DCC against imposition of local government reforms

For once, Central Government has it right – the unreasonable burden on Dunedin ratepayers and residents is beyond the pale, following ten years of excessive debt loading by the Dunedin City Council, fueled by the sheer lack of conservative management and fiscal prudence (a requirement clearly set out in the Local Government Act). Something has to give. Cull’s council has no wish to be made transparent or accountable – without Government intervention the Dunedin community has NO protection from this council’s excesses, brought about by deliberate deception and oft times the financial ineptitude of councillors and senior management of council departments; ditto the boards and senior management of council-owned companies and related entities. Meanwhile, the old chestnut – Council pouring rates funds into professional rugby without ratepayer sanction, with no end in sight.

A proposed limit on rates rises would erode councils’ previously “unfettered” ability to raise revenue through rates. –Dave Cull

### ODT Online Mon, 24 Sep 2012
Cull opposes debt, rates intervention
By Chris Morris
Local authorities such as the Dunedin City Council should be left to tackle debt levels and rates rises without new controls imposed by the Government, Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull says. Mr Cull and Dunedin City Council chief executive Paul Orders made their case this week, while presenting the council’s submission on proposed local government reforms to a select committee hearing in Christchurch.
The reforms – unveiled in March – included plans for new benchmarks to assess the financial performance of councils, as part of a push to control local government debt levels and limit rates increases.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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5 responses to “DCC against imposition of local government reforms

  1. Anonymous

    It’s another wee cuddly for the ODT’s pet Mayor. I love the heading: “Cull opposes debt, rates intervention”. Isn’t it beautiful? A reader could glance at that and think, “Yes, of course. That’s sensible.” and move on. But really it’s about the Mayor of Rugby being against changes which make it harder for them to grow debt and increase rates to cover their spendthrift ways. There are still seven Stadium Councillors around the council table of corruption and here you have a Mayor who makes it the majority. Dunedin is in very serious trouble, which is hard to describe given how much trouble it is already in.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    “A proposed limit on rates rises would erode councils’ previously “unfettered” ability to raise revenue through rates. -Cull”
    And this would be a bad thing because_______________(for 99 marks)
    Councils should enjoy the freedom to plunder ratepayers for whatever la-la-la-la-la Visions they come up with as monuments to their own glory.
    It’s just not fa-a-air to take that away from them.

    • Elizabeth

      License to print money must be protected….

      PS. Notice how Athol Stephens is saying much of nothing on finance at present, do we take it the CE has sidelined him.

  3. Elizabeth

    ### ch9.co.nz November 30, 2012 – 5:53pm
    Criticism growing over local body changes
    Watch this video! Criticism of Government changes that may restrict the role of local councils is growing. Dunedin’s opposition MPs say changes to the Local Government Act passed this week will undermine local democracy. But their National counterpart makes no apologies for a change he says is needed when rates and council debt are ballooning.

  4. Peter

    I’m actually with the National Government on this one. I’m amazed that the Opposition seems so out of touch on this issue.Undermining local democracy? You have got to be kidding. The whole consultation process-at local level- is deeply flawed and has got to the stage of being so grossly manipulated that it is corrupt.
    Doesn’t Labour, and the rest of them, care about the impact of rate rises and growing debt on their supporters, many of whom are struggling so much at the moment? I despair that we can get rid of the National Government with such ignorant policy from the Opposition. If they continue on this line, the Government will be able to portray themselves as the better economic managers. They need to do a rethink on this one before it is too late.

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