DVML: North vs South game profit/loss [email]

Copy of DVML reply to LGOIMA request received.

From: jo.scully@dunedinvenues.co.nz
To: bevkiwi@hotmail.com
Subject: North vs South game profit and loss
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 22:31:29 +0000

Dear Bev,

Please see attached letter and profit and loss statement for the North vs South game sent on behalf of David Davies,

Kind regards



PH 03 479 2823
M 027 664 5266
E jo.scully@dunedinvenues.co.nz
W www.dunedinvenues.co.nz

Email Attachments:
[Letter] 120730 – Bev Butler North South Match (PDF, 154 KB)
NorthvsSouth Statement of Income, Expenses and Net Profit (PDF, 24 KB)

31.3.12 ODT Rugby: Bosses working on inter-island match
The inter-island match has not been played since professional rugby began, but plans remain to reinstate the match in June in Dunedin. The last clash was in 1995 at Carisbrook but this year’s duel will be played across town at the new stadium as part of plans to help bail out the Otago Rugby Union.

15.3.12 [ORFU bailout package] ODT Council debt write-off saves ORFU

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12 responses to “DVML: North vs South game profit/loss [email]

  1. Mike

    Wow – $21,530 for player hotels and food – for a charity do you’d think they’d scrimp a little. I mean it’s not like they were holding a black tie event for the ORFU or something

  2. Anonymous

    Nice to see verification that opening the stadium with one stand costs around $30K and that the other back-of-the-envelope calculation for the full stadium opening is still probably correct at $100K

  3. Phil

    The $100k figure is no longer a back of an envelope calculation. Not that it ever really was. The original figure was taken directly from David Davies prior to the RWC and has since been repeated by him in quotes by the ODT. It just annoys some people who try to turn it into an unsubstantiated guess, which it never has been.

  4. Anonymous

    Also makes sense why the media box was moved to North stand. ITM Cup games will open only the South stand, so TV pictures will show the crowd rather than the empty North stand. Opening the South stand only is $30K, opening both is $50K. Gate for today’s game was $60K (5400 @ $12)

  5. Phil

    And given that the venue only receives between 10 and 15% of the gate takings for an ITM Cup match, that’s a $20k loss for the day.

  6. Phil

    I don’t quite follow David Davies’ logic in saying that employees’ income should not be included in the match profit/loss figures. Those employees need to be paid from the income generated by the venue from events. That’s the only source of income that the stadium company (officially) has. So every event income should have a percentage deducted to go towards paying fixed salaries. If there was only one event held in 2 weeks then that event has to cover 2 weeks worth of fixed salaries. Or did those people simply not get paid ? I had a bit more faith in David’s integrity than that. Disappointing and we are still left not knowing the final figure for the event.

  7. Anon

    I’m wondering what ever happened to DVML’s university supporters club promoted through Otago Alumni at $2000 upfront or $500 per year over five years. Payments for this money were not made direct to DVML but to an Auckland firm and I’m not aware that they have ever been identified in DVML’s books. Where did the money go? How many people signed up and what if anything have they got for their money except I understand a plastic membership card? Does the link on the Forsyth Barr Stadium website for a special content section really work or is it just window dressing? Have those who paid money received any special offers or regular correspondence from DVML? What ever happened to inscribed bricks or names on a roll of honour? If none or almost none of these things have happened then is DVML in breach of contract? So many questions and so much silence.

  8. ormk

    If you’re not careful you’ll drop off St Farry’s Christmas card list.

  9. Anonymous

    I love how these little stories break. Wouldn’t it be awesome if an editor in the Otago Daily Times read that, jumped up from their seat (imagine it crashing to the floor for dramatic effect) and yelling “GET ME THAT STORY!”

  10. Hype O'Thermia

    “Hi, I’m Randy Stone, I cover the night beat for the Daily. Stories start in many different ways. This one began with a question from Anon…….”
    Randy Stone wouldn’t have hesitated to get to the bottom of the story no matter what risks and adventures lay in his way.
    Anyone else remember that old radio show?

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