Malcolm said the Stadium would be Dunedin’s future, providing lots of jobs

No Dunedin company should dare to think it’s immune from the need to be competitive, even with what’s on offer from ‘outside’, be it for good or bad – cosying is always a risk.

### ODT Online Tue, 23 Oct 2012
Job fears as stadium contract goes out of town
By Chris Morris
Dunedin businessmen say jobs will be on the line after an audiovisual contract at Forsyth Barr Stadium was awarded to a recently formed, out-of-town company with links to a former Australian bankrupt.
It was confirmed last week DV Audio Visual Ltd had been signed as the preferred provider for audiovisual services inside the stadium. The decision by Dunedin Venues Management Ltd – which runs the stadium and other Dunedin venues – left the owners of Dunedin companies Strawberry Sound and Southern Lights and Services fuming last week. Both told the Otago Daily Times they were concerned the move could be replicated at other DVML-controlled venues, including the town hall, and lead to job losses for their employees.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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21 responses to “Malcolm said the Stadium would be Dunedin’s future, providing lots of jobs

  1. ormk

    Well I don’t think DVML needs to be competitive! But thanks for a better headline than the local propaganda rag.

    • Elizabeth

      It’s a fact that DVML is in a position where it will never be competitive – this is not a good thing.
      Worse, is the fact DVML exists at all.

  2. Looks like standard dodgy dealings via the council owned companies again.

    “Mr Taylor said he understood DV Audio Visual had offered DVML a commission to help secure the contract…..”

    DVML is taking kickbacks, backhanders or whatever flowery words you want to use to describe it?

    Yep, it stinks of standard council practices…..

  3. Calvin Oaten

    DB will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to keep the charade of stadium viability going. When it gets to the end he will be the first to know and he will do a “David Davies” and melt into the night. Then will be time to employ “business consultants” Farry Riddell to bring forward a business plan to put everything to rights. Meanwhile Mayor Dave Cull believes that if he keeps adding money to the fire it will go out. It won’t because money acts like oxygen to debt fires, they just get bigger. What he really needs to do right now is ‘panic!’

  4. Anonymous

    Some of it will come down to how long he can hold onto that $5K weekly paycheck. It’s important you know, especially when deciding between the $70K entry model or the upgraded $120K model. Mind you, he could go all the way with a “bling” vehicle loan from Stadium Finance.

    (There is something cruelly ironic about the Stadium Finance ads playing on Dunedin radio. Someone is a really funny bugger.)

    • Elizabeth

      Anonymous, are you able to supply more info about ‘Stadium Finance’ please – what’s on offer, from who, and how is it said? If anyone can supply What If? with an MP3 file of the radio advertising we would be obliged.

      Found this: [haha, “Andrea Graham”]

      Is Andrew Graham related to Wayne Graham ?

      ANDREW GRAHAM: Andrew joined the motor industry in 2001 after studying business at Otago University. He has spent a number of years in sales where vehicle finance was a major part of the role. In recent years Andrew has been working for a leading franchise specialising in finance and leasing. Having worked with one of Dunedin’s major fleets right down to individual private buyers, Andrew has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Over the years Andrew has helped hundreds of people with their car purchase and now he has joined the Stadium Finance team because he believes that his customers deserve to have best service and be treated with honesty and integrity.

  5. Anonymous

    “So on we go
    His welfare is of my concern
    No Burden is he to bear
    We’ll get there
    For I know
    He would not encumber me
    He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” — The Hollies

  6. Peter

    Calvin. I think ‘panic’ is what we are already seeing. That’s why we are seeing our money burn, as you put it. This stadium is a one arm bandit. You do your doh and go for broke (literally) by borrowing from your neighbour or, better still, bashing him over his head and pinching it while he’s not looking.

    When the time is right, Calvin, we’ll have to ask Farry/Riddell for their ‘professional’ opinion. (Cheque in the post, of course, or we do a Black Tie Dinner type stunt)

  7. Anonymous

    Will try to type up the copy next time I hear it Elizabeth. It’s cringe-worthy though. The radio ad that appears on the site isn’t the one that plays frequently on several local stations. The main gist seems to be that if you can’t afford a car, go to Stadium Finance and they’ll set you up with the cash to get a bling wagon. Basically it is that reminds me of the stadium rort and its ongoing financial management. I quite expect Dave Cull to pop along there any day and arrange a bridging loan for the council to get the teat suckers through the next campaign.

