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Delta Utility Services Ltd


Dunedin has been dealt another blow with confirmation Delta plans to make up to 30 workers in the city redundant, Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull says. –ODT

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Russell Garbutt
Submitted on 2012/09/11 at 2:39 pm

Wouldn’t it be good if Mr Cameron of Delta – who owes his living to the ratepayers of this City – would answer the following questions:

1. How much cash has he authorised to be given to professional or other rugby in this town in the last 10 years?*

2. What is the value of donated services from Delta to rugby in the same period?

3. What is the value of donated goods from Delta to rugby in this period?

4. What is the total cost of all purchase of “product” by Delta for the new rugby stadium?

5. How much money has been spent on entertaining clients at the new rugby stadium?

6. Which Board members or senior management staff have been recipients of Delta hospitality at the Delta corporate box at the new rugby stadium?

7. Where does the cash component of all services and goods provided by Delta to the developments at Jacks Point and Luggate appear in the books of Delta?

8. What independent advice did he obtain or insist upon before agreeing to all public and private arrangements entered into with the developers of Jacks Point and Luggate?

9. What is the total write-down of the land purchases of Jacks Point and Luggate?

10. When will he front up to those being laid off to explain his actions in regards to points 1. – 9. above?

11. When will he resign?

Grady Cameron at LinkedIn
Chief Executive Officer, Delta Utility Services
*January 2009 – Present (3 years 9 months)

National Coverage:
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