DCHL: New directors for Aurora, Delta, City Forests

Dunedin City Council
Media Release

New Directors for Dunedin City Holdings Company Boards

This item was published on 26 Oct 2012.

Appointment of New Directors to the Board of Aurora Energy Limited and Delta Utility Services Limited

The Board of Dunedin City Holdings Limited is very pleased to announce that Dr Ian Parton and Mr Dave Frow have been appointed as new Directors of Aurora Energy Limited (“Aurora”) and Delta Utility Services Limited (“Delta”). Both of the new Directors come to the Company with distinguished careers as engineers and extensive governance backgrounds.

Effective from 1 November 2012, the directors will join Mr Ray Polson and Mr Stuart McLauchlan on the two boards which will comprise four members in the meantime.

Dr Parton is a Distinguished Fellow and Past President of the Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand. Dr Parton was for fifteen years Managing Director of Meritec Group Limited (formerly Worley Group Limited) and more recently was Transition Chief Executive of Watercare Services Limited managing the integration process with respect to amalgamation of the wholesale and retail water companies which resulted from the “Super City” initiative in Auckland. Dr Parton is a Director of Auckland Transport Limited and Skellerup Holdings Limited and is also Pro-Chancellor of the University of Auckland.

Mr Frow’s background since coming to New Zealand from South Africa in 1979 has largely been in the electricity industry. He worked with the Ministry of Energy for nine years before joining Electricity Corporation of New Zealand where he became Chief Executive in 1992 through until 1999. Subsequently Mr Frow has served on the Boards of Waste Management Limited and Unison Networks Limited. He was a member of the Telecom Independent Oversight Group through to December 2011 and is currently a Director of ETEL Limited and Holmes Fire & Safety Limited both of which companies are involved in the electricity industry. Mr Frow is a Fellow of the Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand.

Dunedin City Holdings Limited is very pleased to have obtained the services of these two Directors who will bring to the Boards of Aurora and Delta vast experience in the areas in which each of these companies operate.

Appointment of New Directors to the Board of City Forests Limited

Following agreement from the Dunedin City Council, Dunedin City Holdings Limited is pleased to announce the names of two new directors for the board of City Forests Limited. The appointments are to be effective from 1 November 2012.

The two new directors, both from Dunedin, are Mr John Gallaher and Mr Tony Allison. They will join Mr Ross Liddell and Mr Mike Coburn on the board which will comprise four members.

Mr John Gallaher is a senior investment professional with Forsyth Barr Limited who began his commercial career with roles in banking, finance corporate management and marketing 35 years ago. John is Chairman of TracPlus Global Limited, Daestra Holdings Limited, United Way NZ Limited, Tui Motu Foundation Inc. and the Upstart Investment Committee and he has several other directorships.

Mr Tony Allison is currently the CEO of Night ‘N Day Foodstores Limited that in the last few days ranked very highly in the Deloitte Fast 50 List. Prior to that he was the Chief Operating Officer and a director of Calder Stewart Industries Limited where he gained experience of forestry operations. Tony is also currently a director of AA Cleaners (Otago) Limited, St Clair Beach Resort, Southern Team Co 2008 Limited and the Southern Steel Netball Team.

Both these two Dunedin directors have excellent corporate governance understanding and collectively they will bring to the board experience of governance and the forestry industry relevant to the business of City Forests Limited.

Contact Denham Shale, Chairman, DCHL on 021 375 112.

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25 responses to “DCHL: New directors for Aurora, Delta, City Forests

  1. Elizabeth

    Very IN-HOUSE. Stuart McLauchlan still there keeping things sweet for himself and the boys. This is the man who recently stated at a Dunedin public forum that he’s into ASSET SALES.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    They’re so “family”, of a night you can hear the banjos from here.

  3. Rob Hamlin

    Part of the blurb for one of the two Delta boys

    “….more recently was Transition Chief Executive of Watercare Services Limited managing the integration process with respect to amalgamation of the wholesale and retail water companies which resulted from the “Super City”

    Very relevant experience if you’re thinking your company’s going to be the recipient of a certain wee gift from Dave and the boys (The girls have pretty consistently voted against it – You know what I mean). A signal if ever there was one.

