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‘The Public’s Right to Know’ – OIA Review

Official Information Act (OIA)
“At present, the Ombudsman was in charge of investigating complaints under the Act, but did not have any wider responsibilities. […] An information commissioner could be created, who would perform a similar role to the Privacy Commissioner or Human Rights Commissioner.”

### ODT Online Thu, 26 Jul 2012
Review recommends broader scope for OIA
Source: NZ Herald
The Law Commission has recommended that all publicly funded agencies should be subject to official information requests, including courts, universities and boards of trustees. The commission has made more than 100 recommendations in “The Public’s Right to Know”, a review of the Official Information Act (OIA) which was tabled at Parliament yesterday. Lead commissioner for the report Prof John Burrows said main principles of the 30-year-old Act were sound, but it needed to be upgraded for the digital age.

“We think there’s a case now for saying if a body is receiving public funding and is performing a public function it should be accountable under the OIA.”

The review also recommended re-drafting some of the grounds for withholding information – such as “good government” and “commercial sensitivity” – which were unclear.

The Justice Ministry and Department of Internal Affairs would consider the recommendations, and were expected to act on them within six months.
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Cull’s council thinks $750,000 per annum to DVML represents good value?


We have watched the latest reports and statements of intent (SoI) flow to the council’s Finance, Strategy and Development committee meeting held yesterday, chaired by Cr Syd Brown.

Immoral profligate spending and corrupt practices continue under this council led by Mayor Dave Cull – there is no other take on the council’s rort involving the flow of ratepayer funding to Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML); which likely represents at least in part, a direct flow to Otago Rugby Football Union (ORFU) and Professional Rugby – since DVML and ORFU share staff, space, marketing, and more.

Nobody seriously believes DVML’s forecast losses have been reduced to $873,000 for the three years to June 2015. Obviously, more fudging.

Mayor Cull – treating the Dunedin Community this way is your political end. You’re a low piece of work, as is Lesser Dunedin (formerly Greater).

### ODT Online Thu, 26 Jul 2012
Finance boost for stadium operating firm
By Chris Morris
The finances of the company running Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium look set to improve after cost-cutting and a cash injection from the Dunedin City Council. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd’s revised statement of intent – setting the company’s objectives for three years to June 2015 – were presented to councillors at yesterday’s finance, strategy and development committee meeting.

In May, when DVML revealed a $1.9 million loss for the first six months of the 2011-12 year, the company also projected losses totalling $3.3 million for the period. The revised document, accepted by councillors yesterday, now forecast losses in those years totalling $873,000.

The improvement also largely reflected the decision [during the council’s budget deliberations earlier this year] by councillors to contribute another $750,000 a year to the DVML budget, council finance and resources general manager Athol Stephens told yesterday’s meeting.
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25 July 2012
DCC Finance, Strategy and Development committee meeting
(Link to Agenda and Reports)

Report – FSD – 25/07/2012 (PDF, 178.3 KB)
Funding Transfers to DVL by Calls on Capital

Report – FSD – 25/07/2012 (PDF, 712.5 KB)
Revised Statements of Intent for DVL and DVML

Comment at ODT Online.

Overall losses
Submitted by farsighted on Thu, 26/07/2012 – 9:32am.

DCC owns DVL and DVML. DVML pays DVL rental for the stadium. DVL pays DCC a dividend. DVL is budgeting a loss. DVML is budgeting a loss. DCC is injecting cash into DVML to make the losses look smaller.
But overall, the loss is still the same. This will continue until DVML can make an operating profit without cash injections. However, it is pretty clear, as many have said from the start, that it is not possible for DVML to make an operating profit – it has been set up to fail.
While we can’t relitigate the past (as dear Richard used to say), we can treat this as a marker for the future. The DCC is ill-equipped to operate CCOs and CCTOs and any attempt to create new structures or enterprises should be regarded with the utmost suspicion and concern.

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