LGOIMA request: Breakdown of DVML recruitment costs [emails]


Bev Butler notes:
The recruitment agency [Select Recruitment] was paid $40,500 to recruit Darren Burden compared with the $30,000 paid to Sheffield for the recruitment of David Davies. This is a 35% increase.
Also, Sir John Hansen, had no grounds to refuse the release of this information. I would have expected a higher standard of transparency from a former judge.

From: bevkiwi@hotmail.com
To: darren.burden@dunedinvenues.co.nz; sgraham@dcc.govt.nz
CC: porders@dcc.govt.nz
Subject: LGOIMA request: Breakdown of recruitment costs of CEO of DVML
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 09:20:00 +1300

68 Russell St
Dunedin Central

Thursday 3rd October 2012

Dear Darren and Sandy

I request a copy of the breakdown of the costs for the recruitment of the new CEO of DVML.
I note that Sir John Hansen, Chair of DVML, refused to supply this information to the media.
However, the breakdown of recruitment costs for the former CEO of DVML, David Davies, was released after I made a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman. Therefore, there are no grounds for the refusal of this request. I also expect that a response to this request should not take 20 working days as is the normal requirement under LGOIMA because this request had no grounds for refusal in the first place.
I expect an early reply.

Yours sincerely
Bev Butler

From: jo.scully@dunedinvenues.co.nz
To: bevkiwi@hotmail.com
Subject: LGOIMA – breakdown of recruitment costs
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 07:01:25 +0000

Dear Bev

Please see attached response sent on behalf of Darren Burden,

Kind regards


031012 – Bev Butler (DOC, 174 KB)


Yesterday, following a request from a member of the public, the company released a breakdown.

### ODT Online Fri, 19 Oct 2012
Firm got $40,000 to replace Davies
By Chris Morris
The recruitment company searching for David Davies’ replacement at Dunedin Venues Management Ltd was paid $40,500 for its work, new figures confirm. The fee to Select Recruitment, of Dunedin, represented the bulk of the $51,307.45 bill for the recruitment drive paid for by DVML. The search concluded with last month’s appointment of DVML operations director Darren Burden as chief executive, but only after 109 candidates – 90 of them from outside New Zealand – were sifted through.
Read more

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2 responses to “LGOIMA request: Breakdown of DVML recruitment costs [emails]

  1. Anonymous

    The document caused my Word application to crash on closing and asked if I would like to send the information to Microsoft. It listed each of Darren’s words as a possible cause of the problem. Funny.

    Surprised about providing an original though instead a PDF copy.

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