    The three listed companies include Christchurch directors Amos Timothy BANBURY and Antony James GOSLING. They were incorporated between July and August this year. The local managing director is Andrew GRAHAM.

  8. Pedant

    They must be proud of those ads, you can find them on their website. I didn’t listen, I’ve got to do the dishes.

  9. Pedant

    I’ve got a bling wagon. How about a loan to pay for my rates?

  10. Anonymous

    Didn’t capture the Stadium Finance ad today – on matters of excruciating pain I’d rather count how many Woodlouse mugshots appear in local rags than suffer another radio jingle – but it did play a number of times on Hauraki during prime time so will try to get hold of it shortly.

  11. I was amused the other night watching the Simpsons, even they have worked out that the grandkids will be paying for a stadium long after it stopped being used.
    DCC thicker than a kids cartoon. TRUE.

  12. Elizabeth

    The DCC email today:

    Hello Elizabeth

    Use of the Forsyth Barr Stadium

    Thank you for taking the time to be a member of the People’s Panel.

    I’d like to invite you to take part in this survey about the use of the Forsyth Barr Stadium. The Stadium has been operating for one year and the Council is reviewing how it’s operating and how it’s funded.

    The Council wants to hear your ideas and thoughts on:
    ● how costs can be reduced;
    ● how to ensure that the community (who are subsidising the facility) get to use the Stadium; and
    ● how the Stadium can generate more revenue.
    Your feedback will help us plan for the future use of the Stadium.

    “Click here” to start the survey.

    The survey should take only a few minutes to complete and closes on Friday 9 November at 5.00pm.

    Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information about the Dunedin People’s Panel.

    Get your friends and family to join the Panel by sharing to Facebook or Twitter!

    Kind regards,

    Anne Gray
    People’s Panel Team
    Dunedin City Council

  13. Robert Hamlin

    Stadium Q&A

    The Council wants to hear your ideas and thoughts on:

    ● how costs can be reduced;

    Demolish it

    ● how to ensure that the community (who are subsidising the facility) get to use the Stadium

    Build a New World on the empty site

    ● how the Stadium can generate more revenue.

    By removing it and charging a minimum peppercorn 99c/y lease on the vacant land – an increase of 99c on current revenue performance. (See answers 1 & 2 above)

    Now I suppose that you thought that was easy? Well it isn’t. You need to be a marketing EXPERT to figure out this kind of tricky stuff. So, can I have my $250,000 market analysis and consultancy now fee please?

  14. Peter

    Sorry, Rob. The Marketing Bureau cleared out that particular kitty.

  15. Hype O'Thermia

    Jonkey says in a comment
    ‘…As I said in earlier posts, the way forward, or should I say the way to minimise the financial damage to the city is a public float of DVML, then all the stadium supporters will have the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is, and if it becomes a successful business they can tell all the rest of us negative naysayers….. “I told you so”….’

    It’s not the worst idea I’ve seen so far, beats the bejasus out of grabbing even more money to bribe promoters to bring shows to the Fubar, which is Cr Staynes’ brainwave.

  16. JimmyJones

    Cr Staynes’ idea of a promotion fund sounds like another scam; another way of hiding financial losses. Bribing promoters is what DVML has been doing and it costs money and makes their losses bigger. Having this loss-making activity separate from DVML will make them look better, but it the cost to the city will be the same. I am sure that Staynes knows this already.

    A public float of DVML and/or DVL would need to involve fraud unless there were covenants with the DCC to continue all the various direct and indirect payments, subsidies and free-bees that stop the companies going bust. In fact the subsidies and payments would have to increase because neither of them can survive otherwise. A public float would not solve the problem.

  17. Anonymous

    A $0.99/year lease on the land is actually an improvement of several million dollars, Rob.

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