DIA’s political cover-up of TTCF and ORFU rorts

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“In the course of finalising the recovery package for the Otago Rugby Football Union, the NZRU became aware of potential issues relating to funds obtained by the union from gaming trusts,” public affairs general manager Nick Brown said.

### ODT Online Mon, 27 Aug 2012
ORFU pokie papers withheld
By Hamish McNeilly
Confidential documents relating to the Otago Rugby Football Union’s involvement with pokies are being withheld by the Department of Internal Affairs. The department declined an Official Information Act request to release the New Zealand Rugby Union-supplied documents on the grounds it “would be likely to prejudice the supply of similar information”. The Otago Daily Times has lodged a complaint with the Office of the Ombudsmen seeking the release of the information, citing public interest.
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5 responses to “DIA’s political cover-up of TTCF and ORFU rorts

  1. Elizabeth

    The DIA smokescreen of sorts – busy with this; deeply unconscious where TTCF, ORFU and others ripping off millions of dollars of charitable funds generated by the gambling industry are concerned.


  2. Elizabeth

    ODT’s Hamish McNeilly is always on the button:

    Decision on ORFU papers defended

  3. Jacko

    Can anybody tell me where the Highlanders have all of a sudden found the big pot of gold to by all these new players. I thought they were supposed to be broke?

  4. Elizabeth

    Today in SST (pages B4-5), the NZ Community Trust lists a $125,000 grant to Otago Rugby Football Union Inc.

    [Otago Venues: Ettrick Tavern, Golden Gate Lodge, Grand Tavern, Law Courts, New Orleans Hotel, Normanby Tavern, Omarama Hotel, Pub on Wharf, Stadium Tavern, The Last Post, The Stadium Sports Bar, Water Bar, Waterloo Hotel]

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