Stadium turf-day +@#!$%^*&

Tweet (9:28 AM – 30 Oct 12):

@ForBarrStadium #CommunityPitchInvasion Our turf is open to you this Sun (4 Nov) to enjoy & use as you would your local park, 2:30-4pm

Does this mean the hallowed turf is completely poked?
While the pitch at Carisbrook is maintained to perfection…

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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10 responses to “Stadium turf-day +@#!$%^*&

  1. Elizabeth

    An advertisement for the ‘largest indoor rodeo in the world’ (???) at the stadium in November, says: “AFTER PARTY INVITE ON THE STADIUM PITCH All ticket holders & staff welcome. Meet the cowboys, Band, 2 bars & food available”

    Mouldy rucked grass, it’s all the rage in little Dunners – thanks to Darren, babe.

  2. Phil

    Yes, desperation advertising now. Trying somehow to get people interested in going to the stadium. Given that the pitch is going to be covered by about half a metre of dirt for the rodeo (which should be banned as in most countries), it’s more of an invite to stand on, well, a pile of dirt with a group of farmers from Lawrence.

  3. Peter

    The invitation to come and play on the turf with rug and picnic hamper is very cute and I guess at the end of the day we are all supposed to feel like one, big, happy family where the growing stadium debt just fades into the background. I don’t think so.

  4. Rob Hamlin

    I am hoping that the quiet pressure vis a vis the disintegrating turf is creating a level of discomfort. Posted another comment on the ODT on the pristine state of Carisbrook today – It didn’t appear – As normal. The pathetic ‘Kept for the All Blacks training run’ excuse article that they published some six weeks ago is now well out of date – and the place is still mown and combed and the posts in. For some reason they just do NOT seem to want to talk about it – Or have anyone else do so. I wonder why?

  5. ormk

    Maybe after the Rodeo they will claim the event made a bigger than expected impact on the new stadium turf.

  6. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Mon, 5 Nov 2012
    Public tests stadium pitch
    By Rosie Manins
    There were tackles, kicks, tries and goals on the Forsyth Barr Stadium pitch yesterday afternoon, but not a paid athlete in sight. Children and teenagers dominated the field during the inaugural pitch invasion between 2.30pm and 4pm. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) opened the pitch to the public in an effort to provide more community use of the venue.
    Read more

  7. See

    ### ODT Online Sun, 25 Aug 2013
    Paid to watch grass grow
    By Dan Hutchinson – The Star
    Watching grass grow might not seem like an exciting job until you meet the man in charge of Forsyth Barr Stadium’s patch of dirt.
    Read more

  8. Phil

    I’ve given up trying to figure this one out. Where did the job of Turf Manager suddenly pop up from ? I thought that there was a groundskeeper who already did all those things that the Turf Manager was so excited about doing. Is this now a supervisor to the lone groundskeeper ? I recall the groundskeeper position because I had to laugh when I saw that the most qualified candidate selected was one Mr Eathorne, who just happens to be close friends with the son of one Mr Farry and is on the board of the Carisbrook Cricket Club. The moment was not lost on me. Just to confirm that my memory wasn’t playing tricks, I went back and checked. At that point I discovered that the stadium has a new Marketing Coordinator, who happens to be none other than the brother of Groundskeeper Eathorne. This new Eathorne employee (also on the board of the Carisbrook Cricket Club) who was, again, clearly the most qualified person for the job, played cricket for Otago. I already knew that the DCC had been making up ratepayer funded jobs in order to pay rugby players, but have we now extended the purse to owning the cricket team as well ?

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