Dunedin City Council – all reports posted, belatedly!

Annual reports for council-owned companies were withheld from public and media scrutiny, without notice, prior to the council meeting held on Monday, 29 October 2012. The Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull and DCC chief executive Paul Orders are individually responsible for deliberately withholding this financial information. Although, along with them, we suspect other players in the woodpile.

### ODT Online Wed, 31 Oct 2012
Report about stadium loss slips under radar
By Chris Morris
A worse-than-expected $3.2 million loss recorded by the company running Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium did not rate a mention at this week’s Dunedin City Council meeting. It emerged yesterday Dunedin Venues Management Ltd and Dunedin Venues Ltd’s annual reports had quietly slipped through Monday’s full council meeting without a question or word of debate. There had been no mention of DVML or DVL on the meeting’s public agenda, and it appeared the reports had not been circulated publicly, to media or even some council staff, as required, in the days before the meeting, the Otago Daily Times discovered yesterday.
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MONDAY, 29 OCTOBER 2012, 2.00 PM

Agenda – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 118.9 KB)

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 77.9 KB)
ISCOM Approved Out of Water Supply Area Connection – Mr J D MacDonald, 3509 Sutton-Clarks Junction Road, RD 2, Outram 9074

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Approval and Adoption of Annual Report

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 788.2 KB)
Vehicle Access John Wilson Ocean Drive

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 4.6 MB)
Speed Limits Bylaw Review

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 978.0 KB)
Speed Limits – Safer Speeds Demonstration Area

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Submission on the Local Government Regulatory Performance Issues Paper

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 155.1 KB)
Meeting Schedule for 2013

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Aurora Annual Report 2012

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Delta Annual Report 2012

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 813.7 KB)
Dunedin International Airport Annual Report 2012

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 1.0 MB)
Dunedin Venues Limited Annual Report 2012

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Dunedin Venues Management Limited Annual Report 2012

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 225.0 KB)
Taieri Gorge Railway Annual Report 2012

Report – Council – 29/10/2012 (PDF, 2.8 MB)
Dunedin City Treasury Annual Report 2012

DCC Link

### ODT Online Wed, 31 Oct 2012
Stadium finances dismay
By Chris Morris
Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull says the Forsyth Barr Stadium’s finances are “not sustainable”, after confirmation the company running the venue lost nearly $1 million more than expected in its first year of operation. The result was contained in Dunedin Venues Management Ltd’s 2011-12 annual report, released to the Otago Daily Times yesterday, which showed the company lost $3.2 million in its first year. That was $814,000 worse than the $2.4 million loss forecast in May, when DVML’s revelations of a half-year, $1.9 million loss prompted the council to launch a review of the entire stadium operation.
A copy of Dunedin Venues Ltd’s annual report was also released yesterday, and showed the company that owned the stadium – and received rent from DVML – recorded a $4.312 million loss for the same period.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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15 responses to “Dunedin City Council – all reports posted, belatedly!

  1. Elizabeth

    At ODT Online:

    Bad news
    Submitted by ej kerr on Wed, 31/10/2012 – 11:49am.

    The Dunedin City Council had a legal and ethical responsibility to release the annual reports publicly and include them on the agenda prior to the council meeting. That this didn’t happen shows your council up as fully dysfunctional, unaccountable, and lacking transparency. Apart from not meeting its legal obligations, this reads like the council shrinking from the fact of its own despair and what can only be deeply felt public anger over the financial fiasco manufactured during the Chin and Cull dynasties. Unfortunately, the full deception and obfuscation of the council’s financial dealings, including those of its companies and related entities, is yet to be outed.

  2. Anonymous

    The increasingly pervasive stink of cow shit at Dunedin airport continues to leave a foul impression upon arrival. But now I see it is probably embraced by its board since the airport invests in dairy farming:

    Development of our farming activities this year centred on a new herring bone milking shed, designed to increase productivity on our Otokia property. Income was impacted by lower milk prices and came in at $599,470, below budget by 5.4%.

    But this isn’t the only stink. It is likely all of the companies have “investments” in extra curricular interests which seem to have received sizable public dollars but then never quite reached their potential or fallen flat on a patty.

    Yet the same rogues are still embedded in the council’s boards pulling on their little strings.


  3. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 1 Nov 2012
    Stadium loss rates fears
    By Chris Morris
    Ratepayers could be asked to reach into their pockets again, or the city’s bars and restaurants could be slapped with a new targeted rate, as the Dunedin City Council grapples with a $3.2 million loss from Forsyth Barr Stadium. The suggestions came from Dunedin city councillors who expressed disappointment and worry – mixed with some bullish optimism – while yesterday digesting news of the result.
    Cr Richard Thomson told the Otago Daily Times the result, while worse than expected, was not a surprise for those councillors concerned about the project. He believed it would be “very difficult” for Dunedin Venues Management Ltd to cover its costs and also pay nearly $4 million in rent, and it was “almost inevitable” rates would rise as a result.
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  4. Anonymous

    Further to the Dunedin Airport comment above, it is a frigging nightmare out there with the change to prepaid only exiting. There is no prepaid machine at the exit! As a Dunedin resident, I was familiar with the exit routine (cashier or prepaid) but did not know it had been changed to prepaid only. I understand this is well published within the airport. While there may have been signs outside, I did not go into the airport and didn’t register it until then. Fortunately my ticket was within the 15 minutes.

    My partner picking up a vehicle unfortunately had to turn back, park at the far corner of the airport, walk back into the airport with a child, pay for the ticket and then reverse that drama.

