very special intimate city, a human scaled city, for the benefit and edification of those living or visiting here. This, in conjunction with historical character (now lost in Christchurch), a rich, intelligent, creative and industrious community is what makes Dunedin a destination, a special, memorable place that with sympathetic development will continue to attract visitors and citizens who will not find the likes, elsewhere in the world. Structures like the proposed hotel are notable for being the same the world over. In being built it will change the very character of the place visitors will be seeking to experience.

I submit in the strongest terms that the Dunedin City Council turn down this application for resource consent and I suggest that the non compliance of this application to the requirements of the Resource Management Act to protect the amenity, aesthetic and cultural values and wellbeing of the people of Dunedin will bring this matter to the Environment Court.

Yours sincerely

Madeleine Lamont
B. Landscape Architecture (Hons), Lincoln University

Compare these indicative images to those prepared by Truescape of Christchurch for the Applicant:

LUC-2012-212 12. Viewpoint booklet
(PDF, 3.4MB)
This document is a scanned copy of the application for resource consent

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The Applicant, Betterways Advisory Limited, gets one and a half days for presentation to the hearing committee (Cr Colin Weatherall, Cr Andrew Noone, Cr Kate Wilson, and independent commissioner John Lumsden). Submitters have been allowed ten minutes each. Written communication from City Planning makes no time allowance for submitters wishing to use experts.

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13 responses to “Proposed hotel, 41 Wharf Street – indicative landscape effects

  1. Paul

    I live just down the hill from where photo #3 was taken – here’s what the view out of our stairwell looks like (NOT zoomed):

    We bring visitors from out of town to show it especially in the evening, it’s part of how we explain why we love to live in Dunedin. We estimate our view adds roughly $100,000 to the value of our house.

    Using about the same scaling as #3 here’s what our view will look like:

    It would seem to me that in building this god awfully ugly hotel they’ll reduce the value of the houses on the hill by at least the same amount.

    Should this monstrosity be built I pledge to purchase as many barely legal lasers as I can afford (I’ll be losing $100,000, I can afford a LOT) and, purely in the interests of xmas mind you, ruin the view from the hotel at least as much as my view is ruined.

    I encourage the residents of Waverley to do the same:

  2. Elizabeth

    Let’s everybody try to look and sound important because we [the posers] have loose cash to throw at impoverished old Dunedin. (how Roy Rogers sent Trigger to the knackers then bought a flash new pony, some silver spurs and another hacienda in Eiontown) Never so transparent…

    ### November 27, 2012 – 5:56pm
    Luxury accommodation will attract visitors
    The company fronting the 28 storey hotel project in Dunedin has brought out the big guns from China, days out from a consent hearing to decide the hotel’s fate. Yi Min Sun is a municipal official from a city of more than 32 million people. And he told media this afternoon the hotel would bring Chinese tourists to Dunedin.

  3. Elizabeth

    Tonight I’ll read Tourism Dunedin’s submission on the proposed hotel, then eagerly await their arguments at hearing. Wait for roll out of their monstrous/dubious/doctored ‘tourism’ stats, projections, and appalling lack of understanding of heritage tourism and cultural heritage landscape (if they know nothing about it they should give Dame Anne Salmond and Priscilla Pitts a tingle), via the dulcet tones of their suit-and-tie chief executive Hamish Saxton. Nice chap, has lost his way – impeccably.

    City Planner’s Report – paragraph [74], page 14:
    “…it should be noted that the Resource Management Act 1991 does not seek to protect views and this reason alone is not sufficient for Council to decline consent.”

    City Planner’s Report – 9. Reasons for Recommendations:
    [page 60] 9.2 Section 104 of the Act requires that the Council take into account Regional Policy Statements and rules of any plan or proposed plan. The proposal was found to be consistent with many of the objectives and policies of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement and Regional Policy Statement for Otago, except for those in regard to landscape preservation.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    “Yi Min Sun is a municipal official from a city of more than 32 million people.” I’m not saying the city he comes from has the same quality standards for its managers as Dunedin does, but if a Dunedin council suit told you about the glittering future that would arise from, gee, anything – you’d believe it (place mark at appropriate place) this much:
    -25——–0———————-50————————100 percent.

    • Elizabeth

      <<——— -25——–0———————-50————————100 percent.

      For DCC suits I'm off the scale to the left, Hype.

      • Elizabeth

        Jibes aside, just finished reading all submissions and will later post a list of submitters to watch through the hearing process; some of these (opposed) are likely to use experts who may be of help to the community, directly or indirectly.

        • Elizabeth

          Here’s my list of submissions / potential submitters to watch… definitely, ORC top of list.
          View submissions at DCC website (Post application information) Link

          418 Otago Regional Council
          62 Port Otago Ltd
          301 New Zealand Railways Corporation (trading as KiwiRail)
          326 Chalmers Properties Ltd
          349 New Zealand Historic Places Trust

          222 Department of Geography and Department of Applied Sciences, University of Otago
          259 Dunedin Amenities Society
          360 New Zealand Institute of Architects – Southern Branch
          373 The Architecture Centre (Wellington)

          59 Donald Christopher Reid [visuals to hearing?]
          202 Philip John Glassey
          205 Elizabeth Dickie
          207 Jeff Dickie
          217 Nicholas Phillips
          220 Dr Matthias Schellborn
          254 Dr Brent Lovelock [Assoc Prof]
          384 Elizabeth Kerr
          393 Ian Macdiarmid, Silke Macdiarmid [see visuals]
          422 Madeleine Lamont [see visuals]

          Building Owners/Users:
          29 Dinesh Pandey (CP Dunedin Ltd)
          99 Michael & Kelly Macknight
          122 Hayden Cawte
          131 Stephen John Macknight
          141 The Edwardian Limited (Consultancy House)
          142 The Bing Harris Building Co Ltd
          171 Richard Colin Macknight
          212 Lindsay Kaan (Kaan’s Catering Supplies)
          240 Antony Dunstan Crawfurd Macknight
          300 Alan Preston (Bedpost Dunedin)
          328 Barry Timmings (Customhouse Restaurant Ltd)
          434 Capri Enterprises Ltd
          462 Loan and Mercantile Trust
          504 Leviathon Hotel Co Ltd
          505 Queens Park Hotel Ltd
          506 Provident Trust Ltd
          507 Peter William Laing

  5. Anonymous

    I see Eion’s soldiers are acting out their cannon fodder roles on ODT again. Always with the underhanded tricks, occasionally reproducing a daft statistic and a big word – a strong whiff of scripted verse. Anything to dismiss those who question the visions of the ultra rich and greedy.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    “Vogons abandon poetry, embrace architecture.”

  7. Elizabeth

    Search engine term today:

    blog hotel dunedin jurisdictional issues

  8. Anonymous

    Awwwww… it’s all lit up in pretty blue lights. It’s so big and pretty. I want one.

    (Sorry for sounding like the Stadium Soldiers but that blue has won me over – … I have seen the light and now BELIEVE! – build it and they will come. IT’S SO OBVIOUSLY TRUE.)

    ((Whoa. Sorry again, I’m not sure what just came over me there. Those bloody Spooks are up to their brainwashing shenanigans again – they must have left their I Love DCC ray-gun turned on and tuned for I Trust Lawyers Too.))

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