No cloud has lifted off DCC, the sins are too great and numerous

Dunedin City Council
Media Release

More transparent official information

This item was published on 26 Oct 2012.

A New Zealand first has been launched on the DCC website with Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA) responses now published at

Mayor Dave Cull is thrilled with this significant step towards improved transparency of the DCC’s information.

“We are constantly looking for ways to make our information and our processes more transparent. Alongside recent changes, such as releasing previously non-public committee items, this will be another step towards ensuring open and transparent local government.”

Not every request will be placed on the site, to ensure Privacy Act considerations are met (such as ensuring requesters cannot be identified if they do not wish to be). If requests are made that have no public interest, they won’t go up either.

Responses to media requests will always be published on the site as will responses to public organisations and Members of Parliament.

DCC Governance Manager Sandy Graham says, “The site is a first iteration and we invite users to provide feedback and suggestions, which can be directed to .”

The site includes an online form for requesting information under LGOIMA. The form will enable staff to track and collate data more efficiently, to ensure the information requested is clear and accurate and help ensure responses are provided within the statutory time frame. A search tool will be added as the store of information grows, to ease the process of searching topics that may have already been requested.

The first three months of responses, from July – September of this year, have been made available and it is expected that the site will be updated monthly.

Contact Dave Cull, Mayor of Dunedin on 477 4000.

DCC Link

### Updated at 12:34 pm today
Dunedin council puts more information online
Dunedin City Council has begun publishing its responses to official information requests online – the first in the country to do so.

The Ombudsman, Beverley Wakem, says she is delighted with the council’s move and hopes it will spread to other councils.

Like all authorities, the council receives dozens of official information requests a month from ratepayers, the news media, public organisations and Members of Parliament. Many are multiple requests for the same information, creating double-handling for council staff, and are only selectively made public. The council’s governance manager, Sandy Graham, says from now on every response with a public interest will be available on the Dunedin City Council website. It is part of a wider transparency drive at the council which has already shifted large parts of its meetings from closed-door sessions to the public agenda, and will soon begin publishing its credit card spending records online.
RNZ Link

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50 responses to “No cloud has lifted off DCC, the sins are too great and numerous

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    It’s good news. The test will be, is information made available without hesitation or obfuscation? Will the information released be the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Will the person asking have to know the answer already so as to formulate their request without leaving any cracks for legalistic “You didn’t ask about that point” omissions of important relevant material. (Not a “beware” that applies only to the DCC of course.)

    • Elizabeth

      Council redundancies bill tops $600,000
      By Chris Morris on Sat, 27 Oct 2012
      It was confirmed yesterday the council paid $628,513 in severance payments to 10 departing staff in the 2011-12 year. The spending included two sizeable lump-sum payments – of $214,845 [Graeme Hall] and $167,527 [Grant Strang] – received by two departing staff during the period.

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Sat, 27 Oct 2012
        Praise for releasing official information
        By Debbie Porteous
        The Dunedin City Council’s decision to publish publicly its responses to requests for official information has drawn praise from Chief Ombudsman Dame Beverley Wakem, who says it is behaving in a healthy democratic manner.
        Council governance manager Sandy Graham said not every Official Information response would be placed on the site, to ensure Privacy Act considerations, such as ensuring those seeking information could not be identified if they did not wish to be, were met. If responses had no public interest, they would not be published.
        Individual requesters’ privacy would be protected, but media requests would always be published, as would responses to public organisations and members of Parliament.
        More than 30 requests and their responses dealt with since July have been posted on the council’s website already.
        Read more

  2. Elizabeth

    In which Dunedin’s soul is sold.
    Chuck Chunder arrives and is hosted by The Boys.

    ### October 31, 2012 – 5:58pm
    Prime Minister in Dunedin tomorrow for overnight visit
    Prime Minister John Key is arriving in Dunedin tomorrow for an overnight visit. He’ll be in the city to present the Otago Daily Times Class Act awards at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Mr Key will also be touring the Chinese Garden with the Chinese Consul General. On Friday morning he will be hosting ‘Breakfast with the Prime Minister’ at the Otago Chamber of Commerce.

  3. Peter

    Can’t wait. What? He isn’t going to the stadium? Has it already become a bit old hat? Or isn’t the place to be seen now with all the bad press?

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Yes but isn’t it lovely he’s going to the Chinese Garden? So nice to know SOMEone’s visiting it.