    • Elizabeth

      So Rob, I think I’ll force a terribly awesomely polite daily letter writing campaign on the Delta board, especially the squirrel McLauchlan, to say “HANDS OFF OUR WATER you pile of, um, chestnuts”.

      The grapevines have reverberated hotly.
      I hear Mr Stuart McLauchlan will not talk about what went down around the Delta board tables when the directors resolved to buy property at Queenstown’s Jacks Point, and Luggate. He has indicated that he knows nothing of how votes went, or anything.

      With light pressing, he says he won’t talk UNLESS it’s off the record.

      He knows something if not all, although testicular pain may need to apply for getting at it. The method of extraction is a centuries-old tradition for maintaining control in society, and today’s hordes are unlikely to have compassion for any squirrel.

      What was that Adam Feeley said before leaving his CEO position at SFO, oh yeah, the message was ‘tell us early if there’s fraud and corruption going down’ (he was referring to the Christchurch rebuild, but hey this is Dunedin, crime capital for thirsty water-addicted squirrels).

  4. amanda

    Ah yes, this was the plan all along of course; the end game has yet to be played, after all, stakeholders want what they want and if they want our water? Why, who are we to protest? We should know by now who runs this city, not Dunedin people, obviously. And Cull? Syd and boys? Already sold our city to them so what is one more sellout ?

    • Elizabeth

      Why is dear tricksy Sydney Brown so quiet just now ? It’s kinda spooky, in a non DCC Spooks kinda way. Is he too busy getting rich at his Taieri subdivisions to care much for the ratepayers and residents. #DCCMysteriesAndPulpFiction

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Some clues here http://www.3news.co.nz/Courts-tougher-on-benefit-fraud-than-tax-dodging–study/tabid/1607/articleID/273541/Default.aspx
    about why the kind of thing that has been going on, has been going on without any of those who benefit looking at all worried about possible consequences.
    “[T]he latest research from Victoria University suggests our courts are far from equal in their treatment of the two groups. …
    The numbers tell the story. For tax evaders, the average offending is $270,000, and those found guilty have only a 22 percent, or one-in-five chance, of being jailed.
    For welfare fraudsters, the average offending is $70,000, and those found guilty have a 60 percent chance of being jailed.”

  6. Elizabeth

    New directors appointed in DCHL restructuring
    By Chris Morris on Sat, 27 Oct 2012

  7. How come council-owned City Forests couldn’t make the FIFTEEN-MILLION-DOLLAR plant work ?

    ### ODT Online Mon, 29 Apr 2013
    Milburn wood plant processing picking up
    By Simon Hartley
    The future of City Forests’ mothballed $15 million Milburn wood processing plant appears assured with lessee Winton-based Craigpine Timber steadily increasing log processing, since taking over in July last year. The plant closure was announced a year ago in April, because of an untenable 20% revenue decline for City Forests, with the loss of about 30 jobs and the 6-year-old plant’s mothballing was to have been completed by September. A combination of issues had forced the closure, including the high New Zealand dollar, escalating production costs, a dramatic decline in the United States housing market and flat or declining housing markets in New Zealand and Australia. City Forests chief executive Grant Dodson was contacted yesterday and said Craigpine had leased the plant as a going concern, from last July.
    Read more

  8. That whole wood story is nothing but “puffery” on the part of City Forests. Download and read the full six monthly report and you will clearly see that. The ODT reporter has been conned into printing a “feel good story” that ain’t necessarily so. Don’t forget this is election year. Why couldn’t City Forests efficiently run the Milburn plant? It seems lessee Craigpine Timber can and do. Face it, DCHL’s systems couldn’t profitably run a ‘booze up in a brewery’. It is just pathetic how the public get ‘rolled’ time and time again, and the ODT dumbly facilitate it.

  9. Hype O'Thermia

    What a lot of really bad luck City Forests had to contend with, through no fault of their own: “A combination of issues had forced the closure, including the high New Zealand dollar, escalating production costs, a dramatic decline in the United States housing market and flat or declining housing markets in New Zealand and Australia.”

    Isn’t it lucky that Craigpine Timber didn’t have the same disadvantages.

    Because there can’t be any other reason that the former did not prosper and the latter is doing very nicely thank you. Can there?