    In the 15 minutes I waited, I counted 12 cars drive up to the exit and then have to turn back. That’s nearly a car per minute! I rung up Dunedin Airport to ask who was responsible for the madness but was, politely, put on hold when the topic was raised. It didn’t go off hold of course.

    So to the airport:
    1) Put a prepaid machine at the exit. Seriously. WTF.
    2) Make it more obvious the 15 minute free parking still applies. Even better, print it on the parking ticket. I had to drive up to the board positioned beside the exit outlining charges to confirm this was still applicable.
    3) Put a warning on the cross bar at the parking entrance that the bloody exit is prepaid only.
    4) Reduce the chief’s salary by a smidgen and put a human back at the exit during peak times.

    Maybe they put all their money into those big ugly clamping signs and bonuses for the chief executive?

  5. Anonymous

    Eds – would you please consider reproducing the letters about Dunedin Airport’s parking in today’s ODT?

    Nothing has changed out there. Some more signs maybe but the exit nightmare continues. Seems the CEO and directors, including McLauchlan – as if it would be anyone else hanging about a Dunedin investment – are happy as pigs in mud because they appear not to understand the best interests of their customers also those who pay their salaries, bonuses and god knows what else they’re swallowing from the public trough. I suggest getting rid of half the faceless, money-sucking directors and return the same public-facing, hardworking employees that greet you upon arriving at Dunedin.

    City has it all wrong focusing on these director collectors who only seem capable of downsizing and outsourcing staff, and replacing them with soulless, faulting, automated, money-thieving machines.

    {We can do – will be up this afternoon. -Eds}

    • The Airport company can’t get its act together.
      Don’t bother coming to Dunedin, don’t bother doing business in Dunedin, it says.

      ODT 27.12.13 (page 6)
      ODT 27.12.13 Letters to the editor (page 6)

      • Hype O'Thermia

        It’s so short-sighted, this money-saving nonsense.

        Airports are by definition places where there are busy periods. Planes carry many passengers, it’s not like private cars or skateboards where they could turn up in their ones and twos all day long. Certain times (and they have things called s-c-h-e-d-u-l-e-s, google it, that say when planes are due to arrive and depart) there is more than one within a very short period. OK now pick yourselves up off the floor, decision-makers who have been picketty-picking at the parking & departing system at the airport.
        What does a crappy first impression of a city do? Puts a person in a crabby mood, and that’s before they have encountered anything in the city itself, that’s what. How much PR does it undo? Un-bloody-told, in round figures. Unfixable because it’s not like their motel got flooded and everyone was so helpful, so kind, made sure they had clean dry clothes and did everything possible to make it up to them. No, this is a small person-by-person infuriator. It’s clear that those responsible feel no responsibility: SNAFU.
        That’s a word closely linked in time and usage to FUBAR. It stands for Situation Normal All Fffff’d Up.
        And if it’s a shameful way to treat visitors how come it’s OK for us? How much timewasting and disrespect do we deserve from these people?
        The pleasant booth attendants were good value. They generally smiled, they acknowledged our shared humanity. And on a purely practical level, they were effectual at getting the traffic moving so the ghastliness of air travel was minimised by that small but significant fraction.
        Cheapness can be damned expensive.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    Did Santa not treat you kindly Anon? You seem somewhat disgruntled with our council and its trusty servants “and directors”. You seem to forget that Dave, Jinty and co are working assiduously to provide safe facilities for our cyclists on the SH1. That and the upcoming Economic Development Plan which is to create 10,000 more jobs, and $10,000 increase in the median income, all over the next ten years. It is known as the “TEN< TEN< TEN" plan. That you should carp about a few jobs going from the parking booths at the Airport, Great King St, YMCA, Golden Centre parking buildings, is what can only be described as collateral damage in the march forward. Not unlike the village in Viet Nam which had to be destroyed in order to save it. No Anon, I think you are carping and it surely will be hurtful to Dave, Jinty, Richard and all the other sycophants. It could be seen as churlish of you Anon to be so grumpy in this season of good cheer. Happy New Year.

  7. Hype O'Thermia

    You’ve got it wrong again Elizabeth. For one thing top salaries won’t be reduced EVER. For another, “employees that greet you upon arriving at Dunedin” is an unhelpful remark suggesting scope for empire-expansion. Machines will remain.
    A more probable development is this: HR is rocketed into action to find a PR type to head the (can’t do the spesh dunedin font here) “welcome 2 dunedin” team of dazzling white teeth and PR smiles to infest the premises handing out samples of Cadbury’s chocolate and pamphlets about anything else that’s still being made here, along with brochures about Dunedin’s most splendid features – the Chinese Garden, the Fubar Stadium………

  8. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    Well I say you are all mad.
    Charge nothing to park in long term areas and nothing to park in short term areas, encourage people to leave and arrive in Dunedin. It is throughput that assists Dunedin. Clearly, those who park and fly are coming back!

    The problem you all have is that you want the DCC to earn more income so that it can employ more people so that executives can get more money.

    The right answer is to cut costs employ less people and reduce salaries accordingly.

    Until the wages and salaries bill for Dunedin is reduced to $30 million pa there will be NO reduction in debt. FULLstop.

  9. Anonymous

    Laying off one or two staff and replacing them with expensive machines that will have on-going and increasing costs is not saving money. It is desperate thinking and part of piecemeal corruption occurring around Dunedin. And quite likely it is another one of those deals that lines the pocket of an agreeable service provider. There are services that should be maintained when the service is working well for its end-users. Above parking issues reflect much of what is broken in the broader picture of the Dunedin City Council. And losing your livelihood is more than politics, but that is easily written off by the people who make these remote decisions, on income brackets who don’t have to worry about theirs.

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