  5. ormk

    Quoting Cr Neil Collins in the ODT ( ….

    “There’s nothing that can be done, really. I guess wiser minds than mine know what they are doing.”

    Given this attitude from our elected representatives it isn’t surprising we are in such an invidious position.

  6. Jacko

    Key has been sighted traveling towards Outram. Heading to a Chinese Garden.

  7. Hype O'Thermia

    Sometimes abridgement of comments is so quaint! Wouldn’t you have thought that the suggestion of laziness was more problematic, more likely to hurt delicate feelings? They didn’t like my heading either, “Blindsided my aunt Tui!” so it became “Blindsided?”
    “Councillors may have been lazy, wilfully blind or unable to understand the complexities of financial reports, but one thing they cannot claim is that information that should have prepared them for the inevitability the inevitability that this shock-horror revelation would emerge was not easily accessible. [Abridged]”
    Original was “…the inevitability that this shock-horror revelation would emerge into daylight before they had time to retire with “honour” from their service to Dunedin ratepayers.”

    I guess introducing the old-fashioned concept of honour was a bit much….

  8. Mike

    Strangely they don’t seem to have posted my latest at all – I said:

    Cr Neil Collins claims: “There’s nothing that can be done, really. I guess wiser minds than mine know what they are doing.” – there’s the nub of why we’re in this situation, councilors like Cr Collins who couldn’t understand, or were unwilling to put in the effort to understand, what they are voting on – they are the “wiser” minds we voted in to make the hard decisions for the city – why on earth they voted for the stadium when the economics were so obviously flawed is a mystery – the buck stops with them and they should stop all this trying to blame others for their mistake – own up to it and try and fix the aftermath.

    He’s obviously not willing or not capable of doing the job, and should be replaced at the next election. I hope he will do us the courtesy of realising he’s past his use-by date, and bow out as soon as possible.

  9. amanda

    I sent a post to the ORT taking issue with stadium devotee ‘Stevepf’,trying to drag us ‘naysayers’ into his foolish, gullible world. I always knew the stadium was a con. Just because Stevepf didn’t have the gumption to figure it out does not mean he gets to tar us with his brush, he stood by as the city was conned. Not me. That is some solace. …What is this ‘we’ you speak of Stevepf? I never, not once, thought the stadium business plan made sense. From the beginning it was clearly a fiscal lemon. The egg is on your face, not anyone who was saw the massive flaws in the stadium build. Any embarrassment is yours alone, I’m afraid; that’s the way the cookie crumbles, as they say, and is one reason why I have never allowed myself be sold the spin about the stadium ‘vision’. I wanted to be able to tell people I was not conned, not even for a second. Sadly for you, you cannot say that. But good news for you, the stadium is waiting and ready to be bought by the true stadium devotees, at last you have the chance to put your money where your mouths are.

  10. amanda

    And as usual, the most important thing to notice in this ODT article is how the councillors comments are not put into political context, the writer does not mention which councillors pushed for the stadium build, does not tell us that Cr Collins told anyone who opposed the stadium they were negative people, or Brown’s dismissal of protest as ‘naysaying’. Or Hudson’s ‘Intergenerational debt is good’ stance and his role in pushing the fiscal debacle. It is all forgotten by media amnesia. So with no accountability and the media colluding with the stadium councillors to hide their past we can expect those responsible for the stadium con to get re-elected yet again next year. Media? You ought to be ashamed.

  11. amanda

    Cr Collins, Hudson, Acklin? Get down on your bended knee and thank the media for their disinterest in accountability; without them you would be out on your ear. Never forget that that it is their silence that allows you to sit around that council table, and not democracy. We did not elect you. Smith did.

    • Elizabeth

      I checked my smartphone early this morning, read an ODT alert to this, followed the link, then read this bullshit, followed by, then only scanned (with disgust) the crap headline: Dunedin cruising towards a brighter economic future: report.

      By that time, I was angry enough to NOT be on computer or blogging for most of the day. Frankly folks, I BLEW A GASKET – because DCC is trying to f*** with our heads, and key to that is the mayor and chief executive of the council pretending like this is the freaking sandpit, on the sunniest of Spring days, like nothing really happened.

      I started a comment for ODT Online, just in case I wasn’t serious about the gasket… but the comment remains on my phone incomplete and unsent. I have simply decided to ride out the anger and bemusement before committing myself to publication.