  10. AURORA
    Grady Cameron and Co. put the bite on small companies doing the work in Central Otago.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 26 Dec 2013
    Changes spark concerns
    By Chris Morris
    Jobs at smaller electrical companies could be on the line after Aurora Energy Ltd – a Dunedin City Council-owned company – shut the companies out of some irrigation electricity work in Central Otago, it is claimed.
    Read more


    Grady Cameron on a roll?

    ### ODT Online Sun, 22 Dec 2013
    Delta lands contract for hydro work
    By Mark Price
    Dunedin City Council-owned Delta Utility Services has been awarded a contract to operate and maintain a big part of Contact Energy’s hydro-electricity generation system along the Clutha River.
    Read more

  11. Anonymous

    Anyone who takes on staff *in anticipation* of extra work is very foolish. For better or worse, the model is: few full-time employees, contract work as and when required.

  12. Calvin Oaten

    If as it appears to read, Delta/Aurora are to effectively take control of the Irrigators destiny, then I suspect it will only be a matter of time before the irrigators realize that they are being exploited and challenge the monopoly as being in contravention of the Fair Trading Act.

  13. Anonymous

    This guy causes me internal turmoil. Part of me wants him to bugger off and jump ship like a number of others associated with this council. The other part of me wants him to hang about and be held accountable for his deeds. While I understand the latter is unlikely, particularly with the Mayor we are stuck with again, National has not started policing or fining those who still hope so I will continue to do so.

    We need a Dunedin edition of Monopoly where the sale of infrastructure utilities and the Go to Jail card appear prominently.

    • You should build the online version of Dunedin Monopoly and make your millions.

      • Anonymous

        Quite possible. Might be better to base it on Monopoly Millionaire where it allows you to take other peoples’ money and property, charge exorbitant prices for services and “just say no” to jail. Might have to increase the player count too. Would need to support around twenty trying to steal their way to the next million.

  14. Calvin Oaten

    Too late Anon, the ‘$millions’ have already gone. Just look at the salary scales and numbers receiving in the Delta Annual Report. Jail is still an option, but who would take the prosecution? They are all part of the game.

    • Anonymous

      You are right. A few have already played the game quite vigorously for at least 650 times already. I’m not sure what’s going on at the Bank but they’re either all tied up in their emptied safe or are standing in the corner gleefully rubbing their hands together. Either way the jail card needs to be dealt.

  15. Calvin Oaten

    Trouble is, every time the ‘jail card’ is dealt they see it as the ‘joker.’

  16. Dunedin City Council Media Release
    Dunedin City Holdings Limited Appoints New Directors to City Forests Limited

    This item was published on 20 Dec 2013.

    Dunedin City Holdings Limited has appointed Mike Horne and Tim Mepham as directors of its subsidiary company City Forests Limited.

    Mike Horne has been an accounting and advisory partner for Deloitte since 2002. He is currently the Chairman of Escea Limited, a director of The Palmer MH Group of companies and director of a number of early stage high growth potential businesses.

    Tim Mepham has held senior management roles at Fisher and Paykel and Natural History NZ Limited but brings experience of the forestry industry as a former CFO of Southern Cross Forest Products. He is also a director of Presbyterian Support Otago.

    These appointments have been made following the retirement of two long serving directors, Ross Liddell, a member of the board for thirteen years and chair throughout that time, and Mike Coburn, a director for ten years.

    City Forests Limited performed strongly in the year to 30 June 2013. The Chair of Dunedin City Holdings Limited, Graham Crombie, commented that “The new directors will complement the skills of the two continuing directors and ensure that the board is well positioned to continue the company’s pattern of growth.”

    Dunedin City Holdings Limited has also announced the appointment of John Gallaher, a continuing director, as Chair of City Forests Limited.

    Contact Dunedin City Holdings Limited on 477 4000.

    DCC Link

  17. Calvin Oaten

    New broom, or just a change of bristles? We’ll see.

  18. Anonymous

    (Eds – this has just appeared on Stuff. Tenuous link to above reference only. Haven’t seen anything at ODT yet. Four hundred jobs at risk. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/9785596/Dunedin-sawmill-in-receivership.)

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