2012 Residents’ Opinion Survey: DCC spooks massage Cull, for sheep

WTF In farmer parlance, does anyone tell sheep or spooks that ‘a mayor’ doesn’t set the direction for Dunedin? It’s your councillors who set it (with council bureaucrats and steakholders rammed up rear passages), blame them. Honestly!

### ch9.co.nz October 8, 2012 – 5:57pm
Dunedin residents satisfied with city, concerned about economy
Dunedin residents say they are satisfied with their city, but increasingly concerned about the economy. That finding is from the results of the latest DCC residents’ opinion survey, which were released today. And despite some financial gloom, there is plenty to keep Mayor Dave Cull happy with the path he is on.


Dunedin City Council
Media Release

2012 Residents’ Opinion Survey

This item was published on 08 Oct 2012.

The Dunedin City Council has been running an annual Residents’ Opinion Survey since 1994. The 2012 Residents’ Opinion Survey (the Survey) is designed to measure residents’ satisfaction with the services and facilities the Council is involved with and with Dunedin itself. The Council uses the results of the Survey to assess the extent to which it is has met (or is progressing towards meeting) its Annual Plan and Community Plan objectives.

The Residents’ Opinion Survey Summary Points, Report and Results are attached as PDF Documents.

Contact Dunedin City Council on 477 4000.

2012 Residents’ Opinion Survey: Summary Points (PDF, 62.5 KB)
This document was presented to the media as a summary

2012 Residents’ Opinion Survey: Report (PDF, 2.2 MB)
This Document is the full report for the survey

2012 Residents’ Opinion Survey: Results (PDF, 1.1 MB)
This document is a summary of results of the survey

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8 responses to “2012 Residents’ Opinion Survey: DCC spooks massage Cull, for sheep

  1. So we spent how much to get a 4% increase in satisfaction?…
    Satisfaction with the Forsyth Barr Stadium (included for the first time) was 69%, 4% higher than the last recorded figure for Carisbrook.

    • Elizabeth

      Cull blames the economy when a bunch of crooks are running Dunedin City Council. What was that phrase on the street? Oh yeah, ‘council mired in debt’. The same phrase really that said another way goes like ‘Cull is still spending money on that stadium’ or ‘that company Delta – and DCHL – are defrauding the ratepayers’. Oh, and the one, ‘Cull has lost the plot’. The words, without numbers and percentages, that we all understand.


  2. Hype O'Thermia

    wirehunt, I wonder if the increase in satisfaction small though it is, is associated with the phenomenon whereby when people pay a lot for a highly hyped product they “have to” perceive that they are getting high satisfaction from it – ??? It’s hard to admit that the new lounge suite with hand-carved mahogany arm-rests and room for a pony isn’t actually as comfy as the old one.

  3. Jacko

    How could anybody be satisfied with council’s effort to attract more business when they have tried to pick winners and it all keeps turning to shit. The Allanton business park. Failure to get off the ground. North Taieri Industrial area. Failure to attract any new business. City Forests mill at Milton, another failure. The stadium, the less said about that balls-up the better. The reason for all this failure is the elected councilors themselves. Most of them have been failures in the business world, and it is being reflected in their decision making in council. all the ratepayers’ money is disappearing down the failure hole, none of it appears to be being used to gain a return. The economic development unit, most staff are well and truly passed their use-by date, and would struggle to get a job out in the real world. All these failures are a reflection of how the public of Dunedin vote, and until the public get it right then nothing will change, and like the survey, the buck will just keep on being passed. Just like Cull has said “The economic downturn can take some of the blame.” Does he not realize the economic development in this city is in the hands of council, the blame must lie at its feet.

  4. Jacko

    Over the last few years there has been over $300 million of ratepayers funds gone down the throat of council failures. Can you imagine what a lift up to the local economy $300 million would have been if it had been invested in the productive sector of our local economy. The council may have had more success if they had invested those funds in lotto. I think the chances of a return would have been better than what they have achieved.

  5. Mike

    If you read the actual document one sees that only 30% of us claim to have ever been to the stadium. But those that have claim to have gone an average of 10 times – paid for by the other 70%.

    Residents also think we should be working on reducing city debt rather than spending money on the stadium by almost 3:1

    Numbers to take to heart should you be considering running for council next year.

  6. amanda

    Well, I don’t suppose it will make you feel any better, but a few stakeholders have done very well indeed out of those DCC initiatives. Though we and our children are forced to pay Hudson and mates’ intergenerational debt, stakeholders and their children will be reaping in the money. They are just holding out to get those nicely positioned assets which the stadium cabal are keen to deliver to them. Greater Dunedin? Clearly too weak and confused to stand in their way.