      And so I spent today talking with politically savvy people who are FULL of commonsense and knowledge of legal procedure. The result of this process is not yet for publication, either.

      Don’t think for a minute that DAVE CULL is off the hook. And neither is Paul Orders, the chief executive WHO HAS LOST HIS WAY. Paul, get some spine, FAST. Do not accept the incompetence of those around you in creating media spin and specialising in weakness. Paul, get independent legal opinion, get independent accounting advice and FOR GOD’S SAKE clean up Dunedin City Council by legal imperative, otherwise YOU ARE NOT DOING THE JOB YOU ARE MANDATED FOR.
      Or “they” around you will sink you and your family like a stone. Maybe you’re already missing presumed drowned.

  12. JimmyJones

    The ODT says “Council chief executive Paul Orders said yesterday the situation was a mistake, not a conspiracy, but not acceptable. He had contacted Mr Dodds and DVML chief executive Darren Burden yesterday to discuss the situation.”
    By focusing on DCHL and DVML staff, Paul Orders seems to be trying to shift the blame away from himself and his departments. I see this as being rather cowardly. The conspiracy on Monday to hide the reports from the media and the public needed the full participation of Paul’s staff and probably the Chairman of the meeting, Dave Cull. The department responsible for the misleading agenda and non-release of the reports to the public was the Finance And Corporate Support Department. There is every chance that this disgraceful incident was done with the agreement of Paul Orders and the whole of the Executive Management Team. The turkeys won’t be voting for Christmas, so I think some external force is needed to get this sorted out. I am pleased that the ODT is giving this some attention, but I think it should be a front page story. It is not often that North Korean style police-state secrecy is noticed here in Dunedin. Also it makes a mockery of Dave Cull talking about the “significant step towards improved transparency of the DCC’s information”.

    • Elizabeth

      What we have, JimmyJones, is council-owned multimillion dollar loss-making companies presenting reports with NO COUNCILLOR scrutiny, critique and garnering of independent opinion, so to provide the basis for informed debate on the operation, status, position and health (or not) of those companies [“Ours”]; therefore there is no accurate reading possible of the DCC’s true financial position.

      Other than to say, DCC is in deep hock.
      Relative figures are quickly adding, as time goes by, to the b-word: one billion dollars of Council consolidated debt – if we’re not crashed there already, to collect that prize. Larks, the mountainous reef that 53,000 ratepayers have no ability whatsoever to assuage. Nor should they have been placed in this invidious position due to astoundingly BLIND decisions of elected representatives, the Dunedin City Councillors – that festering little ‘in-club’ that will NOT allow itself to be seen fighting in public about SAVING (certainly not bleed, slaughter and outright decimation of) the People’s Treasure. Apart from the ONE sharp, not always right but nearly/sort-of, community-minded councillor Lee Vandervis, stuck up the flaming mast, quite alone.

      The DCC/DCHL/DVML/DVL/DCTL ship is 100% rudderless, without steering, echo-sounding and satellite navigation systems – in effect, COMPLETELY STEWARDLESS except for screwy privateers sitting on the company boards, collecting directors’ fees (and it turns out, much more besides), whose ethics and business prowess are already highly in question and whose recent actions leave a very large margin for doubt.

      How the city is rammed not run into the ground.
      No anchor, the woeful individual Athol Stephens has been out of his depth for years, and years.

  13. Peter

    Isn’t it more than a mere coincidence that these reports on the $3.2m DVML loss were the ones that ended up at the bottom of the pile rather than some other more innocuous reports? Someone put them there… or was ordered to put them there. Who?

    • Elizabeth

      To make the DCC picture more obfuscatory:

      ### November 1, 2012 – 6:54pm
      City Talk magazine replacement developed
      The Dunedin City Council has come up with a replacement for its City Talk magazine.

      • Elizabeth

        Fresh from DCC Spooks, probably to tell us it was all a joke that went incredibly wrong.
        No folks, the DCC is NOT mired in unpayable debt.

        Dunedin City Council
        Media Release

        It’s new, it’s different and it’s out tomorrow!

        This item was published on 01 Nov 2012.

        FYI Dunedin is the Dunedin City Council’s new regular communication with the residents of Dunedin, replacing City Talk after 16 years. The first issue scheduled to reach your letterbox late this week.

        FYI Dunedin is a smaller, concertina-style newsletter with 14 panels (including the covers). Each issue will contain commentary from the Mayor or the Chief Executive, each Community Board in rotation, a sample of Dunedin events, the month’s Council and Committee meetings and several feature stories. Each panel will have a small link to more information on the DCC website for those who would like it.

        The development of FYI Dunedin has been over several years, although it gained momentum after the Council’s decision to discontinue City Talk during the Annual Plan deliberations earlier this year. Following this decision, requests for quotes for printing and distribution were sought and formats designed. FYI Dunedin will also incorporate Factline, the DCC’s fortnightly newsletter which has been distributed both electronically and in hard copy to approximately 1000 individuals and organisations.

        To ensure we had considered all aspects of the newsletter, we asked the People’s Panel for input and followed this with a focus group made up of People’s Panel members and representatives from Age Concern, Citizens Advice Bureau and the [University of Otago] and Otago Polytechnic students associations. Feedback from both of these groups has been incorporated into the final design and content of the newsletter.

        FYI Dunedin will be distributed by New Zealand Post on the first Friday of each month, except January, to all residential letterboxes in the greater Dunedin area. It will be written and designed in house by DCC staff and printed by Dunedin print company, Southern Colour Print.

        The total cost of production and distribution annually equates to about 18 cents per household per issue. This is less than City Talk, which was about 50 cents per household per issue.

        To ensure we reach all of our audience – Dunedin residents – we will distribute FYI Dunedin in hard copy until we have established an electronic database of enough size to enable us to switch to an electronic format with some distributed by hard copy to those who select this option. We cannot mass distribute FYI Dunedin electronically in the first instance under anti-spam legislation which dictates that recipients must opt in, rather than opting out. We have already begun inviting people to receive FYI Dunedin electronically, which they can do by emailing

        Contact Manager, Communications and Marketing on 477 4000.

        DCC Link

  14. Anonymous

    Conspiracy? No way. This was a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. A group of people who have withheld and misled another group of people and their shareholders about the dire financial circumstances and mismanagement of the companies they are tasked to direct. That the majority of councillors are lazy, self-serving and incompetent has worked in the best interests of the stakeholders who have lined their pockets from this financial nightmare.

    • Elizabeth


      ### ODT Online Thu, 1 Nov 2012
      Councillors blindsided by DVML results
      By Chris Morris
      Dunedin city councillors are pointing fingers after some were blindsided by a $3.2 million loss by the company running Forsyth Barr Stadium. Some councillors spoken to by the Otago Daily Times yesterday admitted they were unaware they had accepted reports detailing the loss at Monday’s council meeting. Other councillors were aware of the reports, but were still yet to read them properly.
      The ODT yesterday reported Dunedin Venues Management Ltd’s annual report – detailing the loss – had slipped through Monday’s council meeting without questioning or debate.
      Councillors yesterday confirmed they had received the report during a private briefing by Dunedin City Holdings Ltd chief executive Bevan Dodds and chairman Denham Shale last week. However, some were unaware they had them, as the DVML report – and another from Dunedin Venues Ltd – were not mentioned during the DCHL briefing.
      The two companies were not technically part of the DCHL group, and the DVML report was at the bottom of a bundle of reports from DCHL’s companies, given out at the end of the briefing. DVML was also not mentioned on Monday’s council meeting agenda, and the DVML report was not circulated publicly – or to media – ahead of the meeting, as required by the Local Government Act. That meant the reports were accepted without debate, and, as a result, some councillors were not even aware they had done so, it was confirmed yesterday.
      Council chief executive Paul Orders said yesterday the situation was a mistake, not a conspiracy, but not acceptable. He had contacted Mr Dodds and DVML chief executive Darren Burden yesterday to discuss the situation.
      Read more

  15. Anonymous

    “FYI Dunedin”? And that department cost you and me another five million dollars? Another prime example of people with little enthusiasm but access to other peoples’ money.

    Speaking of wasteful council spending, did you notice the new banner on main street? Some silly thing announcing the opening soon of Otago Settlers Museum. Toitu of course was big, red and dominating. Somewhere to the side of it was its former name. But the new website is and there is something oddly funny about the appearance of that name but funnier still is the site is still “parked”.

    Looks like someone was busting a gut to spend up the budget but hadn’t even bothered to check the site was ready too.

    • Elizabeth

      Fair dues.
      On learning FYI Dunedin would be delivered to Dunedin homes today, I emailed DCC yesterday to say Rodney Bryant had made no effort to respond to formal requests, or direct the delivery agents, to deliver City Talk to our apartments in lower Pitt Street.
      It was hilarious then, if not downright pleasing, to be awoken by an email alert on my phone around 6am today, a reply from Graeme McKerracher. Another staff member emailed later in the morning (9.12am) also doing followup.
      And yeees! FYI Dunedin arrived in my morning mail.
      Well done team.

  16. Phil

    Ok, now it’s getting nearer. A while back came the first grizzle from the stadium about how they could have turned a profit if they didn’t have to pay rent. We should all be that lucky. They kept poking the rents issue in at every opportunity, obviously in preparation for the next step. Now we hear that, because of the rent payments, the ratepayers will have to pay more money.

    The looming solution ? That the stadium becomes exempt from rent, thus “saving” the poor ratepayer. The DCC becomes a hero of the ratepayers for “saving” them money, The stadium announces a substantial improvement in its financial statement, while carefully forgetting to mention that they are now living rent free with all infrastructure costs being met by the DCC. Malcolm suddenly pops up to point out how wonderful the stadium now is, after the longest “start-up” period in history. Everyone kicks a goal !

  17. JimmyJones

    Yes, Phil, I’m expecting a very long start-up phase. Free rent for DVML means that DVL makes a $4 million bigger loss. While the average journalist and most citizens will be fooled into thinking this is great news, the really sad thing is that most of our councillors will also be similarly deluded.

  18. Anonymous

    One letter too many in that title. “FY Dunedin” captures the meaning far better.

  19. Anonymous

    Always amusing when they can print this rubbish but boy was it just too damn costly and logistically challenging to do that referendum on the stadium… all there is left to do for the Spooks Department is find a serum that will make me love these council messages for ever ever.

  20. Peter

    We have already been getting the message, for a while now, that we just have to change our perception of the stadium’s operating losses. We are to look on the stadium in the same light as the library, the Botanic Gardens or Moana Pool. Now it is just another public utility for us to all enjoy. Hell, we can even take our thongs off next weekend and wiggle our toes on the turf while having a good, old fashioned picnic. Just this weekend, for now, mind you.
    The stadium is to become like a community centre, a crash pad for oldies and young ones alike. Even minorities are allowed.
    We can even forget the growing stadium debt of the capital, plus interest, and ongoing operating losses because ‘those who have wiser minds than us’ will make it disappear from one boring book and put it in another boring book… which we wouldn’t bother reading anyhow.
    All of a sudden we will find we have made the stadium work. Simple. It’s all about perceptions.

  21. Calvin Oaten

    Peter; are you on red or white?

  22. Phil

    Yes, that fixes everything. The moment us mere mortals set foot on the grass, they can shout “Community Asset !”. And then it no longer has to pay its way. The perfect crime.

  23. Peter

    Calvin. It was my birthday yesterday so forgive me a glass, or two, or three. An excellent elixir that helps make one feel ‘positive’ given one more year of life…. and that of the stadium….has passed!

  24. Hype O'Thermia

    Well Peter, a day late with birthday greetings but to make up the ODT has a comical birthday card. Would’a been better if it arrived while you were in a jovial mood after a wee glass or 2 or…….

    Stadium rate ‘tax on being busy’
    Business owners in Dunedin have been floored by the idea of a new targeted rate for the hospitality sector to help rescue Forsyth Barr Stadium from its financial hole.

  25. ormk

    This idea seems like a sticking plaster on a gaping wound. Also I really doubt its fairness. Note the suggestion that the tax would “help pay for” an event fund. How will any event fund fix a broken business model and where is the rest of the money going to come from?

    Nothing of this sort should be considered until the corruption that led to the stadium being built has been dealt with. There are so many issues but importantly a clear line needs to be drawn between professional and community rugby. Professional rugby must stop sucking at the tax payers teat.

    I don’t want to pay more rates. I don’t want to lose community assets like water. I don’t want to pay more at bars and restaurants – the ones I go to are not full of vomiting rugger buggers. Something has to give but there is no way forward until the issues of corruption and competence are dealt with.

  26. Peter

    Thank you, Hype, and also for the pressie with that link.

  27. Peter

    I forgot to remind you all that 1 November is ‘All Saints Day’. I wonder if myself and ‘St Farry of St Clair’ share the same birthday date?!

  28. JimmyJones

    Well said ormk.
    My ODT comments for “Stadium finances dismay” have just appeared after a few tries. There are three recent comments –
    They describe more attempts to mislead and confuse councillors, journalists and citizens. The viewpoint that I mention is that DVL’s financial losses should be hidden so that the extent of the damage being caused to our city by the stupidity of the current and previous council remains secret.
    Remember the losses and costs of four entities must be added together to know the total financial impact of their stadium: DVL + DVML + DCHL + DCC.

  29. Hype O'Thermia

    Our Beloved Leaders need to realise there’s one place for entertainment: “See how I make this gentleman’s pocket watch disappear – and now Madam, if you look in your reticule…” and another for people who make money disappear permanently. It starts with FA for Forensic Accounting and ends in t’Big House.
    Quit with the smoke and mirrors. We’re not laughing, we’re not clapping, we’re getting very VERY angry.

  30. ormk

    Izumisano in Japan has a similar sized problem. Sounds like they don’t know what to do about it either.

  31. amanda

    There is no doubt part of the agenda of suddenly being so keen to hear our ideas on how ‘to make the stadium work’ is so that the DCC can then blame us all as ‘responsible’ for the stadium’s fiscal decrepitude; ‘See! The thing is not earning enough because all you people are not visiting it enough….!’ Anything just so long as Farry and Syd’s cabal do not get to be held accountable for their fiscal negligence.

  32. ormk

    I’ve just had a really, really rubbish idea. The kind that DCC could / would definitely use. The city of Izumisano in Japan is trying to sell its name to clear debts. Well why doesn’t the DCC set up a company to buy it? A quid pro quo arrangement would see us selling the name of Dunedin to Izumisano. We can show a net profit where we want it and make a gentlemen’s agreement to never talk about the conversant loss, rather make poor people pay for it over generations. When they notice just do it again. Oh shit…..wait….they’re already using that idea.

  33. Hype O'Thermia

    I’ll vote for you, ormk. You show a keen understanding of financial management AND have inspirationally crappy ideas that fit with the culture of the DCC. Need someone to second your nomination? I’m [all] right here.

  34. Anonymous

    Hype O’Thermia, is Trev over at ODT Online suggesting the beer, fizzies and bottled water will help counter the loss of opening the stadium? And possibly, unless I’m misunderstanding, help pay down the hundreds of millions in debt too? That’s a LOT of over-priced beer, dry pies, soggy chips and expensive water… that’s assuming they’re actually clipping the ticket for a couple dollars per item.

  35. Anonymous

    FY Dunedin. Recycled. But this must have been a momentous occasion since Head Spook of the $5M public-funded Communications Department is gracing us with his presence at Otago Daily Times (as if they would use any other paper!). Now if only I could get that damned department recycled.

    Worth noting is still displaying as parked, even with the big sign above George St encouraging people to visit it. I would have thought one of the stadium-friendly subbies would have rushed over to the DCC with that news.

    Anyway, back to the Spook and his monthly propaganda…

    ### ODT Online Fri, 2 Nov 2012
    DCC news coming out monthly
    By Chris Morris
    It’s small, it’s punchy, and it’s coming to your letterbox (possibly even Elizabeth’s).

  36. Anonymous

    Oops. Feel free to remove that ‘possibly even’ bit. Didn’t mean to interfere with the fine works of the Oddity.

  37. Elizabeth

    Not necessarily a “sin” as per the post at the top of this thread – it’s news, for our airport company in the DCHL group.

    ### November 7, 2012 – 5:54pm
    Dunedin International Airport Ltd expands operations
    Dunedin International Airport Ltd has expanded operations beyond its boundary, with the purchase of a nearby service station.


    Leaving motor garage not too big a wrench

  38. Anonymous

    City Talk was extravagant propaganda but at least its mayoralty was more with being a contribution instead of a focal point. But its replacement is likely reinforcing the mayor’s name in the minds of its wider constituency. Most of the stuff is Spook pap but readers who do not immediately recycle it – and whose threshold of information stops at an Allied Press publication – are unlikely to think otherwise. Of course the mayoralty focus might be perfectly agreeable elsewhere, but the Dunedin City Council suffers systemic corruption and its stakeholders require that foundation to exist. So this FYI Dunedin is looking more like a vehicle to maintain the current operating environment, particularly when it’s giving unfair representation to a single individual in an election year.

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